September 25, 2019


In this episode, I speak with luminary intuitive Robin Sandomirsky about the single most important practice she teaches people and business: how to make friends with the scary parts of yourself and how to liberate old habits that hold you back, using self-compassion, pure awareness and embodiment practices.

There are very few people I trust implicitly with the most important things in life. I trust Robin 100%. I would send any client, family or friend her way - for authentic ah-ah moments and opening up their mind for what's possible for them.

If you love this episode, we've previously interviewed Robin on the podcast in episode #13 + #86!

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We talk about:

  • What it is like to work with her in 1:1 sessions + business coaching
  • Her approach of working with our "operating system" ~ all the pieces and parts of ourselves that's created through ancestors, past + present life experiences, and during childhood that create the beliefs we have of the world
  • Using physical cues to determine if you are in awake awareness or disconnected from your real self
  • Instructions on her "Oh, Hello!" practice to inform when you may be operating from past perceptions that may not be real
  • The importance of having an accountability partner in your life to help you achieve awakening
  • Collective consciousness + how we're all currently working through the themes of financial scarcity
More about ROBIN:

Robin Sandomirsky, of Soyala, is a luminary intuitive and spiritual guide. Through her work, Robin supports our most profound and graceful embodied awakening, with a feminine creative energy. For over 18 years, Robin has been teaching and facilitating practices that to tend to internal landscapes so we can experience the shifts we are yearning for in our lives. She offers collaborative one on one luminary transformation sessions for personal and business, as well as small group work and business packages. Robin is based in New England where she is a single mom to two children and a handful of furry companions.

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