June 26, 2024

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Discouraged
  • Challenged by life
  • Fear of losing your way
  • Influenced by others to go astray
  • Sense of harsh conditions
  • Loose on what your priorities are
  • Fear of going off the rails


If you feel drawn to the Nepali Daphne, a part of you is challenged by life. At times you might be inspired by all the opportunities; yet other times you fall into discouragement. You may feel a bit rebellious, or worry that you’ll fall off path. You may be too influenced by others, who do not have the same rock solid conviction that you have about what you want to accomplish in life.

You may feel wary or fear getting lost or losing your way. You may have a sense that you’re enduring harsh conditions or not totally supported in your endeavors. You may have a sense that you don’t know what’s next.

What happens when you ask yourself: Would you like to be bolder? What’s your answer? In what ways would you like to be bolder? Write them down. Strap on your boots & get in the saddle.



Activate: Boldness
Message: I am solid as a rock in my devotion.

Nepali Daphne (Daphne bholua) harnesses our conviction in what we believe, and what’s most important to us in our life. When we feel like we’re losing our way, this elixir brings us immediately back to our commitments. It gives us the strength to be fiercely devotional to ourselves, our vision and what we believe in. And it pushes us to be more bold, bold, BOLD!

Nepali Daphne will steadily poke, prod and stimulate us to be bolder! To go after what we want. To be clear on our highest priorities. To harness our power, strength and dedication, and channel it into whatever we’re up to that is most righteous, virtuous and life-changing. It clarifies our path, again and again. It brings us back to center, back to our core, back to what’s the most profound purpose we have on this planet.



Known in Nepal as Lokta or लोकता, the Nepali Daphne flower is an evergreen shrub with wildly fragrant flowers that grows in the mountains between 5000-13,000 feet of elevation. An unassuming 4-petaled white flower with tinges of pink, its fragrance rivels jasmine & get this: its flower blooms in late winter!

The bark of Daphne is what’s used to make Lokta paper. To this day, Lokta paper is still made because of its superior resistance to tearing, humidity, mildew or bugs. The oldest sample of handmade paper is over 1000-2000 years old, featuring a Buddhist text now held in the Kathmandu national archives.

Today, the Lokta handmade paper industry is growing 15% each year. The Lokta paper industry provides sustainable revenue to rural Nepali women for paper that lasts almost 4000 years! Even though Lokta paper was originally only used for government or spiritual documents, it’s now used for making prayer flags, book bindings, wallpaper, boxes for incense & spices, restaurant menus and even clothing! Watch a video on Lokta paper here!

This Lokta flower essence was collected at an auspicious place in the mountains with a sacred spring (that was freezing mid-air, because it was so cold), said to have been created by Padmasambhava, the legendary Indian mystic & yogi who introduced Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th century.

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Conviction in our commitments; Strength to be fierce & sharp; Boldness & wild expression; Devotion to what’s most important

DISSOLVES: Losing our way; Unclear priorities; Harsh conditions or discouragement; Influenced by others - taken off the path


Love + flower petals,