June 25, 2024

As part of releasing our new flower essence blend, Awakened Understanding into the world, we gathered with our network of flower freaks on zoom for a teaching on flowers for loving yourself more! It was so fun!

Click here to watch the replay!

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To learn more about the flowers (& methods to love yourself more) ~ jump to 31:00.

The exercises at the end are my favorite ~ minute marker 49:00.

Speed journaling questions:

  1. What do you try to protect others from? What do you try to protect yourself from?
  2. What do you avoid seeing in yourself? What’s something you’re embarrassed about– something you don’t really want to look at?
  3. When do you feel shy to speak the truth? When are the moments, maybe in the last year, when you’ve felt shy to speak the truth?
  4. What is it that you’re afraid of being judged about?
  5. What's your deepest, darkest fear, that’s almost too scary to look at?
  6. What do you typically avoid because it’s scary?
  7. What’s something you’re worried about, that you tend to go to the worst possible scenario?
  8. What do you feel stuck about?
  9. What makes you feel confident and strong?
  10. What activities make me feel empowered, action-oriented? What inspires you to expand?
  11. What do you want?
  12. What lights you up?
  13. What do you really want?
  14. How do you store tension in your body?
  15. Write down anything related to the word irritation. What happens when you’re irritated?
  16. Do you feel rested or fatigued? One or the other, or both?
  17. Over the last few weeks, do you feel weak, or really strong? Do you feel totally on top of things, or lacking focus?
  18. Do you ever contemplate the impact of what you’re up to? What is the impact?
  19. When have you felt criticized by others?
  20. When are you afraid or wary of criticism from others?
  21. When do you feel the deepest connection – what inspires a sense of connection within you?
  22. When do you notice synchronicities and interconnections?
  23. And lastly, in a snapshot of the recent past, what comes up if you ask yourself, what decisions – even micro-decisions – do you make out of fear?

Benefits of working with Awakened Understanding:

Integrate all the fragmented parts of you - into a whole you

Love, accept & understand aspects of you that you previously you didn’t like

Express your true self wildly & freely

Invest your energy into best-case scenarios, and see endless possibilities

Discover what you truly want, and be able to ask for it / receive it

Dissolve subconscious barriers to success & making your dreams real

Feel more content & grateful about everything in your life

Expand your receptivity to Earth energy to amplify power within your impact

Open your system to be able to lean into nature & silence to nourish you


Want to learn more about all the flowers inside Awakened Understanding ~ check out the flower guide here.

Love + flower petals,