December 21, 2016

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, shut down or blocked in any areas of your life?

The Squash Blossom flower essence can help liberate any subtle resistance, allowing you to:

  • Catalyze the fluidity and flexibility necessary to dislodge blocks and liberate creativity.
  • Work through issues related to body image, sensuality and sexuality and feel free in your body.
  • Dissolve fears around getting pregnant, not getting pregnant, childbirth and mothering.
Squash Blossom is also found in our Luscious Embodiment blend


When I lived in Mexico, I loved the way that delicate Squash Blossoms were made a part of Mexican cuisine. As every flower typically transforms into the fruit of the plant, I always thought that eating the Squash blossoms meant there would be one less squash, making them even more precious as a delicacy.

On the squash plant, however, there are both male and female flowers, and only the females turn into squashes! The female flowers grow close to the center of the plant and have a swollen fruit instead of a stalk at their base, whereas the male flowers grown on the longer, skinnier stalks that extend farther out from the plant. The male flowers fall of the plant anyway; as long as the female flowers are pollinated, the male flowers can be used for cooking. (No squashes harmed!)

What It Reveals

If you're attracted to Squash Blossom, you may be feeling stuck, stagnant, shut down or blocked in one or more areas of your life. A subtle resistance may be preventing you from tapping into your usual innovative ideas.

Another aspect is that intimate relationships may feel difficult or challenging. Squash Blossom helps us work through issues related to body image, sensuality and sexuality. It can be indicated when we’ve had uncomfortable or painful experiences in the past, such as sexual abuse. We may feel worried about losing control of our bodies, or we’re afraid of our bodies in some subtle way.

It's also possible that you're fearful of pregnancy, not getting pregnant, having a miscarriage, or motherhood. If you're pregnant, you may have inexplicable fears around pregnancy and childbirth, the possibility of baby not being being healthy, or insecure about your ability to be a mother.


What It Catalyzes

Activate: Liberation
Feel free in your body.

Squash Blossom can catalyze the fluidity and flexibility necessary to dislodge blocks and liberate creativity. Helping us wake up any areas of life that feel shut down, stagnant or uninspired, it helps us move beyond our resistance. Finding creative solutions, being innovative and feeling open to opportunities are some of the side effects of moving past resistance.

It helps us release shame from the body as well as any fears of not being or feeling beautiful. If we feel hesitant in intimate or romantic relationships, Squash Blossom helps us feel freer and more at ease in our bodies. It unravels + heals past trauma from feeling exploited or abused in the past, and can help clarify any confusion, shyness or apprehension we may have regarding our sexuality.

Along with more ease in our body, Squash Blossom dissolves fears around getting pregnant, not getting pregnant, childbirth and mothering. It balances the reproductive system, enhances fertility and helps us understand + dismantle nervousness regarding pregnancy and birth.

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Fun Flower Facts

Squash Blossoms (Cucurbita pepo) are native to the Americas. Typically thought of as a vegetable, zucchini squashes are technically a fruit, often made into sweet breads like zucchini bread. The male flowers are gathered for use in cooking all over Latin America, often stuffed and fried, or gently steamed inside a pocket of light tempura batter. The popular dish I fell in love with in Mexican cuisine is stuffed squash blossoms (check out our delicious recipe here!).


What People Are Saying

"My 8-year-old son asked me to get this for him. It was very cute to see his excitement and he was diligent and excited to take his elixir throughout the day. Prior, I had noticed a lot of fear and stress in my son, which resulted in marked abruptness with everyone in our family and a real sense of guardedness. I have noticed a shift in that he seems far more at ease and relaxed—he is just 'being.' He transitions and moves between tasks easier and I’ve noticed him to be deeply engaged in creative and joyous play. Conversations and being with him are much more easeful. It has been a lovely support for him during this time. I have realized to what an extent all of the changes related to Covid have been for my kids and this has been a lovely support. It’s a wonderful elixir for children and from seeing the impact on my kids taking it, I believe it could be wonderful to help adults connect with the wisdom of their own inner child. I think I’d like to take it now!" —CMT

"I started off taking this elixir to assist with fertility. Instead, what’s developed is an amazing amount of creativity and inspiration! In the last 6 weeks I have birthed a 4-part course. I sat down to write one class, but material just keep pouring out of me. I highly recommend this essence to anyone having a creative block!" —Tabitha

"This remedy has really helped me be more comfortable in my body and become more in touch with its needs. I also noticed an increase in libido which was an unexpected and welcome surprise :)" —Rose

"I took this along with the Shell Ginger elixir to aid in creativity, and they were so helpful! I had bursts of creative energy and insight. I felt personally, like Squash Blossom gives you a gentler nudge, but plenty of willpower and creative energy, whereas Shell Ginger was a bit more intense. Overall, beautiful elixir!" —Celeste

"When I take this consistently, I feel much more balanced, spiritually and emotionally. Definitely a great addition to my daily self-care and self-love practice. I've found that my mood is more balanced, too." —Ellie

"Noticed delightful spontaneous urges to create and play. A sweet balance with improved libido. Easy, natural flow, expansiveness, and gently connecting the dots." —Sara

"Feeling at home with my creative power. Sacral chakra is feeling supported and balanced. Libido has increased. Tastes amazing!" —April

In Essence

Magnifies: Fertility, ease-ful labor + childbirth, women’s reproductive balance; healthy expression of sensuality and sexuality; prolific creative expression, birthing new ideas

Dissolves: Self-limiting patterns regarding sensuality & sexuality, trauma from past sexual abuse; fear of losing control, fear of labor and childbirth; lack of creativity, feeling stagnant or shut down

SHOP SQUASH BLOSSOM ELIXIR Luscious embodiment LOTUSWEI flower essence blend elixir

The Squash Blossom flower essence is also found in our Luscious Embodiment blend

Infused with flower essences for bold acceptance and expressive freedom, this powerhouse blend helps us accept ourselves wholly, express and embody our full exquisite and beautiful self as well as set firm boundaries with no pressure to be or act a certain way. 

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI