As we river-traced up into the luscious jungle cliffside, indigo butterflies led us to the Purple Wishbone flower. It grows in a quiet, protected area and initially the flower was unnerving to look at. It digs deep into what’s stored in our underbellies, pulls it up and liberates it from our mouths, dissolving fear of judgment. We are better equipped to face our fears of being exposed to aspects of ourselves or the underbelly of the world that contains deep, dark secrets. It softens our fears of danger, darkness and destruction, and removes the electrical charge from what we perceive as ‘scary’. Read more here!






Notice what you avoid. Notice when it’s hard to stay present. That holds the keys to the subconscious fears that obscure your perception.



By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

Turning toward my fears awakens clarity
Willingness to see what’s ugly gives me strength
Fearlessness sharpens my perspective
I’m open to seeing what I’m afraid of
I don’t have to get it right; I just have to be open
On the other side of fear is clarity
When I want to turn away, is when I turn toward it.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, feeling light and free. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



Click here for the 'Acknowledging the Underbelly' transcript.

Click here for the 'Remaining Open & Curious During Times of Intensity' transcript.

Click here for the 'Alchemy of the Underbelly' transcript.



Apply Expansive Presence anointing oil to Ren 22 - Tian Tu / “Celestial Chimney”

Location: Along the sternum (breastbone), go all the way to the top. Where it ends, there’s a little notch/depression called the suprasternal notch. It’s a vulnerable area, so push gently.

Indications: Ren 22 in Chinese medicine is called Tian Tu, and is often translated to as “Window of Heaven”, or “Celestial Chimney”. It benefits the throat and the voice, helps us have clear communication, clear speech, clear singing, and helps to clear the passageway for expression and communication.

It also alleviates if there's any respiratory issues, like raspiness in the voice or cough or wheezing. It also amplifies the truthful expression of your inner spirit and the seat of your self.

So this idea of diving deep to the base of the Ren meridian, dislodging and understanding what's going on there and then clearly communicating it through here, and allowing any debris to come up and out; up and out through the heavens and out through the communication. It will also help to uproot any patterning that doesn't serve you.

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What do I avoid?

When do I hold back from speaking up?

What are my deepest, darkest fears?

When do I feel safe to open up to myself and others?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Purple Wishbone Support Guide here.



Write down a short list of what you tend to avoid.

Practice working with your fear, rather than running away.

When you want to turn away, turn toward it.

Notice what happens when you speak up.




Anointing Oil LOTUSWEI flower essences



Luminous Presence.

I will help you:

  • Step into your (inner) power
  • Magnify your ability to receive support and nourishment
  • Be open-minded, adaptable + forward-thinking

Use me when:

  • Feeling stuck or spinning your wheels + not getting anywhere
  • You notice the pattern that depletion is the only way to accomplish a great vision
  • Afraid to be yourself or be in the spotlight for fear of alienation or lack of support



    Teaching 1 - Acknowledging the Underbelly

    Welcome to this month's exploration with the Purple Wishbone flower. This is a wild flower that we found in Yilan, Taiwan. I was led to this place by butterflies. It's a long river where there are hot springs. And honestly, looking at this flower up close was super unnerving at first almost like, eughh, scary.

    And that's exactly what the flower essence does for us, is it helps us unearth all kinds of things from our deep inner belly, things that we've tucked away, things that are stuck, bringing them up and through the heart and out the mouth. That's like a visual, right? It's like the flower is like a mouth.

    So, it's like bringing things up from the deep belly out so we can see them and acknowledge them.

    In some ways, if we're worried about being exposed to other people, other people seeing what we think or believe is scary or ugly inside of us, it dissolves that fear and takes the triggering energy out of that fear. It also helps us speak more freely and overall, aside from fearing being judged from people outside of us, it's also being afraid of our own inner critic and judge. I would say most of us are supremely self critical and self judgemental.

    And so this flower is active quality is to help us get this stuff up and out so we can look at it and acknowledge it ourselves first and foremost, and loosen up some of the tightness of that self judgment. When we judge ourselves or deem something as ugly or scary inside of ourselves, we tend to tuck it under the carpet or lock it in a closet or tighten up the reins on it so that no one else can see it. And so that we can't see it, because we also don't wanna see it.

    So, that is the magic this month of this flower, is really allowing all of the things to arise within us that somehow subconsciously we tend to tuck away and working with those; acknowledging, healing. And then, being able to experience a lot more spaciousness and freedom and able to move right when there's less tension and tightness and clamping down.

    It's also really good for fear of destruction, being destroyed, destroying something, fear of being consumed or being harmed. It really amplifies our sensation of safety and interconnectedness.

    So, I can tell you that in the first week of working with this elixir, particularly in the first few days, you may notice discomfort. It's not anything that you can't handle.

    But it's funny because the first days you may feel like I had some phrases that were particularly inspiring. One was, it feels like, picking through a bunch of stinky garbage or just it feels like, you're digging in the garbage. And then the other analogy was it's like suddenly there's a bad smell in the room and you're wondering where the bad smell is coming from. It's like suddenly something that wasn't apparent is suddenly apparent and now you're wondering what to do about it.

    The wonderful thing about working with Wishbone flower is this ability to get through the hump of that little mini healing crisis in the first few days and experience more spaciousness, more freedom to be you, freedom, liberation, feeling safe in your own body with your own stuff, feeling more at home.

    This is gonna be a fun month. Enjoy the Purple Wishbone!


    Teaching 2 - Remaining Open & Curious During Times of Intensity

    As you're working with the Wishbone elixir, you may notice several emotions arise, and that's a really good thing and really healthy thing. It's not anything to be afraid of. It's job is to really dig deep into your belly and find those things that you've been hiding.

    So, things about yourself that you're afraid if they get unleashed. So, in some cases it could be anger, it could be shame, it could be fear, intense emotions. And so, as you work with this elixir, your job is to just remain open and curious. You may notice particular emotions, sort of residing in the background of your days.

    The more you are curious to just kind of sitting with them and sitting through them, the more that you'll create space to allow the insides to arise around why those particular emotions. Some people will experience great irritation or rage or anger. And it may not... If it arises around a particular situation in your daily life, it may or may not necessarily have to do with that particular situation.

    It could be an old pattern, that is, goes way far back. So, this elixir is quite strong actually. So, it requires a lot of patience to work through whatever arises, and a lot of courage to just be curious about what it is.

    You can worry about what it all means later, but for now, it's really just like riding the surfboard of whatever intense emotions arise. If they do, if they don't, you're great. But that's the Wishbone qualities, to really dig deep in there, and find those things that you tuck away in the closet that you just don't wanna see, or that you're afraid of.

    Something like monsters under your bed. That you just don't really even want to look at, cause you're not sure what might happen. So, we're releasing all the monsters out from the closet and under the bed.

    And we're gonna see that they're very illusory and they're actually giving us a lot of strength. But first is just, let them out.

    So, that will be this week. So, question, something to reflect on is: what's arising? What kind of emotions are arising inside of you this week?


    Teaching 3 - Alchemy of the Underbelly

    I want to take the opportunity today to talk a little bit more about anger in case any of you have experienced irritation or resistance or anger or frustration. That is a very good thing if you're experiencing it because it will help you set boundaries. It'll help you draw the line.

    It'll help you see the areas in which you have been either stuffing something that's bothering you, stuffing it deep down into your belly or avoiding it.

    There's this quality around Purple Wishbone that is elevating us to be able to live a greater life, to be able to offer ourselves the care that we need, and to be able to redefine ourselves in a way that's only possible when we're able to address those things that we've tucked away.

    If you experience any anger, utilize that anger. You will be alchemizing that experience inside of you so that you can create a new world around you.

    You may find that you feel like organizing things or recreating the space around you. Or wearing different clothes or creating different experiences around you. Setting boundaries with certain people; recognizing some dynamics in relationships that aren't working and being able to communicate about it or setting limitations. You may find yourself talking more freely about the things that really get you deep down or that really make you feel tender inside.

    As we finish up this month of working extensively and regularly with Purple Wishbone, you'll have moved through this experience of getting out all the trash, sorting through it. Experiencing what there is to experience that has been hidden away and allowing yourself to up level your life; take it to the next little iteration or bump up.

    What is it that you wanna create? What kind of space do you want to have around you? What life do you wanna be living? This takes on a whole new life after we've sorted through the garbage that we've tucked away.

    The questions for this week are:

    What are you noticing that is different about your behavior?

    If you've experienced anger or frustration or irritation how is that driving you to make different changes?

    How is that driving you to shift the way that you communicate or the way that you are in relationships?

    And how is it changing your relationship with the space around you and what you want to experience in daily life?