October 19, 2017

Several years ago at an impromptu women’s retreat, I met some amazing women. One of these women was Kristina Wingeier.

I have loved watching her astrology practice grow + evolve over time. She shares wonderful regular audio recordings of astrological updates, along with moon phase + planetary-wisdom.

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Kristina has a deep connection with flowers + plants. Recently we’ve been talking about how certain flowers embody qualities of the planets + how fascinating that overlap is. I love the way she explains what’s going on in the world + highlights important elements that shine through in your personal astrology chart. And I want to share her with you!

Meet Kristina ~ a fiercely compassionate, truth-telling ally who is not afraid of the dark and who will remind you of your light ...

Kristina Wingeier astrologer lotuswei flower essences

What is your favorite flower + 3 words to describe its personality?

One of my favorite flowers is jasmine. She is sultry, mysterious and relaxing.

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How does nature influence your work?

I am in constant conversation and reception with nature. I watch the animals, the sky, the plants, the tides, the shifting of the seasons. I engage with all of my senses and am deeply attuned to the messages that are brought my way each day by the natural world. My recent move near the ocean means that I am getting an immersion in tidal rhythms and how different moon phases change the tides. Nature deepens my relationship to myself and my work and is a constant inspiration for me.

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Why are you doing what you’re doing? What’s the main message you want people to get from your work in the world?

I want to help folks understand that ebbs and flows are a natural part of life. All parts of your experience are important, both the light and the dark. Learning how to integrate all the different aspects of your being without judgement leads to true compassion for self and others. I do this in many different ways, depending on the person I’m working with. Astrology is a beautiful tool for understanding your own psyche, both the way it creates your current reality as well as the larger mythos of your story.

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How have you taken health + happiness into your own hands?

I was thrown into the mental health world at a young age, receiving a diagnosis that was like a scarlet letter on my soul. For many years I felt captive by my mind and my mood states, adrift on a sea of emotional swings. Becoming a mother was a catalyst for me to re-claim myself. I consciously chose to address my diagnosis by diving into the alternative healing world, using herbs, essential oils, flower essences, bodywork, energy work, nutrition, movement and in the last few years, a daily kundalini yoga practice. Actively choosing to take responsibility for bringing myself to a more centered place, without denying the depths of my emotional self, has brought me so many gifts and the ability to live from a place of joy even when I’m facing my darkest moments.

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How does your work relate to mindful awareness? What rituals or exquisite practices do you do that trigger more awareness in you?

I help people become more attuned and in tune with cosmic cycles of time in a very practical way. The lunar cycle is a primary teaching tool for embodying the rhythms of cyclical time. Lunar calendars are of course a wonderful way to learn, but mostly I think going outside and looking for the Moon in the sky is the deeper teaching. It requires presence because she is always changing; her shape, brightness and location in the sky changes each day. And yet, there is rhythm there if you tune in, consistency within inconsistency.

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My current mindfulness ritual happens every morning after my Sadhana. I walk out my front door, across the street to a bench above the ocean. I watch the color come in the sky as the sun rises behind me. I greet the Moon, if she is around, as well as any planets and stars. I watch the tide, noticing what cycle the ocean is in at that moment. Is she rising or falling? What is the quality of her movement today? I listen to the waves advancing and retreating on the shore, feeling their movement in my pulse and in my breath. Each day this practice anchors me in time and space while expanding my consciousness. I am deeply grateful to be able to engage with the ocean in this way.

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How has curiosity, discovery + magic played a role in your life’s work?

Curiosity is hard-wired into my being. When I follow my innate need for learning new things I discover ideas for classes & offerings that my logical mind wouldn’t be able to come up with on it’s own. Magic is the secret spice to living a life where work can become a co-creative experience with the universe.

Here’s a little story about how that magic looks in my life: Each year on New Year’s Day I take note of the first bird I notice. This year (2017) it was a turkey vulture. Later that month I was driving down to visit my partner in San Luis Obispo. I needed to decide if I wanted to sell our house in the SF Bay Area and move there because she had taken a job down there the previous fall.

LOTUSWEI flower essences turkey vulture

When I took the exit off the freeway I immediately saw a turkey vulture. In fact, that weekend I saw turkey vultures EVERYWHERE. In groups, on the ground, flying around, on the wires. It was wild! That was the sign that I needed to move. I didn’t do any research about anything—I just visited one weekend and said yes because it was pretty and well, the turkey vultures. Now I’m living across the street from the ocean in Pismo Beach—something that never entered my mind as a possibility because logic told me that it would be out of our price range—because I chose to follow the turkey vultures south.

Name 3 flowers + what planets they remind you of:

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1. Peony reminds me of Venus. Both resonate sensual beauty and sweet magnetism.

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2. Bamboo reminds me of Jupiter with its rapid growth and ability to make the impossible possible.

LOTUSWEI flower essences royal poinciana

3. Royal Poinciana reminds me of Mars. The fiery colors of the blossoms say action! I love that it has the ability to enhance confidence in asking for what you want in life.

What kind of insights do your clients get when they have a better understanding of the different energetic signature of each moon phase?

Understanding the lunar cycle and energetic signature of each Moon phase helps my clients get a clearer understanding of their own energy flows. It also gives them a heads up on the temperature or flavor of the day, and what times of the month might be more beneficial to engage in certain activities so that they are working with the energy present instead of against it.

As with everything I encourage my clients to hold the lunar cycle with a loose hand and not to get obsessed about the “right” things to do at different times of the cycle. Ultimately, becoming familiar with the phases of the moon helps build more trust with your intuition and instinctual knowing. The Moon is the original timekeeper, rocking the planet and therefore humans with her waxing and waning. Lunar rhythms are encoded in our blood and bones.

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I’ve heard some companies plan their activities around moon phases. Can you describe how that may be of benefit to businesses?

Those are smart companies! First of all, working with the moon phases would help to focus the energy of the team with the energy of cosmos. The lunar cycle is a beautiful template to actively assess short-termed goals that support the bigger vision or wider time frame, i.e. a fiscal year. Assigning certain tasks to different Moon phases could increase productivity since employees will be working with the energy already present.

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Talk more about the Lunar Transmission recordings you do.

Astrology can get really confusing, really fast. I try to break down complex astrological concepts into language that is useful and applicable in your life by creating audios for the four main lunar phases: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon. I talk about the astro-energetics of the upcoming week, grounded in where the Moon is traveling in the zodiac. I speak to both how the Luminaries (Sun and Moon) and other planetary bodies are impacting the collective as well as how the energy might be showing up in your life. Get Kristina's Lunar Transmissions in your inbox here.

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When we launched our new Flowerevolution Card Deck, I invited Kristina to join me on a live call to introduce it to our community. She has used card decks in her practice for many years, and I was curious about different + unexpected ways of how she would use the flower deck.

I am so impressed with how her work aligns with the flowers that we decided to collaborate! Many of you have reached out asking for consultations, more direction in what flower elixirs to take or simply a reflection of what’s going on in your life. In so many ways, the flowers act as mirrors for us—illuminating what’s fresh + emerging within us.

We are now offering a unique service with Kristina through LOTUSWEI! She will use the new flower card deck in conjunction with your unique cosmic blueprint {your natal chart} to guide you through the unfoldment of your inherent wisdom and beauty.

Love + flower petals,

katie hess LOTUSWEI flower essences