Flower Essences from a Different Point of View

November 14, 2018

EP 59: Flower Essences from a Different Point of View with Katie Hess + Shea Betten

This past Summer we had the most AMAZING intern- Shea Betten. Seriously you guys, this girl is wise beyond her years. We felt so lucky to be able to work with her so closely + grateful for the insight she gave us from such a unique perspective. So ~ In this episode we switched things up a little (yay!). Shea and I traded off asking each other questions!

P.S. We're trying out a new format where I'll be answering questions that YOU send in! Send yours in to podcast@lotuswei.com

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What you'll hear in this episode:
  • Meet our Summer intern Shea!
  • What the LOTUSWEI office is reaaaally like ;)
  • Why teens might be medicating now more than ever
  • How flower essences could change the lives of our future generations


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LinkedIn: Katie Hess
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