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Eagle Fern unfurls its tightly coiled fiddleheads during springtime in Whistler, BC, reaching for the sun when waterfalls of snowmelt pour from the rocks. Eagle Fern helps us trust our inner visionary resources, knowing that we can create anything. While staying rooted in spaciousness, we are able to unfurl the next move of our vision step-by-step, even when we cannot see the final outcome. It is especially supportive when our project is otherworldly or has never been done before.  Read more here!




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By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I trust the unfolding of my inner vision.
My wildest creativity comes from within.
I have the resources necessary to accomplish my dream.
My greatest success will come when I am in alignment + taking it step-by-step.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, trusting in their own internal unfolding. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

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Click here for the Juicy Bullets transcript
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When do I feel like I need outside help vs. have the ability to create it by myself?

What’s the best way to elicit my most creative ideas?

What environments best support my wild ideas + internal resourcing?

What’s my next one step to take?

When do I get burned out/bogged down vs. everything happening with ease?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Eagle Fern Support Guide here.

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Take a detox bath: draw a hot bath + add 2 cups of epsom salts and 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide. Add 9 drops of your Eagle Fern Elixir. As you soak imagine any insecurities, beliefs that you ‘don’t have what it takes,’ or that your ideas/vision will never come to fruition being drawn out of your body. Exit your bath grounded in nourishment + trusting in your own abilities, ready to unfold and take your next step

Visualize yourself in the fiddlehead stage of the fern, coiled up on itself and slowly, slowly unfurling into the light of day. What internal abilities are you activating to bring your fronds forth into the world?

Take 5-10 minutes a day and speed bullet out answers to the question: What do I most want to create? Do this every day for the month and see what keeps repeating.

Vision board with your internal compass. This is a twist on the usual vision boarding, where you normally cut out pictures you’re attracted to from magazines, etc. Instead, gather your favorite creative ‘tool’ - ballpoint pen, paintbrush, #2 pencil, calligraphy ink, whatever. Free form on a blank piece of paper your vision from within. Use words, draw pictures, create experiences. But try to use just the one tool + see what arises. What is within you that is ready to be brought forth?

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Remember: There is no box.

  • Embrace spaciousness + allow self-arising wisdom
  • Think outside the box + expand your horizon
  • Activate a new way of being with yourself + the world around you

Use me when you:

  • Are busy, busy, busy, with no time to stop to smell the roses
  • Feel things are so complex + difficult
  • Go to extremes - work, daydreaming, dieting, etc



    Teaching 1 - Juicy Bullets and Your Time Percentage

    Working with the Eagle Fern Elixir reminds me a little bit of this book written by Stephen Harrod Buhner called Ensouling Language - of which I read portions when I was writing the Flowerevolution book. It's a book about how to write nonfiction books in a way that's really interesting and sacred versus sounding like a manual for something. And he always gives this explanation of writing, whether it's nonfiction or poetry or whatever you're writing about, to really follow the kind of sacred inclinations that arise within you. And he calls it following the golden thread.

    And so I think that Eagle Fern is one of the botanical master teachers at following the golden threads within us. And you may have heard me talk about this before, but I sort of can't quite talk about it enough and encourage myself to practice it in my own life and business, and that is to follow those golden threads. But I'm going to word it in a way this week that's like making a bullet list of things that feel juicy to you.

    There's a million things that we all have to do, but taking five minutes to just jot down on a piece of paper or your phone the things that feel juicy, that for some reason or another, you don't know why, but just it feels energized or interesting or different. And to make sure that you're setting aside time for those juicy things and you ... Because oftentimes what I find is that even though they're on my list ... For example, I took, actually, less than 60 seconds to do this exercise myself and just jotted down the things that feel juicy to me right now. And as I'm looking at this list, I would say I'm probably putting 10 to 20, let's say 20, 20% of my energy toward that list. And most likely it should be the opposite. 80% of my energy and output should be focused on the juicy list and 20% on all the other stuff that needs to get done.

    So the exercise for this week or the question for this week would be: what are those things that feel juicy to you in your life?

    It could be a person, a meeting, a concept, a practice, a place, anything, and just for some reason it just sparks something in you. And take one to five minutes - literally, it could be like 60 seconds - to jot down a bullet list of things that feel juicy to you, and then evaluate how much of your time you're putting toward those juicy things.

    I think just the first step is awareness, right? And then we can work on this week maybe shifting some of our energy and output toward the juicy list. But first, noticing first what feels juicy and what percentage of your time or effort are you investing or infusing into that juiciness?


    Teaching 2 - Moment - to - moment response

    Okay, so in thinking about the concept of visioning from within, I think one of the most important elements of that process is to not try to figure things out. I know I've talked a lot in the past about the fact that you can't really figure things out by figuring things out, so that's something I try to remind myself of often, and that's probably why it comes out of my mouth so often. But specifically relating to the process of going out onto a frontier of something unknown, doing something you've never done before, or allowing your life to unravel and furrow and expand in a way that makes you feel like everything is new and fresh and different.

    It comes from creating space to allow things to unfold in a way that's very step by step without trying to overly plan or control the outcome or be attached to a certain outcome or just in general figure things out. And that can even be on a daily basis. It’s interesting because a friend of mine asked me last night, she said, "How do you deal with anxiety around money? How do you deal with ..." like, she said, "How did you feel after you purchased the building, and you knew that you were gonna be responsible for these massive bills that you weren't used to paying? How did you feel when you had debt?" Because, to her, it gives her a lot of anxiety.

    And, I think that in terms of risk tolerance, I'm a pretty risk tolerant person compared to some. But I would say that it's more about the ability to - not necessarily be able to hold an intensity of anxiety - it's more about a comfort level with trusting that things will work out the way that are in the highest of best interests. Granted there has to be some kind of foundation to build on, and there have to be action steps and things happening and occurring to support that.

    But as a concrete example, so ... right as I about to sit down to do the recording, I moved to a different area of the building because where I was was kinda noisy, and the roof is dripping. When we got the building, I knew the roof needed replacing, but I didn't know it was quite as bad as it is, and it's been raining like mad here in Phoenix. For us, it's a lot of rain - it'll rain all day and all night - that's a lot for us! And so the water sits on the roof, and it leaks in all these crazy different places, so we probably have a very sexy total of, I don't know, like 25 buckets upstairs catching the drops where the roof leaks through. Something that's so not normal for a residential house is pretty normal for a commercial building. Oftentimes, in commercial buildings, you'll look up in the tiles, and you'll see water stains, so it's kinda normal, but this is at a point where we really need to have it replaced.

    So, I mean, as an example, I have two roofing companies creating quotes, so there have been action steps made, but I don't really fully have it planned out and all timed out and calendared out and financed out. And I'm looking at these buckets, and everyday a new leak springs somewhere, and we toss in another bucket, and we can't replace the roof until we have 10 full days of sun, so that the rain can dry out, and we've got more rain coming this week from the weather patterns. So, I think it's just like that. A lot of what the magic of Eagle Fern is - okay, it's raining, and it's leaking, and we have buckets. When we spring another leak, we'll find it, and we'll put a bucket under it, and we'll just keep doing that until we get 10 days of sunshine, and then we'll replace the roof.

    Without trying to really figure it out. It's like you can't figure it out, right? It's like the roof. You can't figure out where it's going to spring it's leak. You know where it leaked before, but you don't know where it's gonna leak next. It can totally surprise you. So you could try to orchestrate putting plastic down around the whole entire property in order to catch any possible leak, but that's overextending your energy. So it's a pretty silly but good metaphor for life because we try to control everything and anticipate anything "bad" going wrong or anything unfortunate things going wrong or the what ifs. If we try to anticipate the what ifs, it's just a waste of our energy, and then we're not being fully present and aware because we're running around with chickens with no heads trying to anticipate things before they happen, which is not really possible anyway.

    So, that's why I say a big part of Eagle Fern is really just becoming comfortable with what is in this moment - doing what you can do today and being fully present without orchestrating so much what's coming tomorrow. And as a whole, I'm really trying to just plan less and less and less and almost like commit less, and that doesn't mean I'm like a broad skill profound commitment level. It's just sort of like for an example, I had a high school friend come into town driving through with his wife from one city to another. It's like you make these appointments, and you plan things in advance, and you're gonna go have lunch together because they're driving through - but it just also happens that it's raining, and there's buckets everywhere and things to be tended to, and it's Taylor's birthday, and Brandy made some crazy amazing treat for her birthday that I wanna be present for, and there's just so many things that spring up in the last moment, that I'm really trying to be less committed and allow for flexibility and really in that way not try to pre-anticipate things, not try to figure things out ahead of time.

    I don't know if this is making sense. It's a little abstract, but I wonder if you can look at your own personal life and see any examples of where your subconscious bubbles up and reminds you or is sort of like hey, maybe don't make plans, or maybe just wait. Like, even in a conversation, wait to see what the other person says before you jump down the line and try to anticipate what they're gonna say and then what you'll say and how that conversation is gonna go. Just wait and really listen to what that person says in that moment, and then decide later what you'll say.

    I think the more that we can get into that practice whether it's in our work lives, home lives, relationships, the way that we interact with people, the way that we build out the visions in our lives; the more we can just be present in the moment, the more we're open and available to practicing that sort of like unfolding, that sort of on the fly, on the go, responding to what life presents us. And being able to respond in the most appropriate manner with the resources and the tools and the know how and the insights we have in that moment. Because when we try to orchestrate things for the future, that means that when that moment actually comes, we're operating on past insights and knowledge, and wisdom, and resources.

    So again, Eagle Fern is helping us be more and more in the present moment, so that we can allow things to unfold, doesn't mean we just set back and watch and wait and wish things into existence. We take the necessary steps. We do the necessary actions. We put forth effort from our side, but we try less and less to figure things out, to anticipate, to control, to manage, and we become more comfortable with allowing ourselves to deal with whatever rises in the moment whenever it arises.

    So, a question for you this week would be:

    Reflect on any situations that are occurring that are encouraging you to not try to anticipate the future. Or notice when you are trying to anticipate the future, when you are trying to anticipate that next move. Or when this happens, then I'll do that. Or jumping to conclusions about what people mean when they say certain things, or making up stories, or making up interpretations of what something is when someone speaks. Or trying to time out or plan out perfectly something with external factors that you can't necessarily control.

    When is that happening? When do you feel more comfortable just letting that go and allowing your moment to moment awareness guide you? And, that's really key. When do you notice, or when have you noticed this week, your energetic system encouraging you to just soften into a moment to moment awareness and a moment to moment responding to whatever arises?


    Teaching 3 - Softening Internal Patterning for Vaster External Potential

    Okay, so another week with Eagle Fern, and I'm just going to dive in and share from my personal experience - or rather, what's happening in my life in hopes that that will somehow unlock some aspect of Eagle Fern for you in your life, or any insights or wisdom that are arising.

    If you listened to last week's recording, you heard me talk about how there are buckets everywhere in the building because it's been raining a lot and we need a new roof and there's leaks and … just that sort of not knowing what's going to happen. We finally got the quote, and after a new AC system, we're a lot money short, like $50,000 short, for putting on a new roof. Whereas we thought, "Oh, we might be able to just get this on in 10 days," that won't happen because we need an extra like 50 grand to make that happen.

    I'm just sharing certain little things, like experiences that I'm having right now, of times where there's just no plan, it's a total unknown, don't know what's going to happen. Because I feel like that's one of the gifts of Eagle Fern - just becoming comfortable with the unknown and not really having a plan or a solution or a way out, and being comfortable with the nebulousness of everything. I also have a trip that I have half-way planned for this weekend for three days, and I'm still not sure in what hotel room I'm staying or if I'm flying or driving or traveling with who or any of that stuff. That's only two or three days away. That's really odd and strange.

    Then there's a whole bunch of travel that, things that I had sort of planned out in the calendar, but they're either not working out because it's Easter and the tickets are too high for folks to come in, or for some reason the travel piece - things that are usually really and fun for me for planning out to travel for flower essence collection trips in May and in summer, like those months are right around the corner, and none of that's planned out yet. Just some personal examples of things that are in some ways weighing on me … in a sense of it's like an unknown, and it's not like I'm purposefully waiting until the last minute. It's more like just getting comfortable with the discomfort of having no plan and not knowing and being open to a different form of unraveling and unfolding.

    Usually, I am not the kind of person who says "everything happens for a reason" because, I don't know … That just bugs me. I hate that statement because, in fact, everything does happen for a reason, but because of cause and effect. Not like go with the flow, wishy-washy … sometimes we do bad things, and then something comes of that, and it happened because we created the cause and the condition for it, but not the sense of everything happens for a good reason. I don't believe that necessarily, and so I wanted to veer away from the woo-woo, glossy cliché, la, la, la, like, "It'll all work out, just go with the flow." I don't believe in going with the flow, necessarily. I think that we need to take charge.

    So - what is the way that we can take charge, yet also become more and more comfortable leaving …not leaving things until the last minute … but sort of allowing things to sort themselves out without too much of our intervention. Because sometimes I find myself going to the other extreme where I do things in vain, like over-plan or overproduce or over-meddle, get involved, when things were just going to sort of figure themselves out. I believe that Eagle Fern is helping us become more comfortable with the spaciousness and the nebulous unknowingness and helping us practice these moments of not knowing, not understanding, not being able to figure it out.

    We're just sitting here thinking, "Okay, well, then what is the way that we can take charge in these situations?" I mean, again, this sounds kind of cliché and manifest-y too, but the thing that comes to mind is: focus on what you want. Even if there are a lot of unknown factors and you find yourself not really being able to commit or make a decision, something just doesn't feel right, things aren't lined up in a way that feels really solid to you - like things have this sort of sense of incompleteness - then what we can do, even if we don't make a logistical move, is to focus on what we want from any of those situations.

    For example, I could say in any one of the situations I named, what it is isn't really that important, but what I want is to be able to lean into my own inner strength and trust my own wisdom without feeling like I either, A, have to ask someone else what's best or, like for example, a wiser being than myself, I want to be able to lean into my own inner wisdom and come to that conclusion through my own practice. I want to have the experience of being unattached or free of attachment. And if that's not possible to be able to have the base wisdom, and spaciousness to be able to recognize when I am getting sticky or attached, to allow for that to dissolve. I want to be open to the highest and unexpected version of whatever's possible because perhaps anything that I may plan out doesn't allow for the largest, vastest, wildest version to arise or emerge. That's what I want to open to, and I want to meet myself and all parts of myself with softness and compassion, no matter what, creating space for whatever there is to arise in whatever situation.

    That's what I really, really want. I can be more - we could be more – logistical. Like I want to travel to the place in the world where I could collect flower essences that will most benefit the people that I will reach most commonly over the next 10 years. And may that be the place, may it facilitate, may the trip there make itself known and easy and effortless to put that all into place for that to happen. That's one example of more logistical "what-I-wants," but really what I want is the first part.

    I believe that that is one of the gifts that Eagle Fern gives us. And I'm not sure if it's life, astrology, the flower essence, all of the above, but I feel this simultaneous actually unraveling in my own personal life and with my own patterns, like from childhood or before. A lot of stuff is coming up right now around self-doubt, self-worth. I just told a friend this morning that I'm having a mid-life crisis, which is funny. And analyzing all of the activities that I engage in and then looking at like - I'm committing to awakening and are all of the activities lining up with that commitment?

    I'm asking a lot of questions, a lot of patterns are being unraveled and thinking about how the fern grows. And that simultaneously, we can have patterns unravel to be exposed, expose themselves to us, to our spacious, compassionate observation that just as wonderfully as, say, like a beautiful vision can unravel from within us, it is quite possible that for that to occur, we may have to dismantle old gunk. In my case, it's around self-doubt and self-worth and self-trust. In your case, it may be something different. In order to get better and better at this internal resourcing and allowing things to unfold in the highest possible vision - that we couldn't even intellectually imagine, perhaps - that, first, for that to even occur, we have to unravel the patterning that would create an obstacle or resistance or rub or slow down the magnificence of this otherworldly vision that we want to emerge.

    I hope this isn't too abstract or out-there. I would just say if you are listening to this, to look at your life and whatever is happening for you. I have been having the craziest insomnia patterns, which is super rare for me. I don't generally ever have issues sleeping. For me, it's showing up that way. For some people, it may be showing up it digestive system-wise or otherwise … that there's a unhitching of some patterns that will create resistance or get in the way of this greater, grander vision unfolding.

    The question for this week might be: Are there any patterns that are arising that you are looking at or wanting to create space for or wanting to avoid or run away from (which is also totally normal) or feeling like a strong sense of self-judgment, like, "Oh, my god. Why am I engaging in that?" or, "What is that about? Why am I doing that?" or clamping down on yourself.

    In my case, it was like, "Gee, it's interesting when you don't look at yourself in the mirror for two years, and you go up a size, and your butt grows like how many sizes, and you, like, 'Oh, my goodness. What happened there?'" So that sort of clamp-down on self-judgment or self-criticism and bringing awareness of the certain patterns that would ultimately in the long run prevent you from your highest possible vision of, or your highest possible expression, of what's possible.

    What are those things in your life right now that are causing a rub for you right now? And how can you meet those things with just a compassionate spaciousness of really just meeting them, seeing them, embracing them, allowing them to be there, meeting them with softness, gentleness, understanding versus the real hard self-judgment piece? Once that is in place, when we soften this resistance, what can emerge from that? And how can that internal resourcing and the visioning that comes from the inside out shift? Because it only makes sense that what we're capable of on the outside is a direct reflection of what we're capable on the inside.

    I would see that for many, many, many, many years with flower essence clients when I was doing one-on-one consultations was that people would come in, and I'd have them commit to six months of regular flower essence use, and I would ask them in the first appointment, "What are your big, wild goals for six months? If your life was amazing and perfect six months from now, what would happen? What would it be like? How would you feel? What would take place?"

    What I noticed that three to four months into that process - because of the internal transformation that was occurring through the flower essences - around month three or four, the external world started to reflect back things to them in alignment or concordance with what was shifting on the inside. People would shift relationships, careers, where they lived, big, big, big outer things. I believe it's a similar phenomenon that is occurring with Eagle Fern.

    Please feel free to either email us or post up in the Facebook group so I can see. Or you can message me through social media is any of this resonating with you, are you having a similar situation? Is there any sort of patterning that you're able to revisit or see as an opportunity to soften and embrace so that it can dissolve so that your external vision can be even more expansive and powerful?