March 05, 2024

Taylor here!

In early February, I shared some insights into the upcoming (and now here!) Wood Dragon Year & Fire Cycle! More about this fire-breathing dragon energy here.

Since the arrival of the Lunar New Year, you may have noticed:

Things are accelerating at a fast rate ~ pedal to the metal, baby!

New opportunities are flying your way & you’re having to adapt quickly & have fierce discernment

You’re getting your ducks in a row in preparation for rapid growth

The systems & ways of doing things that have worked for you in the past aren’t making the cut anymore — and you’re making the necessary changes

You’ve been reality-checking yourself — to take charge & start going after what you want (aka: putting on your big girl/boy panties)

Have you felt an energy shift?

All of us at LOTUSWEI & the SAN Center definitely have.

We’ve also been hustling to make the required changes, updates & activations to our flower temple that Alison, our in-house Feng Shui consultant at the SAN Center, has recommended for us based on this powerful shift in energy.

Here’s some sneak peeks of the beauty:

Because I find all of it SUPER interesting, I want to share 3 fun Feng Shui facts about our building that we’ve discovered in the process of making all the necessary cures & activations per Alison’s expertise!

1. Our front facing palace is super auspicious, especially for children!

Our front facing palace has an auspicious aspect to it that amplifies talents, creativity, scholarly pursuits & auspicious good fortune for the next generation. When children walk into the space, they will feel uninhibited & free to express their talents. It provides them a space for their intelligence to open up.

This is going to be a fun one to watch! It will be very interesting to see what children do when they interact with the space now.

Where do they get drawn to immediately?

Where to they choose to hunker down & hang out?

And it will be our job to nurture that ... and let them play with the flower essences that further those curiosities.

If they want to paint in the art room ~ we will give them flower essences for creativity. If they want to sit with Lisa & learn about meditation ~ we will give them flower essences for quieting the mind.

2. Double auspicious gates in our back entrances!

Our backdoors (both upper and lower entrances) were auspiciously placed when they were built in the 7th cycle. When we entered the Fire Cycle (which happened in February of this year) .. the palace lost its juice.

So we needed to reactivate the auspiciousness ~ with Red Energy Gates.

So we painted both upper and lower door frames door frames fiery red to light up the entrances to be energizing & charging for the building & everyone who walks through this entry way.

We also planted Nectarine trees on both sides of the sidewalk!

The presence of the Nectarine trees, which bloom pink (a red signifier) flowers, creates DOUBLE red gates. Double auspiciousness! Double activation!

This is super important in our case because these are the entrances WE use to enter the building!

3. Flowers in metal vases to cure a minor illness aspect.

We have a minor illness aspect in our central palace. This is present in the center of our building (hallway & bathrooms) and in the center of energy room. And the cure for that is simple, beautiful & elegant.

To cure this, we need to ‘weaken’ the Earth element.

We weaken Earth by nourishing Metal (metallic gold or copper vases).

We overcome the illness Earth element with wood (flowers = wood).

And water in the Central Palace = $ (water in vase).

What we’re doing with this weekly flower ritual is preventing one another, and anyone who comes in the space, from getting sick.

Alison advised all of us on the team to make these offerings to the center of each room — and do so with intention; double-whammy powerful when we do it with mindful awareness of what we are contributing to.

And if we don't have flowers on hand ... guess what ~ these flower essences can fulfill the cure:

A bottle of Awakened Perception elixir - has copper hydrosol, flower elixir in water & a copper label

A bottle of Divine Within mist or elixir - has gold hydrosol, flower elixirs in water & a rose gold label

A bottle of Sacred Awareness mist or elixir - has silver hydrosol, flower elixirs in water & a gold label

Do you find all of this interesting?

Want to know more?

Send us an email to let us know & I can prepare more fun feng shui facts to share! :)

Love & auspicious flower offerings,

P.S. If you want to come enjoy the magical energy of our new space, one way to do that is with Lisa's weekly meditation classes that she hosts in the Wisdom Lounge before the LOTUSWEI store opens on Saturday's, and Tuesday evenings after the store closes. More info about that here.

P.P.S. One room I didn't show in the sneak peek photos of our newly Feng-Shui'ed space is our Menla Room, where the magic of our Private Ceremonies take place! Katie recently wrote about that super special experience here, with reasons why right now is a powerfully auspicious time to yes to one for yourself.