*SEEDSPARK*: Catalyze YOUR Flowerevolution

December 15, 2016

 Flowers support all of life on this earth, and work to help us to be at our best ~ all the time.They wantus to blossom into all of who we are, just as they do.

As part of my life's work, I go out into the wild and download the powerfully positive + selfless energies of the flowers that show me the world is ready for their magic. With these subtly powerful flower elixirs (also called flower essences), all of us are able to access the transformative qualities of flowers from sacred places all around the world ... while going about our day-to-day as we normally do.

Look at these flowers. What 3 words would you use to describe their essence or personality?

seedspark flowers LOTUSWEI flower essences

If we can perceive these qualities just by looking at the flowers, imagine how powerful an experience it is to infuse your life with their essence!

I wrote Flowerevolution: Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowersas a way to bring this knowledge of our wisest selves to as many people as I can ~ a way to share the wisdom + love of flowers and Mother Nature .

{New to Flowerevolution? Click here to learn more about the book!}

Flowerevolutionopens you to the possibility that you are greater than you ever even imagined. Flower essences are the water + sunlight that nurture your own seed of awakening, supporting your evolution to bloom into your full potential.

When you go through the pages of Flowerevolution, you will start to see your own beautiful self and potential reflected back to you. You'll be reminded of what you've always known, but may have forgotten.

Since there are 48 amaaazing flowers featured in the book ... you may find yourself wanting to take them all, right now! ; )

If you're wondering where to start ... I made you something special.

flowerevolution seedspark wild abundance boundless wisdom LOTUSWEI flower essences

To help instigate your internal flowerevolution, I've created a brand new collection of verrry special flower essences. No matter who you are, or which direction your internal compass is pointing, *Seedspark* will water, nurture + bring life to the seed of awakening within you, that is just waiting for the right time to bloom.

Designed to elevate the experience of the Flowerevolution book, these companion elixirs are a true force of nature. The *Seedspark*Collection consists of Boundless Wisdom, for enhancing your mindful-awareness, and Wild Abundance, for embracing the magic inherent in everyday life.

boundless wisdom flower elixir LOTUSWEI flower essences

The flowers essences infused into these blends offer an effortless way to experience a sense of profound interconnectedness with everything around you. When taken regularly 5x a day, *Seedspark* inspires:

  • an open heart + mind, to the boundless love and abundant opportunities that surround you
  • dissolution of any resistance, conscious or not, you may have to expressing + trusting your true self
  • a state of higher awareness, opening your world up to the divine magicwoven into every moment

We'll support your experience with inspiring love notes (via email), guided meditations,weekly reflection questions to hone your insights,plus beautiful wallpapers and flower-guides!

  wild abundance floral wallpaper boundless wisdom floral wallpaperAre you ready to *spark* your magic + bloom?

If you're ready to take charge of your life, unfold the beautiful mystery that is YOU, and rediscover the ever-present world of magic + opportunity that surrounds you, *Seedspark* will help get you there.

This is your moment ... your opportunity to start a Flowerevolution.

Bloom baby, bloom!