Experiencing Death as Beautiful

January 09, 2018

EP 13: Experiencing Death as Beautiful with Robin Sandomirsky

Robin's favorite childhood flower + 3 words she used to describe it: 
Queen Anne's Lace: Ethereal. Grace. Clear

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Robin Sandomirsky is the luminary intuitive, life cartographer, and medicine keeper of  Soyala. She works from the cozy embrace of stroke of luck cottage in small town New England. Robin is an active single mama to two littles and a small collection of four-legged light bringers. Her main work is collaborative one on one luminary transformation sessions. She is also currently creating and holding her newest invitation, death medicine keepers project and circle. Robin is the co-creator of liberated lines and intuit & inspire. She is also currently writing a book of story and poetry based on her experiences taking care of her best friend and soul sister who died of breast cancer in July 2017.

When robin is not working or writing you find her chasing light, exploring natural movement, making out with the forest, and alchemizing in her kitchen. Equally unafraid of primal coffee, green smoothies, and whiskey straight up, Robin is deeply inspired to hold space for quiet and love living loud.

Death Medicine Keepers Project: "We will all die. Every living being that we know and love will die. It is the most certain part of this life. and yet, as i deepened my intimacy with death, i found myself surrounded by a culture not quite able to help me see the beauty and grace. or the complexities of tending and grieving. or the ways we remain connected." Click here to learn more + become a part of the Death Medicine Keepers Project

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Staying more connected to your sense of freedom
  • Using communication and compassion to turn life's difficult transitions into a beautiful process
  • How death of the ones you love can teach you how to live
  • Navigating your internal + external landscapes
  • How being a caregiver can be a gift
Connect with Robin Sandomirsky:
Instagram: @Robin.Soyala
Visit her website!

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