EP 68: Digging for Root Causes Through Functional Nutrition

January 09, 2019

EP 68: Digging for Root Causes Through Functional Nutrition with Venessa Rodriguez

In this episode, I talk with Venessa Rodriguez about how her Mom’s cancer inspired her devotion to food as medicine. We talk about ancestral nutrition + feeding your wild with some unique approaches to figuring out what to eat in today’s crazy food world + how to get healthier.

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In this episode, we talk about all kinds of things:

  • Functional Nutrition: from disease-centered model to person-centered model

  • From Bandaid for symptoms vs. digging for root issues

  • How her Mom’s cancer inspired her to devotion food as medicine

  • Epigenetics + our power of shift + deactivate our genetic patterns

  • Ancestral Nutrition + role of Akashic Records in healing methods

  • Clearing the clutter as a first step to getting healthy

More about Venessa:

Venessa Rodriguez is a functional nutritionist, intuitive nourishment guide and host of the Feed Your Wild Podcast. Her mission is to support wild-hearted change-makers get to the root cause of their challenges with their health, body, and soul path and awaken their innate healing capacity by reconnecting them to nature and their own medicine through food, spirit, and love. Through her work combining the science + spirituality of food using a functional approach, intuitive guidance with Akashic Records, and ancestral nutrition, Venessa guides her clients through transformative experiences not only within their own health and life but by sharing their gifts with the world.


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