Working Through the Light and Shadows of Your Life

January 30, 2018

EP 16: Working Through the Light and Shadows of Your Life with Intuitive Astrologer Kristina Wingeier

Kristina's favorite childhood flower + 3 words she used to describe it: 
PEONY: Open. Multi-Layered. Welcoming

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Kristina is a lunar loving, sun worshiping, skywatching astrologer, keeping time with moon/tide in Pismo Beach, CA. Her body of work is anchored in the divine feminine, the exploration of cosmic time and the natural rhythms of lunar & seasonal living. Multi-perceptual listening allows me to give voice to unseen realms, offering guidance and support in navigating the ebbs & flows of life.

Things that bring Kristina joy are: the ocean, birdsong, the moon, plants, travel, books, music, silence, kundalini yoga, embodiment practices, dancing, walking in nature, photography & getting creative in the kitchen.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Setting your intentions
  • The importance of understanding your natal chart
  • Working through the light + shadows of your life
  • The real power of words
  • Upcoming major energy shifts in 2018
  • The role of interpretation in Astrology
  • Venus retrograde VS. Mars retrograde
  • Restructuring into the divine feminine for the new year

Connect with Kristina Wingeier:  
Instagram: @KristinaWingeier
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