April 10, 2015

If you have any bearded menfolk in your lives, this is a PSA for you: our serums can be used as beard oils!

We've heard that men use oils on their beards to soften them, make them smell good and eliminate what Michon, one of our team members, calls 'beardruff', sorta like a flaky skin that gets stuck under all that manly beard.

Of the oils we have, there are two that I think would be loved most by guys:

Inner Peace because it's got an earthy, grounding blend of lavender and spices. 

Inspired Action is also one that men love - and in comparison to Inner Peace, it's more on the refreshing, uplifting side with citrus and spices.

Or you can think of them in terms of the flower remedies, and whether your bearded loved one would benefit more from experiencing more deep peacefulness and strength (Inner Peace) or from feeling inspired, fearless and full of creative motivation (Inspired Action).

And hey - have you seen the #flowerbeard phenomenon? If not check it out on Instagram, where you'll see some fun photos of manly men with beards and flowers woven into them.

flower beard oil LOTUSWEI flower essences

Robbie from our team was about to shave for the hot Arizona summer, so we tried our hand at the #flowerbeard before his beard disappeared. I think it looks pretty great!

Do you have any bearded men in your life? Have you ever made a flower beard?