April 21, 2015

A couple weeks ago we completed our first Flowerevolution - a six-month transformation program with monthly flower elixirs, videos, journals, live calls and an online community. The program was designed to dissolve self-limiting patterns and liberate our potential.

The results? Pretty stunning!

Our first Flowerevolution launched in October of 2014 with almost 200 Flowerevolutionaries all over the world. Each month we had a different focus and flower essence to evoke specific qualities within us - and in some cases to dissolve or purge old habits or bring light to specific patterns.

before and after six months flowerevolution LOTUSWEI flower essences

We reached out to all the Flowerevolutionaries at the end of the six months. Here are some of the results shared with us:

1. Before-and-After Photos
We asked participants to take a photo of themselves at the beginning of the program and at the end of the program. We found from the over 50 comparison photos we received, that there are three qualities that can be seen in 98% of the photos: more radiant, appearing younger and softer, and more clarity, confidence, strength (see above).
2. Anonymous Survey Results

Over the last 5 months have you experienced any of the following as a direct result of the Flowerevolution? Please select all that apply.

results percentages

And in the 'Other' category, here are some of the responses:

Screenshot 2015-04-22 12.15.58 Screenshot 2015-04-22 12.16.06

If you could only use 1 to 3 words to describe the transformation you went through, how would you describe it? [Our survey system creates a word cloud with the most used words out of hundreds of words.]

flowerevolution word cloud Additionally, we received some kind of story or testimonial from almost every participant in the program, greatly inspiring us not only by just the quantifiable results, but also the courage and dedication of anyone who uses flower essences as a method of self-discovery and personal growth.

No matter if we are part of a formal program or just quietly using flower essences at home, weARE creating a huge ripple effect of positivity. Positive change in the world starts with positive change within ourselves. Thank you all for being a part of positive ripple effect.

Love + flower petals,


P.S. We've evolved Flowerevolution over the years, and you can now join the program at anytime! Click here to explore all the goodies you get when you join.