October 13, 2017

Several years ago at an impromptu women’s retreat, I met some amazing women. One was Robin Sandomirsky.

I love Robin's work. She turns up the volume on my inner voice. It’s such a treat for me to dedicate time to my innermost stirrings, those which guide my life + my business in the clearest, purest, most inspired way. (Also, when shit hit the fan in my life + I experienced some intense heartbreak this past year, Robin helped me navigate that with more courage + vulnerability.)

I’ve seen the way she weaves magic into the world. My personal work with her has been vastly supportive, helping me more deeply value the gifts I am unearthing, sometimes even unknowingly. Women like this in our lives are so precious ~ and I want to share her with you ...

Meet Robin ~ luminary intuitive, life cartographer, activating channel, wordsmith + mystic food alchemist ... 


What is your favorite flower + 3 words to describe its personality?

Queen Anne’s Lace is always the flower that pops out of my mouth when asked this question. I want a sexier answer but it just wouldn’t be true. This is the flower that shows up in all kinds of memories from my childhood and that I always pause on the side of the road to gaze at.  

Three words to describe her: strong, ethereal and clear.


How does nature influence your work?

Nature is where I seek solace and recover my self and because my work is born out of my own being state, nature is absolutely at the heart of my work. Growing up and living where I do in new England I have a love of all things field and forest. For many years I had a concept that I could walk into the woods with a question or problem and walk out with an answer or solution. In fact, because I have lived in the same area for most of my life, I associate certain major transitions in my life with certain patches of land or areas of local forest. 


Some years ago I remember walking into the woods with a clear question and after about an hour in there I didn’t feel like I had an answer and I was getting frustrated. Where is the clarity? Where is my knowing what to do? I wondered. And I heard a whisper so clearly come back to me: “You don’t need to know what to do… learn how to be the forest.” This was a transformative moment in my own evolution. Nature wasn’t offering me specific answers to specific questions—the great mother was offering to show me a state of being that could be maintained through any question or situation.

This sort of sums up how I come at all my work and the ways I try to encourage all beings to live. To develop an energy state that is a way of being from which we can engage with whatever arises.


Why are you doing what you’re doing? What’s the main message you want people to get from your work in the world?

I really believe that humans have the potential to embrace their own greatness and complexity in ways that will offer true aligned freedom to all beings and will bring our planet into a more balanced vibrant state. It is important to me to share my work on the chance that it can help to be a catalyst for this movement. Sometimes I jokingly say that I am building an army, but it is not entirely a joke. I hope that somehow my body of work brings people into resonant alignment with their own true inherent power—and that this enables them to engage with the world around them in more profound ways. I believe we all have capacity for greatness and if we are free to embrace and experience that the world can truly be a different place. 

For me, part of this involves developing a kind of gentle but radical practice of self discovery. If we are rejecting or disconnecting from parts of our self—of our very own human body system—then we are not in full connection. This internal disconnect inhibits our ability to live in full connection with all energy—including other people, animals, insects, plants and all that lives here on this planet.

I believe the concept that our personal evolution requires us to reach a state of perfection is a huge stumbling block. Being aligned doesn’t mean I will feel pure joy all the time, it means I am willing to meet all parts of myself with compassion and curiosity. This gives me the freedom to stay connected to my true self, my authentic core power, more of the time. I can be aware and conscious of what I am thinking, how I am feeling, what I believe to be true, what I have experienced in the past—and how I want to engage with the now. From this place I have more opportunity to do what feels right and true to myself and I am less likely to act based on old patterning or clinging to illusion. Not because I have eliminated all pain from my system, but because I welcome all of myself with a sense of safety and love.


In essence, I want people to experience a deep sense of freedom to explore their life and their power. I believe that this internal freedom and exploration creates a connection with the external world that guides us in more loving and compassionate ways as well. I want us all to be bold in understanding that our own greatness does not diminish the greatness of anyone else—but rather that there is potential to evolve into a species that is guided by clear love and connection so that all beings everywhere suffer less.

I also feel compelled to remind us to keep our eyes open to the systems that we live in. The ways that the invisible casts, teachings and beliefs of the culture we live in, shape our own experience and the real lived experience of those around us. It is important that we pull out of all manner of engaging with illusion so that we are able to recreate humanity from a place of actual shared truth. This is not work that will always be pretty or easy—which is why at the base we must have a dedication to an internal practice of listening with curiosity and compassion. We might not always want to discover what we discover inside of ourselves—but to stay blind to it serves nothing but current systems of false power. Our real truth wants to emerge but it sometimes takes sifting through layers to discover it.


How have you taken health + happiness into your own hands?

I can’t recall exactly when my relationship to my own health and happiness started to change from what I consider to be the “mainstream” mindset but I feel very much like my health and happiness is my own domain. I gather information from all kinds of sources, I am open to using all kind of practices and modalities, and I have to listen in and stay true to my own beliefs and intuition.  

Basically this means that I have researched and dabbled in all different kinds of wellness options from nutrition to homeopathy, herbs, supplements, body work, energy work, essential oils and of course flower elixirs! I have a small collection of products that I believe work for myself, my children and my animals that I keep on hand and we use regularly to support a basic level of health and happiness as well as a continuous dedication to alignment and evolution. We also have a functional medicine doctor that I gather information and support from as needed. I like to keep an open mind about all aspects of health—mental, emotional, spiritual, physical etc. I have many practices that I lean into and cycle through as the years pass by. The sense that I have tools and practices that support my over-all alignment feels empowering and freeing and is definitely a mindset that I try to pass along to my children. I tend to be a gatherer by nature, so I gather information, tangibles, practices and practitioners that I trust and I try to put together a system of support that keeps us well—while trusting also that systems for emergent and critical care are there for us as needed.


I consider myself an advocate for myself and my children - as opposed to feeling like I am at the whim of one expert. I trust the process of gathering information and informed opinions and I make my own decisions.

How does your work relate to mindful awareness? What rituals or exquisite practices do you do that trigger more awareness in you?

I guess at this point I would say that my work revolves very much around the concept of awareness. I am a huge proponent of exploring and becoming limber in our awareness states. My most radical invitation tends to be towards an open and curious awareness of the different internal parts or operating systems that we have developed throughout our lifetime. The more we can hold steady no matter what arises within us, meeting all of our own emotions, responses, and even beliefs with a sense of compassion—the easier it is to stay connected to what I think of as our most authentic core self. This self can be in open and aware communication with other parts of ourselves and we can make real time decisions together about how we want to interact with the external world.

I also love to use awareness shifting practices to experience myself in a state of present connection—this is the place where I am most relaxed and truly my self. I personally work with traditional shamanic journeying practices and many different kinds of meditation practices. My intention is to create an active living state that comes from a place of connected, soft hearted, authentic awareness.


In my work with others I try to share the beliefs and practices that I have learned over many years of study, as well as help them to investigate and uncover their own already established routes to a soft and connected awareness state in the now. Each living being has their own experience of this that can only be discovered through active exploration—and I love to be side by side with people as they explore.

How has curiosity, discovery + magic played a role in your life’s work?

I am a very curious person at heart—I just love to learn things. Because of this I have immersed myself in a lot of self led and traditional study throughout my lifetime. I have enjoyed learning about nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, biomechanics, yoga, meditation, energy work and more. I love to read and gather information. Even more so, I love to find the intersections in different beliefs and treatment systems. Through all of this I have learned that no one model has all the answers for me. I believe that we each are free to explore and stay intuitive and tuned in to what actually feels good and right for and within ourselves. I love to inquire about what other people are curious about and instill a sense of confidence that being guided by curiosity and joy is actually a really wonderful life compass. As far as magic, I think I have been heavily steeped in the magical realms for a long time now. So much so that I barely even notice anymore! My work involves a lot of belief that there are realms beyond the simple reality that we are socialized to believe in and that those realms are accessible to all and filled with loving knowledge and support.


What are some of the most radical shifts you’ve seen in your *luminary transformation* sessions?

I have been so blessed in my work, I can’t even begin to find words to explain the depth of transformation that i have been lucky to bear witness to over the years. I have seen bones regrow from cancerous lesions, women who were told they were infertile become pregnant, chronic pain diminish and other seemingly miraculous physical transformations. I have also seen so many expansions of the spirit. People stepping into their calling, finding their voice in powerful ways, learning to trust their own inner knowing, finding love for their deepest, most painful wounds, discovering capacity for really authentic and aligned powerful practices.

I have also learned that not all transformation goes exactly how we want it to. That we are not able to control or manipulate things. That sometimes evolution involves struggle, suffering and even loss. If we open to the depth of potential experience we get access to a spectrum of beauty that is previously unimagined—it doesn’t mean it is all unicorns and fairies.

Each session that I have the opportunity to experience is a gift because I have the honor of being with someone as they explore their own inherent truth and greatness. I believe that as we each grow more and more into ourselves there is a ripple effect that touches everyone around us. As much as someone else might be aligned by a series of sessions, I am brought into alignment by the truths that unfurl as someone steps into a deep commitment to their own becoming. What a radical line of work to get to experience day to day.


If you could offer 1-3 tools/methods/practices for diving deeper into *intuitive living*, what would they be?
  1. Pause.As many times a day as you can simply pause and invite yourself into a few breaths or moments of inner stillness. We are all so very bombarded by stimulation and the constant sense that there are a handful of questions to solve. Any way you can find to just take a moment away from that mental spinning helps to quiet the static of the system and create space for the more subtle ways of knowing.
  2. Move. Most of us are living deeply sedentary lifestyles and we have come to think of movement as getting some exercise. I always try to encourage people to break out of the “exercise is movement” box and find ways to increase overall movement any way they can. Change your body position every 30 mins or so if you are sitting, park farther from the store or better yet - walk to the store, hand grind your coffee instead of using an electric grinder, take off your shoes and walk barefoot so your feet experience a full range of movement. Everything is connected and the more dulled and stuck in singular positions our physical bodies get the less overall flow we have in the entire system. To help attune ourselves to ourselves we want to get into deeper connection with all the bodies. Movement helps this immensely.
  3. Daily practice. I am a huge proponent of daily practice and of having a flexible definition of what that is. My practice tends to have a flow to it. Sometimes I am doing journey work every day, sometimes I am working in movement, sometimes I am cultivating a seated meditation practice, sometimes it is something else entirely. Get clear on what feels safe and comfortable to dedicate yourself to and dive in. It can be as little as three to five minutes a day—if your intention is that you are doing it to provide a touchstone for yourself and your own evolution it is a game changer.
  4. One last thing(because I am a rebel). Find a modality you are curious about and learn it. Ask for help, work with a practitioner or guide, commit yourself to a period of learning. Whether this is a certain style of meditation, journeying, learning tarot, studying telepathy or astrology. There are so many different ways to develop your own connection to your intuition and the best one for you is the one that feels the most exciting or interesting to you. Take your beginner's mind to it and enjoy the practice of learning. Just like anything else, deepening intuition or reconnecting to an intuitive lifestyle can take practice so it is best to trust your inner compass of curiosity joy to guide you.   


When we launched our new Flowerevolution Card Deck, I invited Robin to join me on a live call to introduce it to our community. She has used card decks in her practice for many years, and I was curious about different + unexpected ways of how she would use the flower deck.

Many of you have reached out asking for consultations, more direction in what flower elixirs to take or simply a reflection of what’s going on in your life. In so many ways, the flowers act as mirrors for us—illuminating what’s fresh + emerging within us.

I am so impressed with how her work aligns with the flowers that we decided to collaborate! We are now offering a Virtual Flower Essence Consultations with Robin! Book a session and get a custom flower essence regimen to target exactly what is going on in your life.


Love + flower petals,