October 20, 2017

i sat in meditation ~ extra long time
unraveling my eyes
into the rustling
tree leaves
in front of me
this simultaneous
of all the micro movements
of every leaf
in all the periphery
around me
my eyes rest on one point
but they relax open to
see everything
all at once
even the linen curtain
next to me
swaying gently
in the breeze
of the ceiling fan
my legs are crossed
and I can feel a tension in my hips
but the longer
I unravel my eyes + mind
the more the tension
feels good
and my lips relax
breathing deepened
fully different bodily sensation
there are instant rewards
that are mere side effects
of the more profound
unraveling process
and if people knew how truly simple
it was (not easy, but simple)
we might all be
spending more time
sitting quietly
freeing ourselves
from samsara.



Love + flower petals, katie hess