Scorpion LOTUSWEI flower essences


Scorpion teaches the power of giving expression to that which is typically hidden. It deepens our alignment with wisdom that is not readily communicated, allowing us to tap into our ability to speak from a place of power and knowingness. We can see more clearly the opportunities for transmutation and creation through our relationships with others; it purifies subtle habitual patterns of repression or attachment.  Read more here!






Scorpion is about alignment and acting from that place of direct and clear action. So for this month, notice when you act without any hesitation.



By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

Clarity is my {super}power.
I am a sword of truth.
My silence is powerful.
What’s hidden is powerful medicine.
I’m discerning with my vital essence.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, feeling light and free. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



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In what situations do I feel repressed and unable to speak from a place of power?

When do I let attachments get in the way of seeing the truth?

When have I been able to transmute strong connections with others into creative action?

What tools and practices do I have in place to channel my vital energy into beneficial action?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

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Scorpion LOTUSWEI flower essences



List three truths you are fiercely clear about right now.

What most deserves or merits your vital energy?

Every time you shower this month, visualize that you are purifying all parts of yourself - from the top of your head down to your toes. You are divine.

What’s the most impactful use of your vital energy?

Scorpion LOTUSWEI flower essences






Mist LOTUSWEI flower essences



Effortless Communication.

I will help you:

  • Experience fearless speech + be an advocate for yourself
  • Speak freely about what's inside you
  • Communicate effortlessly even during difficult conversations

Use me when:

  • Communication issues are blocking you from getting what you want
  • You're frustrated or angry and not sure how to express those intense emotions
  • You're avoiding what needs to be said



    Teaching 1 - Commitment to Yourself

    Okay, so it's Week One of Scorpion Elixir, and I'm going to tell you a little bit about the secret background information of the scorpion that I think is important, that only you will know because you are in the Flowerevolution program. I collected the Scorpion essence in October of 2017, but what I think is really interesting and important is the time that led up to collecting that essence because I feel like I was put to a very, very intense test. And I believe that what I experienced helped me be a better channel for bringing in this Scorpion essence. And so, let's rewind from October 2017, back six months to April 2017 when I actually had my real first encounter with a scorpion and was actually stung. Found it in my bedroom, I was folding laundry, I had hung laundry outside, a scorpion got into my laundry, and I was folding and suddenly, WHAP! A scorpion ended up on my foot, of all places, because I'm Pisces and feet are about moving forward. So, I got stung on my foot by a scorpion.

    And the reason why I'm telling this story is because as I was writing the collection story, I realized, "Oh my God, I actually had a significant six month cycle with a scorpion. And so, if you're familiar at all with the Moonshine Podcast that I do with Kristina Wingeier every month on astrology, you may have heard us talk about six month cycles. So Kristina will say, for example, "What you start on, say, new moon in Taurus will come to fruition six months later when you experience full moon in Taurus." And so you can sort of track things in six month cycles.

    So I was shocked, actually, when I tracked back and found that in April I was stung by a scorpion and then fast forward six months to October, I saw another scorpion in my house, which is not super common. I don't just see scorpions ... as an example, I haven't seen a scorpion since then in my house, so it's not super common. I always think of it as something really auspicious and special for some reason, just because it is so rare, and I really hold them in high regard, and they just seem like super powerful creatures with a lot of magic. But it's not that common. And so to be stung in April of 2017 and then have one of the most intense years of my entire life, and then have a lot of that resolved by the time that I found the second scorpion and made an elixir of it.

    So just sharing a tiny bit of personal experience because maybe that will relate to something in your life, I hope, or can in the future if it happens to you. Someone came into my life shortly before getting stung by the scorpion, who just completely shook the foundation under the ground that I walked on. It was someone that I felt an unusually, extraordinarily, wild connection and knowingness with. And from the moment he came into my life, it was like my energy system went from being plugged into 110 to being plugged into 220, and everything was just super amplified, and magnified, and extremely intense.

    And so that year was one year of alchemy, of working very, very intensely with ... that kind of experience of not understanding why you have certain feelings that you do, working with abandonment, and value, and self-worth, and greater vision of your life, versus something that you could call a distraction. But typically when we think of distraction, we think of a fly or an email when we're supposed to be doing an important project. This was like, well let's just call it one major distraction in terms of bringing me to my absolute edge and threshold of being able to manage my, everything in a sense – my mind, my heart. This person came into my life, I met them once, I have never once seen them ever again. So it's not like any physical connection, nothing to do with that. But a very, very intense connection. And so, only saw them once, then they disappeared from my life.

    And then the year of 2017 was the year of alchemy, of dealing with very, very intense emotions and not sure what to do with it all. It was so intense that even with my meditation practices, even with flower essences, even with coaching sessions and intuitive sessions, I was still pretty much a mess. And the only way that I could channel that energy was by writing a book of poetry. It was like I had to put that energy somewhere and so I just squeezed it into words and poems, and ended up with a book of 111 poems.

    So when you think about Scorpion, or when I think about Scorpion, I think about intensity; I think about sting, fire, burn, and something that my teacher often says: which is that poison cures poison. And April, 2017 was a very significant month for me, I'm in that situation where I sort of walked away and abandoned that situation, but not mentally or emotionally, just on the outside. On the inside I still had many, many, many months of work to do.

    So what does this mean? Why should you care? Because sometimes there are situations in life that arise that we don't understand. It's like we get dumped in our laps, a tremendous, like lightning bolt, or amount of energy that we're not really sure what to do with, and we must hold that and alchemize it in some way and let it transform us. And that's exactly what I did that year. And by the time that I found scorpion in October of 2017 and made the essence, I had really resolved the more bulky, wild, untamable parts of that experience and felt much calmer for the most part.

    So I want to say that Scorpion can help you take things in your life that seem insurmountable, or that seem overwhelming, or that seem to engulf or take over your system, or confuse you, or leave you at a loss for understanding – Scorpion can help you process that. There are these great mysteries of life, and things can't always be figured out. Sometimes we meet people from the past, or just simply that things aren't, they don't always make sense, they actually do in the end, but in the moment they may not make sense.

    And so one topic that I want to bring out of that whole experience that I'm sharing with you is: when is something a distraction? And when is it actually an agent for healing, and transformation, and metamorphosis? And that we can use extremely painful situations or challenges that caused us great, great, great discomfort on emotional, mental, physical levels – we can use that to be the fuel for our own inner transformation. If we don't run from it, if we just stick in there, if we just hang in there, if we just stay with ourselves. If we just keep observing what's happening, and keep observing what's happening, and keep observing what's happening, and keep observing what's happening – it does ease, it does let up, it does become easier; time softens things.

    And then my situation, had I followed this, what I'm calling a distraction, but it actually wasn't really a distraction, it was exactly where I needed to be. If I had followed it or followed some sort of inclination, it would have completely led me astray from my path in life. My greatest, grandest aspirations, and wishes, and hopes for the present and the future – it would have completely derailed everything. And so, I chose the greater, grander path of aspirations and wishes, and in choosing that path was left to work with the sting, and the fire, and the pain, and the poison in a good way. I say poison, but it's poison in a good way. My own poison, the poison of the situation, being stung, being burned, getting burned; it's like the aftermath of playing with fire and not playing with fire in an irresponsible way.

    Just putting yourself in a situation in life that leaves you open to being transformed, taking risks and following your heart. And then when you make a choice to your commitment and your devotion of what you find to be the most important thing in your life, that you then have to make, sometimes, very painful and intensely challenging sacrifices. And in that abandoning of things that appear beautiful, of say, a love that is so vast it's as big as the ocean – in abandoning that and staying true to your course and your devotion of highest aspirations and wishes, the sacrifice and the pain of sacrifice that you make can, 500 million percent, transform you from the inside out.

    That there is this thing that, we hear about alchemy, and it's really what happens to us when something happens that is so, something that just rocks us to the core, that just rocks our boat so tremendously, that pulls the rug out from underneath us, that just takes us off guard, that blows our mind, that we don't understand why we have these experiences, and emotions, and reactions. And it is those types of experiences that have the greatest power to transform us.

    And so, why you should care is because Scorpion can be a great assist and support in times like that. It can help bring awareness to those places in our life where we experience a sense of conviction and deepening of our own devotion to our path. What we are here to do, what we want to create, what our greatest, highest aspirations are for ourself. That we are so worth it, that we are so deserving that we can reaffirm and recommit to ourselves those aspirations and dreams that we have. It's like no mundane relationship, well mundane, that's a tricky word because sometimes things like this happen and they certainly don't feel mundane. You have to make choices in life and sometimes you have to make really hard choices. But when you choose to be devoted to your highest path in life, you are choosing yourself. You are recommitting to yourself, you are devoted to your own self-worth, you are devoted to your own value. You understand your value in this world, you understand that life is short and that everything, every choice we make is meaningful and has a ripple effect.

    So I'm going to say that scorpion helps us navigate situations like that. And if you're not in a really intense alchemical situation right now, which is actually quite rare – they happen maybe once in a lifetime, or maybe many times to a lesser degree. Or when people that we love die, when we lose our loved ones – that's another good example of when a great alchemy occurs, great transformation. It's like no choice, that kind of alchemy is like you have no choice, it just takes you and burns you. Sets you aflame. But it's again, then like the phoenix rising. And if you look at astrology, Scorpion is also represented by the phoenix. And so, we can use the fire of challenging situations and discomfort, and use the sting to help us rise from the ashes as our newly, freshly born selves that emerge from a situation when you're just ravaged by the flames. What's left is ash, and then you rise from the ash.

    So Scorpion not only helps us transmute and learn from poison, it also imparts a wisdom and aligns us with our devotion and our commitment to ourselves over all else. And that is, I would say, by far one of the greatest benefits of this elixir – is that it strengthens our commitment and our devotion to ourselves, and our greatest and highest aspirations for our lives. That's a pretty great benefit.

    So the question for this week is, deep in your deepest of hearts, what is your greatest aspiration for yourself? What is your greatest devotion and commitment to yourself, and what is or what can become a distraction? No matter how incredible, and divine, and spiritual, and mind blowing, and extraordinary the distraction. Actually, I don't like the word distraction. Deviation. What is your greatest commitment to yourself and what could derail you, what could deviate you from your path of commitment to yourself?

    Teaching 2 - Fire & Ash

    Okay, so this week I'm going to piggy back a little bit on something that I started talking about last week, and I want to go a little bit more into depth about it. Something that I often tell young women, but I want to share this experience here too, in case it can be of any benefit – because Scorpion has a lot to do with relationships, and love relationships; attraction, magnetism; and how we use our energy, how we allocate and assimilate our energy, or use our energy.

    So I often tell young women that you have to be really, really careful when you are dating or spending time around men, or whoever is your options for your love life, because sometimes people can appear in your life and you feel such a crazy, wild, intense connection with them, as if you already know them, as if you have already seen them before, as if you have memories with them, as if you know them 500% inside and outside, as if they know you 500% inside and outside.

    Those experiences can happen. They are quite rare, but they can happen, and so those are the experiences that tend to be the trickiest because, in my personal experience, they are also the times that ... how shall I say? That that particular relationship is not suited for our present path in life right now. The more wild, the more crazy, the more intense, the more mind blowing, the more aura shattering, the sort of mind altering states that we experience of connection, that that actually can be an indicator that it's like, "Ooh, something to be careful of."

    Because you can be so swept up in a past life connection, because it's so familiar, because you have done this before, because it's so familiar! Because you've done it before, that you can very quickly get yourself into a situation that is not ideal and that is simply not for this time; not for this life, or just not for this time.

    So I typically tell women to be very careful if you have these kinds of experiences, to take it really slow and to really observe, and to really be aware, and to listen to your intuition, and never to, if some little voice or red flag arises, to never shush that, to never quiet that, to always listen, to observe everything, to not jump into things. To be especially careful and diligent if you find someone in life or if someone crosses your path who blows your socks off so intensely.

    Simply the fact that it can be, because it's just simply familiar and it's been done before, and that sort of compounds the energy and can be very explosive, but doesn't necessarily mean that you're meant to spend time in the same way that you have before. Those are the trickiest situations because they can sort of fool us into thinking like, "Wow, this is so amazing. I must have to be with this person."

    And I'm in a very particular situation, but if I were in my early twenties and single, and I would be very, very, very confused because, not currently, but with some of the experiences that I've had in life. Because if you are swept so intensely, you might think like, "Wow, then I should marry this person. I should run off with this person. I should be with this person forever. I can read this person's mind. They can read my mind. We don't even need words."

    I mean, sometimes it can be so, so out of the ordinary of normal experience that my best advice for situations like these is, and if you have friends that you observe go through situations like these, is to really go slow. There's never any rush, right? If you experience something with someone in a romantic relationship or something that could be evolving into a romantic relationship, there's nothing to lose with going slower and not rushing. That's never a bad idea, is slowing things down.

    If it is something that will last, it can really handle slowing down, and the best way to know if someone is actually appropriate to be in a relationship with is to really observe them. Most people, their so-called rest doesn't come out for seven to eight months. I was talking with one of the people in my team who has been doing some dating apps, and I was saying, "Well, you know, the guys will show you their best, best selves, right? They're on their best behavior. For those first few dates, and the first few months, you'll never see their bad side." You know, I don't mean bad, but good, bad, but it's like you'll never see their glitch.

    They'll always show you the most righteous, gorgeous, beautiful, brilliant sides of them. They won't show you the dirt right away. That's what we do as human beings. We do that, and so by taking it really, really slow in relationships ... and forgive me if this doesn't apply to you, but if it doesn't apply to you specifically, you can always share it with young women, or women who are single, or women that you know who are using dating apps, or a man that you know.

    It's such great advice to just slow things down. Everything happens so quickly these days. People just hop into bed with each other like it's nothing. And yet, we know, as people who take flower essences and study energy medicine, that when you sleep with someone of the opposite sex, or when you sleep with someone, you exchange all of your energetic information, everything – habits, patterns, good, bad, ugly thought patterns, ways of seeing world. You exchange that and that stays in your energetic makeup for seven years. On a diminishing scale, of course, but it stays in your system for seven years according to masters all over the world.

    Luckily, with flower essences, you can work with Pomegranate. If you work with Pomegranate flower essence regularly, you can zip that time, seven years down into one year, if you're really cleansing your energetic system. But even so, even if you have the inside awareness of taking flowers essences to speed that whole process up, that's still a whole year. And then for the folks who don't have access to flower essences, seven years!

    So hopping into bed with somebody is a really big deal. Very, very, very, very, very, very big deal for so many reasons. So I always encourage women to just slow, slow, slow, slow down. Go slower than you could even imagine. Make people wait, right? The best things are worth waiting for. The best things are worth waiting months for. Months, and months, and months. So wait until that person's glitch comes out because every single person has a glitch.

    So it's just like, if you really want to form a long term relationship, the question is, can I help... can I first figure out what this person's glitch is, and then can I help them with their glitch and can they help me with mine, and can we accept each other wholeheartedly as we are with the glitch, right? Then if we decide that we can help each other, usually, to grow and evolve, then it's a good fit. Then it's in alignment.

    But to really take your time and, again, to be aware of people that come into your life and you have an intense, almost explosive sort of energetic connection with them, to really go slow with those types of relationships, because if they are familiar and they are from the past, they're not always the path we need to take today.

    So the question for this week, who have you known in your life who has just been wildly sort of explosive, or that you've had a relationship with to any capacity, friendship, romantic, whatever, that there has been ... romantic, though, is going to be a little more on target ... that has just sort of blown your mind, and did that last? How did it transform you? What types of fiery relationships have you had that have transformed you?

    Teaching 3 - Acting Without Hesitation

    This week I'd like to talk about one of the benefits that we experience when working with the scorpion elixir, which is a sharp clarity and the ability to act without hesitation. It's something that comes almost like second nature to us. We don't really think of it at the time, but when you look back at your actions or you've been taking scorpion elixir for two weeks now, so you may notice if you look back on the occasions or the occurrences in your life when you are acting without hesitating. So you don't have to figure things out, you're not overthinking them, you just like boom, step forward. You make the move. You just go.

    And if you find yourself getting into that, it's almost like being intolerant of being indecisive. So if you find yourself getting into the sort of like tumbled in a dryer. If you find yourself just getting tumbled around, your system is like stop, put it aside, and you are just like literally intolerant of that kind of situation. And so you put it aside until you can come back to it and act without hesitation.

    And I think that's a really important lesson because oftentimes we get into situations where we're at a crossroads and we have to make a decision or we have to make a decision between five different things. I mean, making decisions is one of the most important things in life I think. In terms of running a business, it's like how fast can you make decisions is essentially how good you are at business. And so making decisions is important and sometimes it's really hard when we're torn. One rule of thumb that I often use when making decisions is if I'm still in the tumbler, I don't make the decision, I just wait. I wait until it's clear. And so scorpion is a really good teacher of that because it amplifies everything in that realm so that when we're sure we're damn sure, and we just move. We don't even need to think about if we're sure or not sure, we just act. We move on it. It's done.

    And if we're still in the tumbler trying to figure it out, our system is just like anti that. It's like, "No. Okay. Put it aside. I don't want to look at it until I'm ready to be 100, 500% sure so that I can act without hesitation." It's almost like our bodies just don't like that experience of being tumbled. It's just a no.

    I always use this rule of thumb when I'm making decisions. If I am going back and forth over something, it's just a no, like I'm not decided yet. So I either wait until it's clear or it's a no. What would be an example? I don't know. Really silly example. I'm sitting on a rug, so I'm thinking about a rug. Okay, should I buy a rug? Well, maybe not because of this, but maybe because of this, maybe not because of this. Back and forth, pros and cons. Then it's a no or it's a wait. Never make a move on something if you're still tumbling, if you're still going back and forth between pros and cons, that's either a no or wait. I hope that makes sense. You can email me if this doesn't make sense and I can clarify.

    It's like someone from our community was having some challenges about like, "Should I stay in the university or not? I've been here for several months, I hate it, I'm miserable. Should I hack it out for the rest of the semester and try to give it a whirl; put in a little more effort, or should I just quit and go home this weekend?" And just going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Pros and cons, pros and cons. Okay, well A), don't make the decision unless you're 500% sure. And if you're not sure, if you're still banging back and forth between all the different options, it's a wait in that situation.

    Or if it's like, "Oh, this person just came into my life and they want to take me around the world traveling to whatever, but that means I have to leave my something behind. Oh, not really, I'm not sure, I'm not sure, I'm not sure." Then it's a no, because any decision that is 100% right on for you, you just act without hesitation. There's never a wishy washy or an indecisive. And I'm not talking about like I can't decide what to eat tonight. That's a different kind of indecision. I'm talking about big things that are meaningful to us.

    So as a rule of thumb, if you're making decisions, if you're going back and forth between all the options, it's a no or a wait. And scorpion elixir amplifies our capacity to recognize that by making us almost intolerant of being in the tumbler. We're either acting, go do it, get it done, or we're putting it on the shelf until we're very clear that we can act on that without hesitation.

    The question for this week is, in what particular situations have you noticed yourself acting without hesitation? And what situations have you been putting things on the shelf to wait until later when you're 100% clear?

    Teaching 4 - Wild Uninhibited Expressions

    Another aspect that I really love of working with Scorpion elixir is that it helps us become more uninhibited. You may have noticed over the last few weeks that in certain circumstances you feel more free to be yourself and you don't overthink it. You may feel like you can be more silly, more truthful, more unabashed, more saying it like it is, being direct, being wacky, being weird, using language that you ordinarily wouldn't use because it really describes something in a specific way that feels right in that moment you wouldn't typically use. You may notice that your speech is different, that you're speaking your mind, whether it's in more of a crass, rough way or that you're able to be more gentle, more soft. You may notice that you take more risks in communication. That you say things without worrying about being PC or fluffy or nice or beating around the bush. It's just like boom, direct.

    The freedom of feeling uninhibited. And sometimes you may go a little too far and that's okay. But Sometimes you might say something and then later go, oh gee. I said that in a really kind of crass way or you might think like, oh gee, I'm a little bit embarrassed by something I did, which is totally fine. It's good. It's good to go to the extremes and have the pendulum swing and feel what it feels like. It doesn't necessarily mean that there's anything to be embarrassed or anything to regret. It's really just allowing yourself a fuller range of expression. And imagine if you feel uninhibited, right? You're going to sometimes say or do things that are a little kind of wacky and out there. I mean, imagine it's like when you have one too many glasses of wine or one too many glasses of beer.

    It's like sometimes you say things that are unusual or different because you feel uninhibited. This is a similar way, not quite as in, as like being inebriated is not the same as working with Scorpion elixir, but you will notice that you have a bit wider expression; a wider scale of expression that you can go to extremes, that you can be truthful and say things you wouldn't normally say, that you can be courageous in situations that you would normally shy away from, that you may stand up for yourself in ways that you haven't before, that your words may be a sort of truth. That things you say might have a sting to them like scorpion.

    There's real value to experiencing yourself on that level. Beyond what other people think beyond, oh my gosh, how did they respond? Beyond oh, what did so and so think of me saying such and such. Beyond that. Think of it as you with you. You being able to experience a wilder, bolder you. That's pretty exciting. Even if you take it too far sometimes, it doesn't matter. It's still you being able to experience a wilder, bolder you, and I can assure you that anybody who sees you or hears you probably isn't even going to remember those times that you thought you went too far. It's more just sort of like the tension or the resistance that it causes inside of us when we go further out of balance than we're used to.

    So the question for this week is, what does it feel like to allow ourselves to have a wilder, bolder expression? What does it feel like to be uninhibited? And when have we noticed our self in those situations in the past few weeks?

    Teaching 5 - Shiny Derailments

    Okay, I'm just going to do a little bonus recording for Scorpion because I could see another element of the magic of Scorpion. Remember in a previous recording when I was talking about distraction and I was talking about it more in terms of relationships at that point. But, you could also think about it in terms of career, or business, or ideas. When you have something that's really valuable that you're working on, that's your dream, that's your aspiration.

    Let's say, we can use me as an example, so I have a business with Flower Essences. That is something I can devote myself to for the rest of my life until I die in my 70's, 80's, 90's, or whenever I cash out and however old, I'm lucky enough to stay on this planet. And of that I'm five hundred million percent committed, and devoted, and no question about it. But, you can have distracting business opportunities. People come into your life and you see suddenly a new way that you could expand your business. A new way that you could scale your offerings or a faster, quicker way to be seen by millions of people through television networks, and TV shows, and connections to people who would see your work.

    This happens a lot in business where you commit to something and then you suddenly get distracted by other shiny things. This can happen in micro ways. We're working on these three projects this quarter. Oh, suddenly there's this other thing we want to do, and it's suddenly it's takes away all the time and we don't actually execute the three ideas as well that we wanted to. Or we have to drop one because we spent so much time on whatever this other thing was. Or it can be like a major distraction where some massive opportunity lands in your lap, and it sounds really good, and it sounds amazing, and you'd work really hard for it. But, then you'd work really hard for that, and you wouldn't really work as hard for your own thing that you're committed and devoted to for the rest of your life.

    I just wanted to say that these types of patterns don't only of course exist in the realm of relationships, but they can also exist in the world of business and career in whatever it is that you devote yourself to. Whatever it is that you're committed to. Sort of almost like a test, right? Are you really that committed? Then the tests arise, to see how committed you are. Sometimes those tests can be strengthening in your own resolve, in your own commitment for what it is that you want to accomplish or overcome.

    So, this is just an extra little recording, but again, reiterating, what is it that you are 500% devoted to, committed to in this life? What is your highest dream; wish; aspiration? And when do you find yourself becoming distracted from that path? Even by things that are amazing, awesome, pretty, beautiful, enriching. But when does that also become a distraction?




    In April of 2017, I got stung by a scorpion in my bedroom. I live in Arizona, so every now and then we see scorpions in the house, and that’s normal. They rarely appear, and when they do, it oddly seems like an auspicious sign or symbol.

    Usually when a scorpion appears, my field of awareness is stimulated and my eyes are drawn to a nondescript beige object that could be a piece of paper or carpet fuzz. I get a closer look and then, yikes! I run for a glass jar.

    But for some reason, this time my eyes did not see the scorpion until it was too late. I had left my clothes outside to dry and one was hiding in my clothing and fell onto my foot, stinging it. It wasn’t a bad sting. First it felt like fire, then part of my foot went numb for a day or so.

    I hear about 6-month cycles a lot with Kristina Wingeier on the Moonshine astrology podcast, so I thought it was interesting that precisely six months later, I saw another scorpion in my house. This time I caught it and put it into a jar. I put a tiny bit of water at the bottom of the jar and put it in the morning light to make an essence to share with you.

    Now looking back on the experience, I realized that during the first sting, I had been undergoing some intense challenges with relationships. As my teacher says, “Poison cures poison.” Quite possibly the Scorpion sting contributed to speeding up the resolution of of my inner turmoil, and by the second time I saw the Scorpion, I felt liberated of that struggle. Interesting note: after making the essence, for over two years now, I’ve not seen any Scorpions!

    Scorpion LOTUSWEI flower essences

    The Arizona Bark Scorpion is common to the Sonoran Desert of the southwest U.S. and northwestern Mexico. Small and light brown, it is the most commonly found scorpion within residential areas of the Sonoran Desert, drawn to the humidity humans create in the desert.

    During the heat of the day they retreat and are the only North American scorpions that do not burrow. Instead they hide under dead leaves, rocks and piles of wood. All scorpions are nocturnal, coming out after dusk to hunt. They glow a beautiful color under a blacklight, making it easy to detect them with a UV flashlight.

    Bark scorpions have a negative geotaxis - preferring an upside down orientation - meaning they are often found on the underside of an object, or hanging upside down. They are the only scorpions in the world which can climb vertically.

    Part of the Arachnid family, nearly all scorpions are solitary creatures. However, the Arizona bark scorpion is a rare exception: during the colder winter months, they congregate in groups of 20 to 30 to maintain warmth and humidity.

    Scorpions are also incredibly resilient. During U.S. nuclear tests, they were found at ground zero to have no adverse side-effects (similar to cockroaches and certain species of lizards).

    The life cycle and mating process of scorpions, however, is quite different from other arachnids and insects. Their mating ritual is actually called ‘promenade à deux' - it appears they’re dancing. They also engage in a ‘cheliceral kiss’, with the pincers of their mouths embraced repeatedly in what appears like a kiss.

    After a 9 to 18 month gestation period, scorpions are born live and then gently guided onto their mother's back where they remain in their mother’s care until their first molt 3 weeks later. Arizona bark scorpions can live up to 6 years.

    Scorpions are actually quite shy; they do not seek out to attack people, but prefer to hide and only sting when provoked or defending their young.

    Though Arizona Bark Scorpions are the most venomous scorpion in North America, only two deaths from a sting in Arizona have been reported since 1968 - whereas the number stung annually is in the thousands. The sting is painful, causing numbness, tingling, and temporary dysfunction, commonly treated with basic first aid.

    Click here to watch a Scorpion mating + birth video. (Viewer discretion: if you are squeamish about creepy crawlies, skip this video. Otherwise, it's pretty fascinating!)

    Scorpion LOTUSWEI flower essences

    If you’re attracted to the Scorpion, you are likely ready to look beneath the surface of something that’s been hidden for a long time. You’re ready to dig deeper into the trenches of yourself, to look more closely and bring to light that which has been elusive up until this point.

    What’s hidden can include repression of speech, of creative energy, sexual energy or any part of you that you’ve kept under wraps (even from yourself). You may be in a place of wanting to speak more clearly, even fiercely, about that which is important to you.

    You may also be open to learning how to best use your creative energy. Rather than repress or get attached to or confused by sexual energy, it becomes the source for action without hesitation.

    Scorpion LOTUSWEI flower essences

    Scorpion teaches the power of giving expression to that which is typically hidden. It deepens our alignment with wisdom, allowing us to tap into our ability to speak from a place of power and knowingness. Our sting is the sword of truth, bringing light and sharp clarity to what has thus far remained in the shadows.

    Scorpion elixir purifies negative attachments and energetic attractions that do not serve our highest good. It also clears subtle habitual patterns of repression, allowing us to be more uninhibited.

    When our attachments dissolve effortlessly, we don’t cling to any particular outcome. We can enjoy the purity and wild uninhibited freedom of the present moment. We are able to birth and bring forth ideas and new ways of being -- without any expectations of how it plays out. We’re able to see more clearly the opportunities for transmutation and creation within our relationships with others.

    Scorpion motivates us into action. With this elixir, we’re able to jump right into action, without hesitation. If any hesitation arises, we drop the topic until later -- until we’re 100% clear. Like the stinger of a scorpion, when we act, our actions are direct and to the point.

    Additionally, Scorpion instructs our energetic systems on how to more efficiently channel our vital essence into creative action. This can be expressed in new work projects, our own spiritual expansion or diving into unique and unexplored territory of how we express ourselves in the world.

    Often we channel our vital essence or second chakra energy into … sex. Which is not a bad thing! But as humans most of us also have a lot of hang ups around sex and romantic love, which can at times distract us from our life’s mission — if it’s not in alignment with our greatest good.

    In some traditions this is considered secret energy, the basis of all life (and therefore death) - the seed of transformation and awakening. Scorpion helps us purify and align with the highest potential of creativity within ourselves. We can tap into this basic energy of creation, and utilize its transformative qualities for true benefit.

    Scorpion LOTUSWEI flower essences

    {Magnifies}: Powerful expression. Purification. Alignment. Clear, direct speech. Impact. Greater capacity to transmute vital essence or second chakra energy into creative, uninhibited action. Ability to glean wisdom from hardships and move on. Freedom.

    {Dissolves}: Hesitation. Inhibition. Repression of one’s true self. Fear of one’s own power. Weakness. Disbursement or leaking of vital essence or energy when it’s misaligned with values or true aspirations. Lack of discernment. Attachment, clinging, or longing.