April 11, 2023

One of the most common questions we get is:

Are flower essences safe to take during pregnancy?

Flower essences are absolutely safe for pregnancy ~ and we highly recommend pregnant mamas to use them!

Studies show that maternal stress has measurable effects on the fetus, and some experts believe that how babies experience the womb affects their development later in life.

When mothers experience less stress, more love and deep peace during pregnancy, their babies experience those same positive states of mind.

Using flower elixirs during this special stage of your life can help eliminate fears about giving birth, enhance bonding and intimacy, calm and soothe the nerves, decrease birthing stress for both mom and baby, increase confidence, and help you sleep more deeply.

Flower elixirs may be taken at any stage of pregnancy - there are no limits or precautions because they are so diluted.

There are no plant parts in the liquid infusion (just the bioenergetic imprint, or lifeforce of the flower), so the precautions that that are taken with herbs and essential oils during pregnancy do not apply. 

Some women think that when they are pregnant, they have to stop taking flower essences internally. This is not true! Flower essences are perfectly safe to be ingested both during & after pregnancy. We only say not to give elixirs to kids directly until they are 1 year of age (because of the honey).

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For ideas on how to use flower essences for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond ... check out this massively informative guide we created just for mamas!

We also sat down with a midwife in our community to learn more about how flower essences can be used in the birthing realm!

Midwife Rachel Flynn talks about:

  • Her experience with flower essences & how Infinite Love changed her relationship with her own mother
  • The common fears women face during pregnancy, labor & birth
  • How flower essences support the "death process" that occurs during labor
  • The net effect of using flower essences to dissolve mama's stress when the baby is in the womb
  • How she uses flower essences while supporting mothers in the birthing process
  • The role of 'unseen' magic in the birthing realm -- flower essences, sound healing, motherly love, etc.

Pregnancy is a pretty big transition for a woman & her body, and flower essences are here to support all mamas and mamas-to-be on this beautiful journey!

Love & flower petals,