September 02, 2019


Intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier is back for another episode of the MOONSHINE series on the #FlowerloungePodcast. We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!

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  • Learning how to stop spinning your wheels
  • Weighing your options + embracing wabi sabi (perfection of imperfection)
  • Getting things done with effortlessness
  • Building strong foundations + cultivating balance
  • Weaving new patterns + fixing what's broken
    Tuesday, September 3: Mars Kazimi

    You may feel overwhelmed or finding yourself getting stuck in the rabbit holes of perfection. Instead of creating a 10-page to-do list, keep pulling back to the big picture + choose three main priorities to focus on

    Motto of the week: “Being imperfect is sexy.”

    Weekend of September 6-8: Moon in Capricorn, Saturn in Pluto + Sun Jupiter Square

    Things might feel heavy, like there's extra pressure holding you down. You may experience power struggles or have the sense that people are not telling you the truth. You may feel overwhelmed, busy with no clear path, confusion or stuck in the mucky muck. Resist getting into too much mind churn. Cows chew, chew, chew - try not to do that. Take a break + loosen up. 

    Tuesday, September 10: Sun + Neptune Opposition

    Sun + Neptune have an opposition, which means that things will feel blurry and confusing and our vitality may feel a bit drained.

    Sun in Virgo makes us feel like: Get work done!
    Neptune in Pisces feels like: Time to relax, dream, escape.

    FULL MOON in Pisces on Saturday, September 14

    This Full Moon is a great time to review what has happened since the New Moon in Pisces six months ago on March 6th. What were you putting into place during that time that has now come to fruition? 


    • Dive into your meditation practice {check out this meditation program if you want to explore new techniques + methods to expand your mindful awareness toolkit}

    • Spend time by the water. Get in a lake, ocean, your bathtub.

    Saturday, September 14: Venus Enters Libra

    As Venus moves into Libra, you can let go of Virgo obsession + feel more harmony, balance + equilibrium. Let go of the need to overdo things.

    If you’ve been working really hard, take a break. 

    If you’ve been slacking, get it together. ; )

    Saturday, September 14: Mercury Moves into Libra

    Mercury moves into Libra until Oct 3rd, which will bring more harmony and diplomacy into communications. Sometimes Virgo can get really critical, which is what we may have been experiencing earlier in the month. 

    With Virgo, we are weaving the sacred. We have a vision that helps us move things forward. We are being of service, but sometimes the implementation is hard because things don’t always go our way or we aren't perfect. 

    Embrace wabisabi, the perfection of imperfection! 

    Wednesday, September 18: Saturn Stations Direct

    BYOB - bring your own boss! No more ruminating.

    Embody this: "I’m the boss of my situation. I know where I’m focusing. I've gotten clear on what I’m building. I’m in charge. I’m not giving my authority to anyone else."

    Whatever we started at year’s end of 2017, we are at the midway point of our dream/plan. Dec 2020 is the end.  

    What are you taking charge of this week that will bring your vision into fruition?

    Wednesday September 18: Mercury in Libra squares chiron in Aries

    You may feel pulled into a tendency to be self-critical. Old wounds may activate, but again, you. are. the. boss.

    No more getting stuck in the nitty gritty details ... you built a foundation, now step on it.

    Thursday, September 19: Mars Pluto Trine

    Work hard, get out of your own way + get it done. Put on some louuud music if it helps.

    September 20-22: Squares 

    This weekend is a big time of reflection. There may be heavy energy in the mind or you may feel at a crossroads or confused which direction to go.

    Jupiter in Sagittarius wants the truth; Neptune in Pisces wants the dream. There may be fanaticism tensions, but it’s an opportunity to see what’s real and move through the blocks that are keeping you from bringing your dreams to fruition without going into fantasy.

    Where do you dream too big?
    Where do you hold back?
    What’s a fantasy?
    What's real?

    Now is the time to take your dreams + put them into action.

    Monday, September 23: Equinox + Sun moving into Libra

    Libra energy shifting, meaning there will be a shift in focus towards generosity, fairness, justice - which is a nice change from neurosis.

    Bringing the Virgo-Pisces polarity into balance is a focus during this Equinox. 

    Virgo is so detailed and Pisces is so vast. Dive off the diving board + get into the mess of it all - it's actually your quirks that make you really interesting.

    Sometimes we don’t show up unless something is perfect ... which actually holds us back from being seen. Trying to be perfect is self-sabotage! Come back to the wabi sabi quality we were talking about earlier in the month.


    This week the Sun changes signs, but the Moon is waning, which can be draining on your energy, but there are a lot of four leaf clover ‘sextiles’, which are little hidden treasures woven in the fabric of your life.

    NEW MOON in Libra on September 28

    Libra New Moon means a beautiful fresh start! Build new foundations to stand on, make wishes + intentions (especially around partnerships + business relationships), and look at your own relationship with yourself. Libra can tend toward people-pleasing + self-sacrifice. Look at that kind of dynamic internally ... where do you let yourself down in order to keep things pretty + in order + to not rock the boat?

    Remember that harmony is an inside job + external friction is often a reflection of something that you do in a really subtle way. Explore this + observe what you find.


    • Go look at art. Take a walk down the street + look at street art, or go to a museum. 
    • Freshen up your bedroom + change your bed sheets to a color that feels luxurious.
    • Buy fresh flowers or a new plant or succulent.

    To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:

    Fierce Compassion Collection: This heart-healing blend of flower essences is for  unconditional love, appreciation of things just as they are, healing emotional wounds of the heart (including feelings of loss, betrayal, resentment, and abandonment) and an overall envelopment of precious care for ourselves + others.

    Star Flower Elixir in the Flowerevolution ProgramStar Flower is native to the Sonoran Desert; I collected the essence under a desert moon and starlight. Star Flower allows us to not only recognize our special qualities, but to share them with the world. It helps us be fully comfortable with the best aspects of ourselves; to embody our inherent magic, beauty + radiance. By recognizing our own innate preciousness, we are able to honor the preciousness of everything + everyone else. It dissolves any fears of being in the spotlight, and fear of our own greatness.\

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