October 04, 2016


People have been asking me over + over lately:
What’s the benefit of taking flower elixirs?

Of all the types of products we offer at LOTUSWEI, my personal favorite is still the Flower Elixir!

Our elixirs come in many fantastic formulations - designed to transform the areas of life that matter MOST - and they really are among our most powerful and transformational products.

I don’t go even a few days without my elixirs, and I LOVE hearing the success stories of clients who have also integrated the elixirs into their wellness routine.

For example, when Cheryl came to see me, she was terrified of flying on a plane. For years she refused to travel. One month after taking a flower elixir regularly, she got on an airplane!

After six months of taking flower remedies, she had flown so much that she started to accumulate enough frequent flyer miles to book free travel! She was overjoyed to be able to reconnect with family + friends in other parts of the country + take vacations internationally.

But I know that our elixirs are a bit of a mystery … so I thought I would write down everything I know about the real-life benefits you can receive from taking our flower-powered elixirs.

When I sat down to write, I was surprised by all the insights that poured out of me. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised - I’ve been working with flower essences for over 15 years - I’ve consulted with hundreds of individuals and top spas on how to get the benefits of flower essences, and I’ve literally spent over 20,000 hours consulting!

Even so, every time I think about flower essences + their effect on people, I get so inspired!
  infinite love flower elixir LOTUSWEI flower essences

In case you’re not familiar with our flower elixirs, they’re a delicious-tasting nectar made from local wildflower honey, water, organic grape alcohol + bio-energetic flower essences that we collect by hand from the wild + in special gardens.

They are designed for you to identify the area you wish to transform, and use that formulation until the bottle is empty.

Flower elixirs are super simple to take - you can put five drops in your mouth, at least five times per day AND/OR you can put a dropperful in your water bottle and drink that throughout the day. Literally takes a couple seconds each time!

It’s one of the easiest fast-tracks to personal growth and fulfillment - whether used alone or with a meditation practice.

Everyday we get heartfelt emails from people sharing their experiences with our Flower Elixirs. I just got a really sweet phone call today from a woman who’s been married for 14 years - she said that after using the Infinite Love Elixir regularly, she feels like when she first met her husband - super attracted + heart fluttering when she sees him. She was shocked at the level of heightened love she felt for him from using the elixir.

And we have incredible stories from many long-term clients who have been using the elixirs for up to fifteen years! Think: transformations in relationships, career, jobs, where they live, what they do in their free time, the level of dreams-come-true is pretty wonder-full …

Some of the benefits that regular users experience are:

    • Eliminating old stuck patterns
    • Accelerating personal growth gently
    • Looking younger and more radiant
    • Attracting more ideal opportunities and people
    • Experience deeper personal insights
    • Initiate positive change faster and with more ease
    • Enjoy more fulfilling and joyful relationships
    • Experiencing more calm and ease, even in high-stress situations
    • Naturally experiencing Joie de Vivre (that’s Enjoyment of Life!)

 flowerevolution book styled flower elixirs LOTUSWEI flower essences

If you’re thinking, how is all this possible with an infusion of a flower? I know, I know … I get it. I’m still amazed by it every day + I’ve been taking flower essences for over fifteen years!

Flower elixirs work through your acupuncture meridians to create more balance.

One recent scientific study showed flower remedies as highly effective at reducing environmental stress on the body (EMF’S from computer use + other electronics).

Another study showed a 50% reduction of prescriptions in pregnant women due to a drastic reduction of stress through flower essences.

And what we’ve noticed from our own 15+ years of empirical research is that people most often feel a difference in their state of mind in as little as 3-5 days, if they’re using the recommended amount: five drops, five times each day.

Additionally, when people use flower remedies regularly over several months, I’ve noticed that there is a three-stage process of transformation that most everyone experiences.

1. Honeymoon Phase
2. Peeling the Layers Phase
3. Evolution Phase

I wrote almost ten pages about all the little details in each phase. It not only prepares you for what to expect, but it also shows you whats possible in a very short amount of time.

It’s WAY more jam-packed with info than I would usually do for a blog post, so I put it here for you to download.

3 phases of transforamtion e-book LOTUSWEI flower essences

Get your copy of 3 Phases of Integrated Wellness Through Using Flower Elixirs here

If you have used our flower elixirs before, feel free to comment below about your experiences, so that others can learn from you + be inspired by you!

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI

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May 16, 2018

I have only been taking Quiet Mind and Infinite Love for a few days but I can already tell a difference. I am more patient with my children, more optimistic, and yesterday I spent an entire day camping and beaching with my whole family and I didn’t feel overwhelmed or short-tempered at all, which is a HUGE step for me. I’m already so in love with these little bottles of pure magic.


March 19, 2018

Wow! Annalisa! Your story totally moved us! Black Bat is so special. Thank you so much for sharing this here. May you continue to blossom + advocate for yourself + others. xoxo


March 17, 2018

I’ve just started my slicer, Black Bat Wing ❤ I was drawn to it by the comment that it’s a catalyst for a “spiritual transformation so profound, your family and close friends will not recognize you.” I’ve been working hard in that vein for many years, but there is always more to see, shed, and allow higher qualities to shine. I’ll probably have more to say about that on down the road. But my first experience was this: waking depressed and balking at the thought of work: the same routine, the same result. I begged off and felt guilty. I took my third dose, and soon after, a new attitude took possession of me. I felt relief and eager to declutter and organize and clean my own house! I recreated my two favorite spots in the house by getting rid of what was hanging around useless, and rearranging what I already have into pleasing configurations. At the end of two days and 10 doses, I still feel intense gratitude and relief. Not exactly what I anticipated as a “result”, but I really feel that I was open to whatever came from this energy shared with me, and looking at it clinically, I truly did become my own advocate. I feel tears coming with this realization!!!!


September 26, 2017

You can absolutely take more than one at once! Take a look at this post for more information and things to keep in mind when taking more than one.


March 31, 2017

Hi Kim,
I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch!

I invite you to try another perspective on whether the flower elixirs are helping or not. Often when we first start using flower elixirs, we find ourselves going through upheavals within our lives, as we shake loose the things aren’t really in tune with our highest selves, growth + aspirations. So even though we may think things are as we want them, it’s possible they aren’t in tune with our true, authentic self.

I have a couple of other posts that talk about the phases of transformation, as well as how to deal when things aren’t going as we hoped/expected when using flower elixirs:

Hope this helps, much love and best wishes to you!

Carrie Collins

September 26, 2017


Is it okay to take a few different flower essences at Once? Or should you stick to one essence at a time?



December 27, 2016

Hi Manali ~ So sorry to hear you’re having a difficult first pregnancy. We definitely recommend the Infinite Love collection as support while pregnant ~ good for unconditional love, allaying fears, and not being too hard on oneself. We also have a whole guide to using flower elixirs for motherhood, from pregnancy, birth, infancy, and beyond. Go to to get all the amazing information. Warm wishes and lots of love to you ~ The LOTUSWEI Team


March 28, 2017

Hello. I decided to order and try the mini serums. They are nice. It’s just that since I started using them everything has gone wrong. I found I don’t like the new job I just got and I was so excited about it, too. I haven’t been sick in years and now I feel as if I’m coming down with something big. I’m fighting it as hard as I can. And last, but the most important, I broke up with the man I dearly love. I’m unhappy, heartbroken, and almost sick. I’m not sure what’s gone wrong with me. But, I do enjoy the scent when I put them on. I just wish they would have helped me. ;(

Manali Patel

December 26, 2016

I’m pregnant and am having really bad nausea and vomiting going on and for that am feeling really depressed and sad.
Where I should be happy with my first baby.
Can u recommend any particular product to come over that.
Thank u

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