February 12, 2020

EP 133#: Vulnerability in Business with Seven Teas Founder Jeremy Issakhrian

In this episode I sit down with JeremyIssakhrian, Co-Founder of Seven Teas. We talk about how being vulnerable helped him pivot into his wildly successful tea business. I caught up with Jeremy while he was traveling in a van with his wife Whitney, where he’s growing his tea business by day and enjoying hot springs by night.

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We talk about:

  • How working hard on something and being vulnerable & even being laughed at by an audience changed his business and life for the better
  • How he created a new business out of what he leaned toward in a challenging time
  • What it takes to get and maintain a product line into Whole Foods
  • The joys and challenges of the beverage industry
  • A tour through Seven Teas, what motivated each flavor & what the health benefits are: Tulsi Rose, Gwayusa, Goji HIbiscus Rooibos, Ginseng Matcha, Saffron Mint Gunpowder, Spotted Earl Grey with Honey Lemon, White Peach Oolong with Reishi
  • Running a business as the ninja training camp of rejection and not taking things personally
  • Learning to stay open and curious, even when it’s hard
  • How there’s no job too small when growing a business
  • Entrepreneurship as a personal growth or spiritual practice, not a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Co-founding with his older brother Josh: where they align and when they butt heads
  • His commitment to to health: eliminate citric acid & white processed sugar from beverages
  • The flower essence he took before the interview: hint - has to do with vulnerability
  • The importance of finding what moves you, because it will give you energy to endure the hardship of building a business.
  • Wisdom he learned from his father: not to follow the crowd, how to be a leader, never being too proud to do the smallest job.
  • How to build a great team in your business - slow and steady.
More about Jeremy:

Seven Teas was founded by two brothers, Jeremy and Josh. Their father had his own business, so the boys learned early on -- the value of hard work and no job being too small as a founder. Jeremy traveled the world, studied herbalism, yoga, and when a challenging turn of events steered him away from a previous business, he noticed what he leaned into in moments of challenge -- and built a thriving business around it.


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