October 26, 2020


Radiance Orchid teaches us how to release tension and resistance around loss. It dissolves fear of getting hurt, missing out on something or separation/abandonment. When we let go of denial or fighting reality, we experience total acceptance of the way things are -- without grasping or clinging. This flower essence helps us release money worries, relationship angst, and sadness in the grief/loss process, while magnifying an embodied state of love. 


Nourish your heart & support your divine expression with Sacred Heart. Infused with 9 flower remedies for profound self-support resilience, contentment & belonging, it helps us soften into the present moment and elicit poignant beauty despite change or transition.


Have you recently felt any of the following:
  • Have you recently felt a sense of loss? Or have you experienced loss or separation from loved ones?
  • Do you find yourself reminiscing about the way life was before or a past experience you had?
  • Have any of your relationships suffered as a result of polarizing views?
  • Is your body out of shape or imbalanced in some way?
  • Do you sometimes behave like everything is normal, when something is actually bothering you?
  • Do you have financial worries or fear about the future?


If you’re attracted to the Radiance Orchid (Anacheilium fragrans) you may have had fears of getting hurt or left behind. You may have experienced loss or have been separated with a love relationship, family or friend.

Angst or worries about money, love, not being enough or missing something may cause you to feel grumpy or go into hiding. Deep down there may be a situation you are fighting reality or in denial about something because it feels too insurmountable or painful (<---- and this can also apply to 2020 events & situations).

You may long for things to be a certain way, yet it feels impossible to attain that vision, which can lead you to feel shut down or self-protective. You may behave as if everything is just fine, when in fact, there is something bothering you under the surface.


Activate: Highest vision
Message: You are love.

Radiance Orchid inspires total self-acceptance and acceptance of life as it is without wishing to change it.

In situations of loss, we may miss or long for a loved one, but there is no longer any grasping, clinging or wanting to control the outcomes. It’s not about “letting go” or “releasing” the person/loved one. It’s about releasing the tension around it.

We resist releasing attachments, because we think that we will keep loved ones as a part of our lives. However, in the release of resistance to loss, we’re finally able to tune in to everything around us and feel a deep relief & sense of being at home in the world.

We develop an understanding that: when we let go of something, we are not letting go of the ‘thing’ or the person, we are letting go of the attachment and clinging. The moment we let go of our fear of loss/pain, and we are ready to face it head-on, it dissolves. We can experience deep peace and acceptance.

Radiance Orchid also amplifies our self-love & self-acceptance — we feel at home in our own bodies. Shame dissolves and our body image or the perception we have of our physical form softens. When we’ve made friends with ourselves, there is nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to protect, nothing to lose.

We feel a deep ease without having to try so hard. We don’t need to chase things. We no longer feel like we’re missing the boat. There’s no FOMO, fears or what if’s about the future. We can allow people and opportunities to come to us in right timing vs. trying so hard to make things happen.



Radiance Orchid grows on trees in tropical rain forests from Mexico to Brazil. Its fragrance is heady and floral; the shape of the flower resembles an angel with wings.


One full moon in November, I was traveling through northern Costa Rica. I drove round the bend in the jungle and spotted the huge golden moon rising from the horizon. I noted the full moon and realized it had been one year since I had lost someone I loved deeply. After one year of inner work around it, I had felt like I’d pretty much let it go, but also discovered that in fact there was a deeper layer of resistance to fully accepting the loss. I had accepted the separation, but there was a part of me that was in denial.

We stayed for a night at a secluded airbnb with a fellow named Tonio, who gave us a tour of his wild garden.

He brought us out to local meals, introduced us to organic cacao farmers, plucked tropical fruits for our breakfast and showed us incredible tenderness and care.

We noticed a huge bunch of white, angel-shaped orchids growing from one of the trees in the garden and we asked him if we could make an essence of it.

During the collection and all the rest of that night, I was blown away by the sense of wild freedom the flower offered me. I felt a profound acceptance of my situation, and inseparability with everything around me.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Profound acceptance of life as it is; Wild freedom & fearless self-sufficiency; Motherly love & protection; Surrender, vulnerability, inseparability; Highest vision of yourself as a divinely inspired, spiritual being

DISSOLVES: Angst around loss or separation; Money or love worries, not enough-ness; Fear of pain or abandonment; Grasping, attachment, control, denial

MISCELLANEOUS: Nourishes the lungs by releasing sadness; helpful during the dying/death/loss/grief process; total surrender acceptance of the loss of a loved one


Along with being one of the flowers featured in the Sacred Heart Collection, Radiance Orchid is also available as a single elixir.

Because each flower has its own unique specialty, single flower elixirs can target very specific patterns. The effects of single flower elixirs are often more subtle, yet they go deeper, hitting the bullseye. While it may take longer to discern the shifts taking place, the effects can be profound.


Love + flower petals,