Inner Knowing Mist

Pave your own path in life. Trust your inner wisdom. Express your vision & know that it will all make sense.
Flower Essences Inside

Eagle Fern
Internal Resourcing

Rose of Venezuela
Wild Breakthroughs

Shell Ginger
Embodiment of Vision

Indian Paintbrush

Green Flash Moonstone
Lucid Clarity



MAGNIFIES: Internal resourcing; trusting your inner vision; step-by-step unfolding; Wayfinding; inner knowing; self-trust; ‘Seeing’ into believing: see beyond, see the future, make it real; liberation of creative energy; embodiment of vision; Wild expansion; strength to break through limitations; “I can achieve whatever I want” messaging; fearless action regardless of what others think.

DISSOLVES: Fear of the unknown; Feeling like we need external help; Getting either bogged down or overstimulated; Feeling lost or off track; doubts; fear; Being meek, timid, closed down, hidden within self; scarcity model/mind-set; bending to the weight of the world; Prickly attitude, irritation of holding/being held back; sense of limitation; “You can’t do that” messaging; fear of persecution.

Smells Like
Forest liqueur: brown sugar lemon tart with white wine in an old growth forest at sunset. Includes essential oils of: Himalayan Cedar, Yuzu, Cypress, Holy Basil & Hay.
How to Use
Mist your crown neck & shoulders. Use consistently 5 times a day.
Purified Water (Aqua), Pteridium aquilinum (Eagle Fern) flower essence, Alpinia zerumbet (Shell Ginger) essence, Castilleja chromosa (Indian Paintbrush) flower essence, Brownea grandiceps (Rose of Venezuela) flower essence, Cedrus deodara (Himalayan Cedar) Oil, Citrus junos (Yuzu) Oil, Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress) Oil, Ocimum santum (Holy Basil) Oil, Foin Coupe (Hay) Absolute, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) flower essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) flower essence and Green Moostone gem essence.*Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lots of Clarity

I love this mist! The woodsy smell is wonderful. I was drawn to this during pregnancy as I was looking for flower essence support to help me with my transition to motherhood. Within the first two days of taking it I gained awareness around how I’d been denying/stuffing feelings of scarcity and fear of not enough money, especially with all the expenses that come along with bringing in this new life. I added in the Wild Abundance elixir and within another 2 days my whole perspective began to change and I felt those anxious feelings about lack simply start to melt away! I started keeping a log of all of the different ways money was flowing into my life and was SHOCKED to find 1) all of the abundance that was already surrounding me in life and 2) how much more abundance started flowing in by taking the time to truly be grateful for what was already here!


I love this mist. For some time, I have been off centre, agitated and not trusting or possibly not attuned to my clear intuition. This mist has been a lifesaver, helping me to anchor within my centre. The scent is so refreshing and misting it is an instant reset. I feel less striving and grasping for my “knowing” and more sense of trust in my knowing unfolding and arising from within.
Very helpful in helping me realign with my inner wisdom.

Always helpful when you feel unsure or stuck

I haven't used this one yet fully consecutively yet, but more so every time I feel unsure about something or stuck in some way, it has never failed to lead to some breakthrough or the next step being revealed... much clearer vision and turn arounds... therefore it is one of my favorite go to's when needed! And I seem to be highly responsive to this one as well, because I don't need much, if I use it before bed it'll do the trick.
I've also been a huge fan of shell ginger when I used that as a single elixir years ago, really helped to be tapped into the positive momentum, I think that one alone helps to get new throught going. :)

Trust Creates Effortlessness

This blend is powerful but snuck up on me slowly, a different feeling from the other blends. I wasn't sure what I felt until about a week in when I realized I felt a deep sense of self trust that i didnt even know wasn't there before. Leaning into the support of this trust put me at ease instead of feeling pressure to force things forward and now it feels easy to let things unfold effortlessly. I feel everything it says in the "dissolves" section! I feel like I am finally moving past some very deep lifelong blocks, thank you for thjs!

Inner Knowing Mist

Inner Knowing Mist feels like a shower of warm sparkling sunshine.I t has given me a sense of inner knowing that my direction is the right direction for me. It loosens the hold of the outside world on my decision making.

I love the sweet earthy fragrance. I am pairing this with the Inner Knowing Elixir and I find both highly liberating!