April 19, 2023

This is where I collected the Self Heal flower essence. It was growing in this magical Icelandic landscape ... next to a secret hot springs beside a cold glacial river.⁠

I want to share 2 ways you can explore using this flower as a flower elixir.

First, let's look at the historical use of Self Heal as an herb. In TCM, Self Heal is known as the quintessential herb that changes the course of a chronic illness. When you introduce this herb, everything changes.

As a flower essence, Self Heal has historically been known as the flower essence that's most helpful when someone's been sick for a long time—someone who has a chronic illness and is worn down/exhausted/dang tired of fighting whatever imbalance their body has .... to the point where they want to just give up. Self Heal comes in with this sense of determination & gives people the will to live.

While it is SUPER helpful in this case, there's also two other ways you can explore this flower elixir: ⁠

1) When we look at our modern lifestyle, it's fast paced & full of technology. We have never-ending to-do lists that we can never catch up with. Our nervous systems are shot, exhausted or burnt out.

So one of the ways we can use Self Heal, is to help us NOURISH ourselves—DEEPLY.

It helps us take more time for self-care, know the precise timing of when to take a break, and when to give ourselves the space for self healing to occur.

People often say that they effortlessly start drinking more water or start eating on time when they're taking this elixir.

2) The second way you can use Self Heal is to break cycles. In the same way that we can use Self Heal as an herb to interrupt the pattern of a chronic illness, we can use the flower essence to interrupt emotional & mental patterns—to break cycles that we have been enacting or that have been lodged in our DNA makeup that affect how we behave from day to day.

Some patterns we're aware of ... and some we're not. In either case, Self Heal comes in to break up those cycles & interrupt those patterns.

The question that I'll leave you with to contemplate today is ::

What cycles or patterns do you have that you would love to break through?

To work with this flower as a flower essence, you can take it as a single elixir, or it's also found in our Sacred Body Collection.

Love + flower petals,