August 09, 2020

Have you recently felt any of the following:
  • What you want is unattainable
  • Guilt re: making what you want a priority
  • Overwhelmed or doubting yourself
  • Feeling selfish about your creative desires
  • Holding back or short-sightedness
  • Sense that there’s only one way to do things


If you’re attracted to the Taiwanese Azalea (Rhododendron oldhamii), you may have felt stuck in the weeds, unable to rise above or see how to move out of a situation. You may have felt overwhelmed, stagnant or short-sighted in terms of what’s possible in a certain area of your life. You may be cutting yourself short or limiting possibilities without even knowing it, unable to see outside a narrow point of view.

You may have felt guilty making yourself and your desires a priority. You may have felt that there’s only one way to do things -- and that way appears laborious and tiresome, involving a certain shade of self-sacrifice or grueling sense of obligation or trudging through the mud. You may be feeling like what you want is unattainable.


Activate: Generous expression
Message: Make an offering of yourself.

The Taiwanese Azalea inspires prolific creative awareness of the multiplicity of ways to attain our wishes. It helps move to higher ground to see things from a broader perspective. The moment we think we have something figured out, we discover something else. It enhances our ability to be open to new ways of thinking. It lightens and brightens our mindstream, facilitating ideas effortlessly.

It helps us recognize that wanting things for ourselves and the world is not selfish, and that we can go after what we want without holding back. It gives us the courage to put action toward the highest vision of what we want and know that we deserve it. We’re more willing to go out on a limb; we become happy and inspired by putting ourselves out there, generously engaging with others. We realize that our highest creative expression serves the world as a profound offering; therefore, there is no reason to feel guilt, selfishness or hold back in our endeavors. We get more in touch with the wild, weird, beautiful and magical world that we live in and want to explore it.

It expands our creative vision and capacity for sensory expression. Our minds open up to the magic art of transforming our creative expressions into sacred offerings, such as food, flowers, water, sound, aromas and enlivening the space around us. Our desire to express ourselves turns into a profound ritual that enlivens the environment.



The Taiwanese Azalea grows at the river’s edge near the Yilan hot springs. It adorns the mountain and hangs down off the cliff, releasing flower offerings into the water. A blue-green damselfly attracted me to discover the flower.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Sensory expression, creative vision, engaging fearlessly in devotion to your wishes, sacred generosity

DISSOLVES: Feeling stuck, stagnant; holding back, guilt, overwhelm, short-sightedness, self-sacrifice; a sense that what you want is unattainable


Love + flower petals,