Demystifying Pregnancy Past Your 30's

November 07, 2018

EP 58: Demystifying Pregnancy Past Your 30's with Emma Williams + Sharon Fisher

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What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Having babies later in life! What's up with the stigma?
  • Things that could affect your fertility
  • Why you don't need to + shouldn't rush to start a family in your 20's
  • Using the Law of Attraction + other ways to increase your fertility
  • How miscarriages are a commonplace + reasons why society may shy away from talking about them more openly 
  • Why your mentality matters just as much as your physical conditions during the child-bearing journey

Sharon P. Fisher, MS, APRN-BC is board certified as both a psychiatric and adult (primary care) Nurse Practitioner.  She is passionate about helping women reclaim their inner strength. After a long fertility journey, she became a mother at 38. She also currently treats women of all ages at Nurtured Well, LLC in Baltimore, MD 

Emma Williams, MHS is a researcher and writer whose work in women’s health and reproductive health has taken her to various countries in Asia and Africa. She overcame her own fertility challenges, becoming a mother at age 35 and again at age 37. They have been friends for over a decade and have supported each other through major life milestones while building our careers. 

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More on Beyond the Egg Timer:
Beyond The Egg Timer: A Companion Guide For Having Babies In Your Mid-Thirties and Older is an extraordinary collection of first person narratives from women who have entered motherhood later in life coupled with sage advice and pregtiquette. We carefully selected stories representing the three main reasons women delay childbearing: Infertility, indecision, and simply, life.  We then combine the best of science, spirituality, and psychology to offer the reader accurate information and evidence based coping skills. This is a must read for any woman considering motherhood!

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