May 09, 2018

EP 30: MOONSHINE LUNAR FORECAST with Kristina Wingeier 

This is the fourth episode of our MOONSHINE series, where we invite intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier to share her wisdom by providing us with a full lunar report (complete with a quick-reference cosmic calendar, breakdown of themes we can expect + luna-inspired rituals). Interested in how this all can be connected to flowers? We get into that too. ; )

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Lunar Cycle:May 15th - June 12th

The themes for this lunar cycle: grounding, adaptation, big visioning = radical shifts + shake-up of values.

New Moon in Taurus: Tuesday, May 15th

This New Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus in Gemini. Remember all the inspirations from the previous lunar cycle last month? This new moon is all about grounding into + integrating the insights we've gained through exploration with play, inner child work, depth of values + aligning with the things that light us up!

New Moon in Taurus will have us investigating:

  • the innate wisdom of the body
  • our relationship with nature
  • our ability deepen into our 6 senses
  • values + self worth
  • current financial situations + quality of resources
  • expressions of appreciation + gratitude

The shadow side of Taurus includes stubbornness, possessiveness, attachment + stagnation + resistance to change ... so watch for these themes to take center stage this week.

Friendly astro-warning: you may feel lots of pressure to change with the all of the planetary shifts this week. Several planets are moving into different signs:

  • Uranus ingress into Taurus after 7+ years in Aries
  • Mars ingress into Aquarius (retrograde territory)
  • Venus ingress into Cancer (5/19)
  • Sun ingress into Gemini (5/20)

If you are feeling destabilized by all the change, consider taking a pace that is sustainable. Slow down, look to nature for support and connect with your 6 senses. Tend to the body.

  • Try a somatic (physical body) meditation > here's an 7-minute Body Scan meditation I recommend listening to before naps or bedtime!
  • Explore Abayanga massage with Inner Peace Serum. More about this practice here.
  • Set up a massage for the weekend or a day trip or a hot tub. Find a way into balancing the extremes this weekend, setting up for the First Q Moon in Virgo on Monday. Adaptation. 
  • Check-in with daily health habits. If you're really looking to cut the crap + reclaim vitality, here's what we recommend starting with: cut out the 3 whites: white flour, white sugar + dairy, and when buying animal products, look for grass-fed meat + pasture-raised eggs.
First Quarter Moon in Virgo: Monday, May 21st

First Quarter Moon in Virgo will inspire mind expansion + big-picture visioning. It's a powerful time to start getting good systems in place and create habits + patterns that support your health + wellness.

Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces this week ~ so prep yourself for deep emotions + intuitive abilities, and watch out for amplified delusion + obsession.

  • Make hydration a fun priority! Add Shower of Orchids flower elixir to your water bottle to help tune into your innate wisdom, buy a gorgeous water bottle that you want to take with you everywhere, or infuse your water with fruits/veggies + herbs! You can even get really wild + drink straight from a coconut! ; )
  • Explore the benefits of meal planning or look into getting a healthy meal subscription service. You can also see if any of your local farmers offer a CSA. 
  • Look at your goals you put into place at the beginning of the year + see where you're at. Give yourself credit for everything you've already achieved! Course correct where you need to + set up the systems that will help you get closer to your goals. Take advantage of the intuitive magic of this time + create mid-year vision board.
Full Moon in Sagittarius: Tuesday, May 29th

Ruled by Jupiter, the Full Fire Moon in Sagittarius will remind us of the importance of adventure + travel, spiritual awakening/mind expansion + Truth with a capital T. This is the time to focus on the big picture of your vision + consider how your actions will have a lasting impact.  Sag is an Archer ~ so dream big, take aim + fire.

And with light, there is of course always shadow. During the week, there may be a tendency to take short cuts, make assumptions or communicate bluntly. Slow down + consider the ripple effect of your actions. 

  • If you live in the States, take full advantage of the long holiday weekend. Tap into your adventurous side + be spontaneous with your plans. Open yourself up to a new experience!
  • Seek a mentor / be a mentor. Reach out to someone you admire and ask for a mentoring session. Know someone who could benefit from your expertise? Offer a free 1 hour mentoring session over coffee or Skype!
  • Lots of energy and you don’t know what to do with it? Explore movement. Go outside + deepen into your intuitive powers. Move around or sit against a tree, ask a question + see what insights arise.

Fun luminary fact: The Sun + the Moon are both conjunct a Royal, or fixed, star at this Full Moon.

In astrology, the Royal Stars of Persia are Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. They were regarded as the guardians of the sky in approximately 3000 BCE during the time of the Ancient Persians in the area of modern-day Iran. The Persians believed that the sky was divided into four districts with each district being guarded by one of the four Royal Stars. The stars were believed to hold both good and evil power and the Persians looked upon them for guidance in scientific calculations of the sky, such as the calendar and lunar/solar cycles, and for predictions about the future.

2 of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia involved in this Full Moon:

  • Sun in Gemini conjunct Aldebaran ~ Eye of the Bull. Principle: Integrity at all times. Honesty without being an asshole, especially with communications.

  • Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Antares ~ Heart of the Scorpion. Principle: Obsessive passion. Observe emotional turmoil without getting caught up in the narrative or shadow projection.

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces: Wednesday, June 6th

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces will guide you in dissolving any obstacles that are holding you back. The Sun + Mercury in Gemini want logic and reason in contrast to the Moon + Neptune in Pisces which wants to daydream the day away. Feel your way into the darkness of this last week of the lunar cycle, releasing self-deceptions as you go.

  • What fears or limitations are you ready to dissolve? Write them down on a piece of paper (these could be inherited from family, culture + society, or ones you personally struggle with). Burn the paper + visualize these patterns dissolving from your reality.
  • Embody the water sign + soak in a hot bath. Allow yourself to fall into a dreamy state, with the intention that when you get out, you'll be able to embrace the craziness of life + move through any obstacles with effortless fluidity + intuitive strength.
  • Gently roll Full Bloom Anointing Oil on your wrists. Visualize any obstacles, fears, or limitations towards realizing your full potential, effortlessly dissolving. Embrace openness, fearlessness + purification of limitations, from the inside – out!

We've curated a collection of flower essences to help you harness the energies of this Lunar Cycle {May 15th New Moon in Taurus - June 12th}. Regain your own natural balance and clarity. Get into your body, spend time in nature, spend time with people you feel a natural connection with.


  • Shower of Orchids Flower Elixir: Innate wisdom,'what’s my contribution, value, purpose,' making a mark, 'being' instead of 'knowing.' Deep listening, insights, patient presence, regal/elegant/wise. Dissolves doubts about purpose, feeling not good enough
  • Inner Peace Serum: Use in abyangha practice for patience, peace + grounding - release pressure, magnify ease, feel like a mountain. Cultivate adaptability. Calm during changes. {Shift from one part of your life to another}
  • Full Bloom Anointing Oil: Openness, fearlessness + purification of limitations from the inside - out. Dissolve illusions, negativity, fear + attachment.

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