July 26, 2021

Feel safe, secure & protected. Relax into a sharper awareness.

The Monteverde Rein Orchid is a terrestrial orchid that uproots subconscious fears of persecution, fear or panic. When we perceive ourselves as alone, weak or vulnerable, we get amped up into fight or flight mode. Rein Orchid softens our hypervigilance and fixation on details so we can feel comforted, safe and at home. Our minds release their grip on minutia, so we can attain a bird's-eye perspective.


Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • Wary about being vulnerable to external forces
  • Amplified fight-or-flight response
  • Hypervigilance or fixation on details
  • Experiencing physical weakness
  • Deep-seated fears that make your heart skip a beat
  • Feeling lonely or alone


If you’re attracted to the Monteverde Rein Orchid, you may have been feeling vulnerable, exposed or that you’re somehow alone out on a limb. You may be experiencing high stress or feel overly alert and hypervigilant. Your fight-or-flight response may be turned on, preventing deep rest. Having your RPM’s on high for too long can tax your heart or lead to physical weakness.

You may have even forgotten what it feels like to totally let down your guard and feel at home in your world. You may be experiencing tension or fear of something you can’t see -- only perceive. You may feel like you’re in a corner, with nowhere to go, that somehow life has placed you into a tight spot that you can’t escape.



Activate: Trust
Message: Relinquish inhibitions.

The Monteverde Rein Orchid (Habenaria monorrhiza) helps us feel safe, comforted and feel a sense of being at home in our bodies and whatever environment we’re in. Whether it’s feeling exposed, being afraid of unseen forces or simply feeling vulnerable to some external situation, we can finally relax and let our guard down. We experience a fresh new spacious distance between ourselves and whatever we felt was antagonizing or draining us.

This tiny elephant-shaped terrestrial orchid dissolves the sense that someone or something is out to get us. There is a sense of being supported by our environment and we’re able to lean into the support of what’s around us, instead of feeling at the mercy of being attacked by something we don’t even understand.

We can let go of the tension around waiting for the other shoe to drop or sensing that someone is just waiting for us to make a mistake, so they can pounce on us. We can lay back and get a bird’s eye view of everything, making way for new insights. We go from feeling exposed and vulnerable to feeling relaxed and untouchable.

Miscellaneous: this flower essence can also be used in high-stress professions like police, military and security to maintain alertness while not letting the fight-or-flight response take over.


The Rein Orchid is a terrestrial orchid that grows from Guatemala to Peru. It grows on weedy hillsides, ditches and meadows and the flowers are fragrant at night. Our Rein Orchid essence was collected in the Monteverde Rainforest of Costa Rica. When I collected it, I had such a terror response while it was infusing that I could’ve sworn a wild jaguar was stalking me. 

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In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Sense of safety; Birds-eye view; Ability to let down your guard

DISSOLVES: Fear of persecution or sense of danger; Hypervigilance to point of detriment; Feeling alone


Awakened Perception helps us turn toward our greatest worst-case scenarios and courageously face the truth. We become more discerning and are able to see through the illusion of our fears. We experience more pleasure and uninhibited freedom through authenticity. We can let down our guard & be who we’re here to be, without distraction.


Love & flower petals,