Pink Torch Ginger Elixir

  • Delicious honey elixir infused with flower essences. 5 drops, 5 times a day, under the tongue.

    Pink Torch Ginger helps us learn from situations in life that arise to help us heal old wounds. It helps us purify old patterns by revisiting a challenge in our lives; we experience the ‘sacred sting’ as we actually pull the stinger out of our systems. Rather than ‘figuring out’ an issue, it reverses or unravels patterning. It dissolves loneliness, abandonment, and the need to bear it all alone. Pink Torch Ginger helps us actualize the transformative power of compassion from the inside out.

    MAGNIFIES: Interconnectedness, wholeness; healing old wounds; pattern reversal

    DISSOLVES: Separation, loneliness, distance; feeling incomplete; fall-out from abandonment

  • USE: Enjoy 5 drops sublingually 5 times each day regularly until bottle is finished; or put a dropperful in your water bottle each morning and drink throughout the day.

    GET CREATIVE: Morning coffee, party punch, restaurants, water bottle, child’s water or juice, pet’s water, cocktails.

    FEEL A DIFFERENCE: Most people feel a dramatic difference in their everyday state of mind within 2-3 days, with a cumulative effect over time. If used regularly, bottle lasts 3-4 weeks, enough time to experience a significant shift in mood and everyday life. Safe (& excellent) for children over 12 months of age.

  • INGREDIENTS: Purified Water (Aqua), Ethically-Sourced Honey, *Vitis vinifera (Grape) Alcohol, Etlingera elatior (Pink Torch Ginger) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence and Nelumba nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence.
    *Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Saumya Verma
Healing from within

It is my first Elixir from lotuswei. What I felt on third day of using it is emergence of painful emotions for some people who wronged me in past and later after few days, some more emotions came out which initially choked me in throat and I kept crying, later after 10 days, I kind of starting feeling really good. I could only use for three weeks begin my healing experience with lotuswei,it's good start, sometime in future I might come back to it. For anyone trying to heal old wounds it will be helpful jus that need to give it quite a time to feel fullness of it. Thank you

Elena Litvack
Gentle yet deep support

This lovely elixir has been a wonderful support over the past weeks. Needless to say times are challenging and the Pink torch ginger called to me with it power to unravel old patterns and heal old wounds. Yeah it's been time for this one for a while. I have noticed some patterns of behavior and thinking that expired long ago and yet I was still carrying them around. This elixir helped me not try to fix myself or get better but to compassionately and gently clear the energies that are no longer aligned with who I am right now. No harsh self talk or pity, no trying hard, gentle and profoundlike a loving mother:)
For me it has a certain earthy and grounding energy to feel whole and supported even when my resources are drying up.


I've been doing personal work around healing old wounds, so Pink Torch Ginger was a no-brainer. This work has been deep and difficult; PTG assisted in supporting my openness to be vulnerable in situations where it was clear old wounds were popping up. I personally believe this flower essence supported me specifically to be able to be present within these opportunities for growth and healing. I haven't yet finished the bottle - I'm MAYbe half way through - I've been going hard on it for about two weeks. Honestly, it's like making yourself into a magnet for growth/healing opportunities. I don't want to scare anyone at all, but growth and healing old wounds specifically can be very difficult. Thanks to PTG for being a soft landing.


I was very drawn to this and while taking it, I had so many profound awarenesses of my own wounded patterns and ways of thinking. Becoming aware of them allowed me to release and become free of them leading to a much more peaceful and easeful way of being.
It was slightly intense at times although I was healing deep traumas and simultaneously taking Crown Elixir. One might consider buffering it with Infinite Love, Spotted Bee Balm or whatever else you intuit.
I am so happy I took it and will definitely take it again in the future.

Pandemic must have

I started using this shortly after quarantine started. I was hoping it would help with the overall loneliness and separation that comes with living alone during the pandemic. It helped me sooo much! I felt more comfortable and safe being alone all the time, and it was like a little reminder that I was never truly alone. Would recommend this for anyone feeling distanced from friends and family right now (especially during the upcoming holidays!).