California Glory flower


California Glory is a tree flower native to California that I collected in the wilds of San Francisco. Also known as Flannel Bush, it has large yellow-orange flowers and leathery, fuzzy leaves (like flannel). California Glory expands our voice and our presence by unabashedly being ourselves with others. With a sense of reckless abandon, wildness and enjoyment, we feel awake, aware and free. Also helpful for public speaking, singing + vocal arts, it helps us be unafraid to strip down and bare all. Read more here!








By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I free my wild.
My voice is powerful.
I can be freely, fully myself.
What I have to say is important.
Being myself with others is how I make an impact.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, thriving in their environment. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



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In what situations do I find myself holding back?

Is there anyone (specific or a general group of people) I’m resentful towards? What inspires that resentment?

In what circumstances do I put up a wall between myself and others? When do I close off my heart towards others?

When do I find myself ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop?’

What does ‘my wild’ look like? What does it feel like?

When do I feel free to be fully and completely myself?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with the writing prompts, exquisite practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the California Glory Support Guide here.



Imagine you have a public speaking engagement to share something dear to your heart, something you are passionate and excited about. How does this prospect make you feel? Excited? Fearful? Intimidated? Where do you feel these sensations in your body? Does your nervousness feel different from your excitement? Notice + observe.

Practice speaking loudly. (Not shouting! Simply projecting your voice.) Make a point to speak audibly, no matter with whom you are conversing or the subject matter. Speak clearly + with deliberation. Enunciate. When you notice yourself speaking softly or mumbling, make note of topic and who you are speaking with. Observe.

Take voice lessons, a drama class or find a local mic night! Find an activity that simultaneously encourages you to use your voice and puts you in a position of being seen.

Remember your ‘voice’ is how you express yourself. While it is important to speak with our powerful voice, we can also express ourselves loud and clear through how we move + hold our bodies, and our general presence.






Mist LOTUSWEI flower essences



Embrace effortless communication.

I will help you:

  • Be more confidant in asking for exactly what you want
  • Go after the things you've been 'just thinking' about going after
  • Dismiss negative thinking on your part or anyone else's

Use me when you feel:

  • Frustrated or angry and not sure how to express those intense emotions
  • Communication issues are blocking you from getting what you want
  • You're avoiding saying what needs to be said 



    Teaching 1 - Where are you holding back

    California Glory Flower Elixir. This flower is going to bring to all of our awareness, all of the areas where we are and are not able to be a hundred percent feeling free to be you know, the wildest expression of who we are; to fully be ourselves. We will be shown, to a more subtle degree, situations in which we feel like we can't be ourselves. We are either holding back, or are hesitant, or some sort of weird little fear sneaks its way in to a particular situation.

    So with much greater awareness and also like, sort of seeing, we'll be able to see new areas. And the next steps of where to unlock, so that we can experience more freedom. I can say that you will experience that to your own situations in life. Like you'll have your own favorite flavors of you know, what holds you back from feeling totally free.

    I can talk about some examples from the team. One situation, for example, is one person is feeling like she can't fully express herself freely, because she's worried that people will fall in love with her, and then she has to like clamp down on how she speaks and how she is, because she's worried she's going to give the wrong impression, and give hopes and all that kind of thing.

    Another situation is another person is feeling like not fully expressed, because if she fully expresses, or is free to do the things that she wants to do, that other people will feel bad, or other people will feel jealous.

    Another person on our team, her favorite flavor is, “I'm not free, because I always have to be responsible for other people. And that's weighing me down. And so I have to put a lot of my resources over here.” And so the way that she's voicing and presencing things is affected because she feels responsible for others.

    And yet another person on the team is feeling like she can't fully be herself, or people will become angry with her. And she doesn't want to face the ramifications of other people's anger. It's scary.

    So those are four different examples of different people and their favorite flavors of you know, whatever it is that's creating hesitancy or holding back in their system, so that they can't feel fully free.

    So I hope these examples help. You can scrutinize your life, and your daily life situations and see where there's possibly an area where you feel like you can't be free.

    Interestingly enough, I'm in kind of a funky street, and there's a lot of dudes around who are just sort of like wondering what I'm doing here. And Singapore is a really safe country, but I'm living in kind of an interesting area right now. So you know, that could be another example. It's like, I don't know that I feel totally free because I don't always feel... Like in this very moment, I'm like, hmm, am I fully safe here? I'm pretty sure I'm safe, but people have got their eyes on me like, hmm..what she's doing?

    Men, men. So that could be another example of, I'm walking alone at night. I don't feel fully free to be and do what I need to do. And you know, some of those things are like well, just get out of the street at night. That makes sense. You don't always have to have an answer or figure something out, or change something. That's just a reality of what is. But the important part is just having that really critical, scrutinizing awareness of when you feel a little bit of tension in your system, or hesitancy, or holding back.

    So it's like you don't have full power throttled through all of your systems, right? It's like energetically something is weak, or meek, or timid, or mumbling, or shy, or holding back, or not seeing, or slouching over, or not standing up straight, or cowering, or hiding, or avoiding. All of those things.

    Where, in the situations in your life, do you do that? And California Glory will help us really see, with a deeper level of subtlety where, and when, and with who, that's arising.

    So, questions for you this week: the question of the week is, when are the situations in my life, am I catching myself, because we're using the awareness anchor, as many times during the day as possible. Where am I finding myself hesitating? When am I finding myself holding back? When do I notice that I'm not fully free to be the fullest expression of myself?

    And again, remembering, this is just being aware of, and observing. There isn't anything to fix or solve. There's nothing to fix. It's just being aware, and that awareness alone, will offer us great treasures. And oftentimes things will change effortlessly, because of that awareness.

    So that's the question, and we'll leave it at that.


    Teaching 2 - Your most powerful presence 

    Okay, so this week with California Glory we're going to be aware of makes us feel free. What are the people, places, situations, things, creative activities, work, play, family – what is it in our lives that helps us feel free? Even if it just helps to write down, who's a short list, a bullet list of people that inspire me or give me full confidence, or that I can just totally let everything hang out with, and I never have to worry about anything, just be the wildest version of myself: who are those people? Becoming aware of that.

    What are the places where I feel like I can just let it all hang out and be the wildest expression of me? What are the activities, what things am I doing where I feel like, "Oh my god, I am just like on top of the world." Or, "I am so in my game," or, "I know how to do this, I know how to maneuver. This gives me confidence, this gives me strength, and powerful presence in my body." Even if it's like, "I feel it after I go for a 30 minute run." Or, "I feel it after I jump on the trampoline." Or, "I feel it after I look after my child for an hour, and I feel like, wow, I'm totally in my element. Like I am fierce mama bear, this is my powerful presence."

    When does that powerful presence arise within you? What are the situations?

    Maybe a public speaking, maybe someone asks you a question and you share something. Maybe a colleague at work asks you for help with something. When are those situations where you feel like your powerful presence arise, and you're able to be in your body, in your posture, in your languaging, in your tone of voice, you're able to be you. 100% you, and able to do whatever is required of you in a powerful way.

    That is the question for this week, and something to be aware of is: what are those things. If you want to make bullet lists that could be a helpful exercise. Also because it can also be the antidote, right? If, through the elixir, or from last week you noticed areas where you felt like you weren't free, or you were hesitating, then it can help tip those scales a little bit by just doing more of those things that help you move into your powerful presence.

    Or if you feel off one day, or depressed, or like, "Oh, what am I doing?", or lost, or confused, then you know, who are the people that I should be spending time with? Where are the places I should go to? What are those things I should be doing to activate that powerful presence from within arising, and embodying our full body voice aspects, like speech aspects and body language, and ability to be ourselves?

    Yeah, I think it'd be good to write those things down. I'm going to make a quick bullet list myself here, and be something just helpful to have on hand that you can always come back to.

    What inspires your most powerful presence?


    Teaching 3 - Come + Get Me

    So I had an interesting conversation with a fellow who, out in Singapore a week or so ago, that I wanted to share with you because it falls in line really well with the messaging and qualities of the California glory flower. And that is a dear friend of mine named, Perry and he's this beautiful half Indonesian, half Dutch man who lives part-time in Singapore and part-time in Bali and he travels all over the world teaching people Qi Gong and other energy magnification techniques, I guess you could call it. And he and I were having this lovely conversation about how yeah... I was just kind of explaining, and he was saying like what are you doing here back in Asia? And I was explaining that we're exploring the possibility of being able to live part-time in Asia and part-time in the US, like half the year in Phoenix and live half the year in Asia and just exploring what the possibilities are for working with people in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

    And... And thinking about the California glory flower and what it dissolves in terms of hesitancy and holding back and fear that things aren't going to work out. I think, he gave me a sort of framework or angle to come from while working in Singapore that I thought was really helpful and could sort of like reframe a perspective for all of us. And can work in tandem with the flower elixir. I can tell you it in terms of my business and then you can, and my personal like, take on things and then you can kind of see how that applies to you in your life. And so, we were talking about possibilities and opportunities and collaboration partners who might be interested in flower essences and botanical treatments and the kind of vision that we have.

    It's amazing how loud things are even upon the eighth floor. So I'm out, sitting outside on the balcony. And so, at one point during our conversation we're sitting in a coffee shop. Perry just like took his hand and he like slapped the table really loudly and he said, why don't you have this perspective that... Why don't you take on the perspective of, bang! Come and get me. See if you can come and get me. See if you can catch me, like, catch me if you can.I thought, oh, whoa. Yeah that is like a total reframe from... I think so often when we are looking to make something happen we do the like reaching out, right? We do the seeking, the looking, the searching, the finding, the networking, the who should I look for? And that's all necessary. Those things are necessary.

    Like I am fully aware of like the fact that when you're starting a new business, which is like bringing a lot of expectations, like starting a business from ground up as is starting with SAN Center in Phoenix. It's starting it from ground up. It's like a new start up. It's a new businesses. It's fresh. It's not, you know, you can't rest on any of your past successes. You have to start all over at zero and create from ground up. So there's a certain amount of expenditure of energy and meeting people and connecting and studying and listening and learning and being open and aware. But energetically, if you have the sense of come and get me or catch me if you can, it's really sort of like energetically putting out the call of, listen, I have something really, really important. To have something really beneficial that could help a lot of people, if you want it, come and get it.

    And I think that cuts out a lot of the like, if anyone were to perceive any like agendas or desperation or neediness or wanting something, it just like instantly dissolves that. And you reframe and you come from a position of sort of not sitting back, but just sitting firmly, just sitting firmly planted in the center, taking a middle path. There's nothing that you need, but you'd sure like to create something. So who wants to play? So in relating that to the California glory flower elixir this month, in terms of being able to access your wildest expression and to bear all and to be the most creative version of yourself, it doesn't have to be like this really gang style like, I'm going to display, or like show anything externally. You know, it doesn't have to be like, well I'm going to like reach out to 30 book publishers and see if they want my book.

    Although that would be a helpful activity, the most important thing is looking first at your energetic signature. Where you're coming from energetically and what's your intent? What your intention is. So number one, is the distillation of your intention in whatever project or activity you're engaging in, or anything that you want or dream or desire. What is your intention? Number two, then looking at your energetic signature. Like what can you offer? And framing it terms of if you're interested in what I have to offer, come and get me. Or like, come and find me or catch me if you can, because I'm going places. And there's a lot of people I could work with, so come and get me. And you can apply this, you know, not only to businesses but to any types of relationships or work opportunities or even just like kind of like simple manifestation techniques.

    It's reframing your energetic signature so you come from a position of being firmly planted and solid in what it is that you have to offer, versus being on like a tipsy topsy, like I really want this. So for example, I really want a relationship with someone who's like this. Okay, that's my intention, but then I'm like looking and searching and seeking. And I'm coming from this position of the weak foundation of like, I really want that and I'm like lacking this and I'm missing this and I don't have that and I really need this. And that's coming from a, like a weak foundation. Whereas a strong foundation would be, in this particular example, I have these qualities, I have these strengths. I'm beautiful in all of these ways. I have this glitch. I'm going to be in a relationship. I'm going to look for someone who who can help me with that glitch, and I can help them with their glitch, and we can be better together than better apart. We can help each other grow in life.

    And I'm coming from this framework of firmly planted, firm in who I am, firm in the value that I have to offer to the world, or to this project, to this relationship, to this work opportunity, to the press, to auditioning for a theater role, to whatever it is that you may be working on in your life. Clear intention, firmness of framework. Come and get me. Catch me if you can, because I'm firm in the value that I have to offer. And in that way, it's more like an internal, subtle, energetic shift in the solidness of you being in the wildest expression of who you are. Wild is not meaning like, I'm going to go skydive.

    Wild is meaning, I feel in every moment absolutely free to be myself and to speak my mind, and to do what I need to do, to rest when I need to rest, to be active and I need to be active, to claim what's rightfully mine, to I mean not in a way of like if you need to take an hour to go do this thing for your wellbeing, then claiming that for yourself. Versus us thinking of it in terms of like external creations, accomplishments, successes. Like, I published 10 books and I rose to the top of my industry and I'm written up in five different journals. And like, that's not necessarily what we're talking about in terms of wildest expression.

    Wildest expression can also be laughing out loud in public and not caring who hears you or looks at you funny. It can be wearing crazy colors even though you live in Japan and everybody else is wearing gray and black, or New York. Whatever the situation. It can be doing something a little different than how everyone else is doing it, and it can just simply be circling back to the point of this recording. You arresting in your wildest expression in terms of sinking into the firmness of your energetic signature of knowing your value, knowing your worth, knowing what you have to offer, knowing that there's something special about you and the way you do things that no one else can duplicate.

    If you are the best at cleaning windows of high rises, you're the best at cleaning windows of high rises. And no matter who puts in bids and tries to outbid you, you're the best at it and people will always come back to you, period and stop. If you are the best abstract painter, people will come back to you. If you are the best social media poster, posting person, you are the best. If you are the best at leading groups of people, you're the best. So really looking at, or having a depth of understanding of what your worth is, what your value is, what you're particularly amazing at, what your strongest qualities are, and fitting in that firmness of the framework of, come and get me.

    If you want what I have to offer, come and get me. And that may seem a little bit like, don't mean at all to make it seem like nonchalant or apathetic or egotistical at all, at all, at all. It's more just like that as a mantra and seeing how that feels inside of you, so that you can fit in the firmness of your value and your worth. And the value and worth with the wildest expression of who you are. So, question for this week is: to what situation in your life could you apply that to? Is there anything that you're seeking or looking for, or wanting to expand and grow into wanting to develop? What is that? What area of your life is that in, and is the framework helpful of that mantra? Being able to inside of yourself, come and get me. Catch me if you can. And firmly planted in the value that I have to offer. So come and get me.