January 13, 2016

Rosa spp.
Activate: Tenderness
Message: Nurture yourself.

During one of my trips to India, I was invited to the wedding of two American friends who wanted a traditional Indian wedding. I brought a bouquet of red roses with me, thinking it would be novel to pull off the rose petals and toss them over the bride and groom.

Bonnie St. John's Wedding India

I was shocked when I entered the space: there was a large mandala of flowers on the ground where the ceremony was to take place. There were beautiful baskets filled with rose and marigold petals. I realized that throwing flower petals was a custom in India, and felt a little silly about the roses I had brought. 

This was by far the most exquisite wedding I’d ever been to. During the ceremony, the couple was tied together with a large flower garland that connected them to each other. As they circled around inside the huge flower mandala, we grabbed handfuls of petals and threw them up into the air, letting blossoms rain down into their hair.

Flower Mandala Offerings India

Why it's Special

Rose is one of the most popular and beloved flowers in the world. There are around 100 different species of Roses, with thousands of hybrids and cultivars. Most roses originate from Asia, and they are the quintessential flower for weddings in the U.S.

The scent of Rose is soothing and to some intoxicating, with love-inducing effects. Its essential oil is one of the most expensive and sought-after oils. The distillation process requires at least 60 Roses in order to get just one drop of precious Rose oil.

Rose was the most popular flavoring in Europe and North America until the 19th century, when vanilla was discovered. It remains a popular flavoring in India and the Middle East, with Rose water splashed into beverages and desserts.

Whether drunk as a tea, inhaled in an essential oil, or taken as a flower elixir, Rose is a general tonic that soothes the heart. Roses cool the body and decrease inflammation, making them a popular choice for skin care.

rose LOTUSWEI flower essences

What it Reveals

If you’re attracted to the Rose flower, you may need some extra love and comfort. Create an environment around you that is nurturing, supportive, and sweet. As you soften your heart and offer compassion to yourself, it will naturally be returned to you. As you treat yourself with more kindness, that naturally extends toward others as well.

If you feel under psychic or emotional attack, or if someone in your home or work space has been harsh with you, make time to nurture yourself. Soften into your own vulnerability, to heal your heart and protect you from bitterness and resentment.

red rose LOTUSWEI flower essences

What the Elixir Catalyzes

Rose elixir magnifies unconditional love and tenderness. It inspires us to nurture and care for ourselves and others. One of the best flowers for healing the heart, Rose cools the temper and triggers forgiveness, healing emotional wounds and scars. It softens our hard edges and enhances compassion and empathy.

Rose flower elixir unravels the causes of a hardened heart—not just a broken heart, but also our disappointment and stubbornness, our feeling that we are being ignored or that life is full of struggle. It warms us up when we feel aloof or cold, and sweetens us when we feel bitter. Rose is also a protective agent, keeping us safe from angry vibes and harmful thought forms. It shields us from negativity and promotes a gentle strength.

The Rose elixir is also the star flower of our Fierce Compassion collection. 


In Essence

Magnifies: Attentiveness, sweetness, kindness and caring for yourself and others, healing emotional wounds and scars

Dissolves: Disappointment, feeling ignored or unloved, belief that life is full of struggle

Discover the magic of Rose in our Fierce Compassion collection or as a single elixir.

Love + flower petals,

Katie Hess Signature LOTUSWEI 

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