December 3, 2014

In case you wondered about the people behind LOTUSWEI, I wanted to share a bit about our small, but growing team. What we all have in common is that we LOVE working for a good cause (like saving the world through flowers!) and we love making people happy.

ROBBIE {Joy Broker}

As the Joy Broker here at LOTUSWEI Robbie handles all of the vital backend pieces of the business: book-keeping, customer service, wholesale accounts, inventory management, logistics, financials, etc. (you get the idea). He seems to dig it, so that makes us happy. He plays music for us in the office from time to time – that makes us happy too!

Favorite Flower & 3 Descriptors: HULA GIRL HIBISCUS (yellow on outside & red on inside): Joyful. Uninhibited. Bright.

TAYLOR {Beauty Revealer}

Taylor loves capturing the beauty of the moment with her camera wherever she goes. Having always wished she was a mermaid, this Pisces loves being in water ~ particularly submerged in the ocean. Next best is playing volleyball on the beach + her favorite eats: Vietnamese Pho. She makes her own dreamcatchers, can make a mean drink with beets, herbs + other funky ingredients + is a pro-thrifter (last item: peacock chair, $15). She has a blog devoted to all things natural, creative, healthy + adventurous: Pure Up Buttercup.

Favorite Flower & 3 Descriptors: MORNING GLORY: Radiant. Affectionate. Evanescent.

JODI {Laughter Catalyst}

Jodi is the one putting all of the love + laughter into the products! She does some R+D and keeps everyone on their toes with a joke, eyebrow raise or sideways smile. She lives simply; constantly going with the flow, all while keeping us laughing! You can catch her sipping on a Enlighten Mint Yerba Mate for a caffeine kick! She’s crazy passionate about the environment + inspiring others to garden, recycle, reduce, start a compost pole, get some chickens or carpool. To top it off, she makes the BEST chocolate pudding this world has ever seen (from avocados)!

Favorite Flower & 3 Descriptors: LADY SLIPPER: Delicate. Earthy. Pure.


KATE {Growth Gardener}

Kate is a lover of chocolate, coffee, anything to do with textiles + cooking huge breakfasts {she makes the best pancakes in the world!}!  She’s backpacked in the Himalayas, explored the streets of Bangkok, snorkeled in Costa Rica + basked in the rolling hills of the English countryside. Wherever Kate is, she simply enjoys sitting outside + enjoying the view! She loves using her knowledge of the profound + transformative impact of flower essences to expand the ripple effect of the amazing, magical power of flowers.

Favorite Flower & 3 Descriptors: WHITE DAISY: Pure. Playful. Grounded.

ALEXIS {Experience Savant}

Alexis is a creative master of logistics ~ organization, streamlining processes to make them efficient and knowing all the little details from start to finish + how it collaborates into one. She loves photography, volunteers at animals shelters when she has time, and can quote movies like crazy – even if she has only seen it one time! Her favorite city in the world is San Francisco and would love to visit Greece, Germany + Egypt one day.

Favorite Flower & 3 Descriptors: SUNFLOWER: Bright. Open. Spunky.

LANETTE {Superpower Reflector}

Lanette is the perfect cocktail of finesse + ghetto-fabulesse. She loves spontaneously making people smile (generally with a dirty joke or compliment). She used to volunteer at PATCH (an organization that provided free medical + healing benefits to people with no documents) 2 years doing individual sound + frequency healing sessions and has a background in herbalism. The first herb that she really connected with was Mugwort, becoming her companion + teaching her about the connections with plants + animals. She works with red-tail hawk, raven and barn owl! Her favorite place in the world is Crescent Moon, Sedona. It’s where she takes all of her friends to experience and remember the magic + love of Mother Earth. When asked what her superpower is, she says “reminding people of who they are + what their superpower is.

Favorite Flower & 3 Descriptors: SUNFLOWER: Always reaching for the light. All-seeing. Grounded.

jimmy lotuswei team

JIMMY {Energizing Force of Lotuswei Singapore}

Jimmy lives in Singapore, though he’s been making frequent trips to Nepal, as in the photo above. He’s jovial, has a huge heart and loves sunsets. He knows all the secrets to making Peking Duck, an extraordinarily exquisite Chinese dish that requires two whole days of preparation. He’s observant, fearless, strategic + appreciative of the little (big) things in life. He likes to learn about other cultures + has traveled quite a bit. He can ‘jimmy-rig’ (jerry-rig) just about anything with duct tape; if he got stranded on an island he would welcome the challenge.

Favorite Plant & 3 Descriptors: JUNIPER: Fresh. Refreshing. Awakening.

KATIE {Prolific Visionary}

I’m a flower freak. I’m giddiest when I’m taking iphonography photos of crazy-looking flowers & plants in jungles, forests or botanical gardens. I’ve traveled to just under 20 countries & though everywhere has its charm, I feel totally at home in Asia. Yellow & orange fruits bring me joy – like persimmons, mangos, jackfruit & nectarines – though sometimes I think I could just live on kombucha & dark chocolate. I love Korean-style bathhouses & Japanese hot springs & I believe 100% in the power of meditation.

Favorite Flower & 3 Descriptors: NIGHT-BLOOMING JASMINE: Exotic. Exquisite. Enveloping.

So there you have it – our small, but amazingly talented and heartfelt team.

What about you? Tell us about you … what do you love?



Kathleen McCort

Aloha , Mele Kalikimaka to all of you.I’m a lomi Lomi therapist and have learned from my Kumu on the BIg Island. love of great plants and Flowers to heal with to learn from here..Tea leaves are magical,,in every way,,,I have Friend that makes Hawaiian Vetiver only grown in Hawaii… just a small pinch and all day I’m in heaven…its amazing about smell,and how it can make a whole day even better,,,and even with the room with love and hearts,,I have been a big fan of your products and would like to try them… mahalo for your magic and bringing all these wonderful smells… our senses …aloha e aloha e Kathleen



Thank you Kathleen! ; )



wishing you all a fabulous year
on all levels
Love and Light



Thank you, Tali!



I love your family.



Thank you, Emma! They’re pretty darn great! ; )


Tanua Gagno

I love your thoughtful and authentic introductions of your team and have admired your business for some time.
Happy New Year and I look forward to more wonderfulness from you all in 2017.
Favorite flower: Casablanca Lily
Descriptors I strive for: giving, graceful and kind



Ah love those descriptors ~ what we normally find when we do this exercise is that those words describe you! 😀



So happy to have found all of you and your company, and glad to read about each of you here! I feel a kinship with plants, and flowers bring me such joy! Now to be able to use flower essences?? Divine!! Thank you, Katie and team – you all rock, and I wish you all the very best of everything! : )



Aww thank you Carol! Right back at ya 😉


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