August 08, 2022

Special highlights from our time in Austin ...

Being able to bring people into our inner world for the very first time.

In Austin we had a HUGE airbnb - lots of space, a big backyard and a pool. We invited friends into our space & developed the most exquisite welcome experience for ceremonies & sessions. Inviting people into our sacred space was a first that we’ll all remember.

Flower Flash Mob on the Bat Bridge at Dusk

Every now and then we have a surplus of flowers from the event … handing out flowers to strangers is so fun — and also a great practice in handling rejection!

Gifting beautiful flowers to strangers on the street brings some people huge smiles & deep connection. Some people feel seen & appreciated. Others immediately say no & reject the offer. For the ones who say no, I wonder to myself … What else are you saying no to?

More photos from the Flower Flash Mob here.

First time we offered Private Ceremonies for couples!

Four of us practitioners [Taylor, myself, Alan (Chinese Medicine), Alison (founder of Wisdom Nectar)] worked on each couple at the same time.

What a way to experience the creative potential of a community & feel what it’s like when we support each other.

Seeing the couples’ faces during the flower rituals was exhilarating – I loved to see them reach out & kiss each other without hesitation.

One couple said it felt like their honeymoon all over again.

Austin Ripple the Void Flowerlounge

Austin Flower Offering

On one of our final days in Austin, we went to the riverside at 7am to watch the sunrise & do a flower offering with a very special group of people.

After sharing a practice that is very dear to the entire Flowerlounge team -- one that we've been waking up early to do together every morning for the last several months -- we made wishes & threw flower love bombs into the water.

More photos from the flower offering here.

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Love + flower petals,
Katie & the Flowerlounge Team