A divinely-scented orchid in the shape of an angel, the Radiance Orchid was collected in northern Costa Rica on a full moon. It teaches us how to release tension and resistance around loss. It dissolves fear of getting hurt, missing out on something or separation/abandonment. When we let go of denial or fighting reality, we experience total acceptance of the way things are -- without grasping or clinging. This flower essence helps us release money worries, relationship angst, and sadness in the grief/loss process, while magnifying an embodied state of love. We experience deep relief and a wildness to truly be ourselves, supported by a visceral sense of our own spiritual nature. We can tune into the ‘holy’ all around and within ourselves: our spiritual power. We are so surrendered and self-loving, we can fully open up with nothing to protect or hide. Read more here!






Notice every time you experience fear of loss, and embrace that part of you. Remind yourself that releasing control is wild freedom.



By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I am love
I accept life as it is
I accept myself as I am
I am inseparable from the love we share
Separation is an illusion
Facing fear of loss head on is wild freedom
There is more than enough to go around

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, feeling light and free. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!



Click here for the 'Inseparability With the Divine' transcript.

Click here for the 'Dissolving Fear of Loss' transcript.

Click here for the 'Feeling at Home in Your Body' transcript.



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Bullet Journaling Questions:
  1. Do you find yourself reminiscing about the way life was or a past experience you’ve had. Is there any past experience that you find your system or your energy still holding onto?
  2. Have any of your relationships suffered as a result of polarizing views?
  3. Is your body out of shape or imbalanced in any way. Is there any part of your body that currently feels imbalanced -- a little off; out of shape; stagnant, or needs extra attention. If so, what part of the body feels imbalanced?
  4. When or in what circumstances do you behave like everything is normal and okay when something is actually bothering you?
  5. Do you have fears about the future? If so, what are they?
  6. What worries keep you up at night? When you can’t sleep, what keeps you up?
  7. Is there anything that you’re afraid of losing? What might you be afraid of losing?
  8. When do you feel taken care of? When do you feel most taken care of -- whether it’s by yourself or by others; or circumstances, situations or places?
  9. When does it feel easy to be vulnerable? When does it feel a little easier to be vulnerable?
  10. When in your life have you felt a visceral sense of your own powerful spiritual nature?
  11. If you are going to take care of your powerful spiritual nature inside of you, what would you do? Or, if you were to create more situations to illicit your powerful spiritual nature, how would you create the circumstances for it to emerge?
  12. From briefly looking at your responses so far, do you have any overall insights? Has anything surprised you, challenged you, taken you off guard? Is anything unexpected?



Is there anyone you’re missing or anything you’re separated from?

What would it feel like in your body if you didn’t let go, but instead released the tension around it?

What are you afraid of losing?

When do you feel taken care of?

When does it feel easy to be vulnerable?/p>

When in your life have you felt a visceral sense of your own powerful spiritual nature?


Prefer to have a printed journal with the writing prompts?

Download the Radiance Orchid Journal here.



Write down anything you’re afraid of losing & sit with that feeling until you feel it soften.

Write down the names of everyone you’ve lost. As you burn the paper, dedicate the fire and smoke for their instant benefit.

Write down the situations in which you feel yourself wanting to control the outcome. Either laugh at it or wrap yourself in compassion.

Take note: when do you feel like there’s just not enough (money, love, opportunities)?

Write, dance or create movements that express your loss. Or any other creative expression. Go back and see what you see in your own work.




Anointing Oil LOTUSWEI flower essences



Awaken Your Inner Wisdom.

I will help you:

  • Experience flashes of insight
  • Embody kindness, generosity + compassion
  • Accept things as they are, without wanting to change them

Use me when:

  • Disconnected from your spiritual nature
  • Fearful of change or things not going your way
  • Stuck in a particular pattern or remnants



    Teaching 1 - Inseparability With the Divine

    This month in the Flowerevolution we are working with the Radiance Orchid, one of the most stunningly beautiful orchids I've ever seen in the wild. Beautiful white orchid that looks like a lot of different, interesting shapes from a hood to an angel. And it is incredibly fragrant.

    One of the themes, the major themes with Radiance Orchid is around the loss and separation or perceived loss and separation. I think one of probably the deepest patterns that we have as human beings is a sense that we're separate or alone, and that when people come in and out of our lives, that we experience a loss versus what I think to be like, the absolute reality which is more the sense of inseparability.

    But until we attain the visceral experience of inseparability, we can work with flowers like Radiance Orchid to help us sort of un-wire the patterns around separation and loss so that we can move closer to feeling the sense of inseparability.

    So, one of the main lessons that this flower teaches is that when we experience loss with like a friend, a love, a family member, somebody moves and leaves to another country we experience missing and longing. And then there's this part of us that doesn't want to let that person go because we feel like if we.. ah, it's a tricky concept. I'll just say you'll experience it as you go throughout this month but there is a sense of ease that arises when we can face our own resistance of pain or loss. And really look at what would it take for us to accept 500% the situation that we find ourselves in whenever we experience any kind of separation or loss, if we can directly turn our attention 500% toward this sensation we find that the energy around it of resistance dissolves.

    And when we are actually able to look at it -- very similar to like looking at the monster under your bed -- it just dissolves.

    And so it may not dissolve the missing of a person, place or thing, whatever the situation is, but it dissolves the tension around it which gives us a kind of a new sense of wild freedom. It also brings in an element of really feeling divinely supported, you know, the sense of feeling connected to all of the trees and animals and place and environment and people in your life. And when you have that sensation it really softens the fixation that we have on feeling loss and separation.

    It's interesting that this orchid is arising at this point in time. I think there may be many reasons why. It can be you know, obviously in our personal lives there may be somebody that you're experiencing a sense of loss around or fear of loss. It doesn't even have to be loss, it can be fear of eventual loss or separation but it can also relate to certain current events.

    I've heard a lot of stories of people who are, say, losing friendships or family members because of polarized views. And that seems to be arising a lot lately. Or you may feel a sense of loss around the way things were or separation in terms of not being able to travel. So you can look at it in terms of a context personally, working out those loss and, you know, illusion of separation patterns, or it can be applied to sort of a more current timeline framework as a more collective consciousness issue that we are experiencing this sense of loss of what we know things to be or loss of something, maybe loss of things that don't work.

    And in the process, maybe feeling a little bit separate. So Radiance Orchid will bring in a lot of ease.

    And also I should mention that the support for this month is boundless wisdom which as you most likely know is all about spacious awareness of the present moment. It's for any moments of transition or change. It brings in a lot of flexibility. A lot of boundless love, a sacred perspective. Feeling like you're at the right place at the right time and really being patient and flexible.

    So I find that when I'm going through processes of kind of recreating from the ground up after sensations of loss or separation, being patient and flexible is a really helpful tool.

    So question for this month as you are working with the radiance orchid:

    When in your life have you experienced loss or a sense of separation, which could show up like loneliness or feeling alone or feeling cut off or left behind or missing out on something?

    How do you personally relate to those concepts? When does it arise?


    Teaching 2 - Dissolving Fear of Loss

    Another aspect of Radiance Orchid is a sense of lack, right? Is working out these old patterns of lack around love or money. You can see how it similarly ties in with loss or fear of loss and separation. So what happens if you lose your job? What if you're laid off? What if your 401k disappears, your investments disappear? What if your real estate burns to the ground, right? It's like, what if I lose my money?

    So those types of worries or fears as well as love. What if my love abandons me? What if I lose love? What if I lose friendships or family relationships that have meant a lot to me? What if the polarization of the current situation rips apart a relationship that I had thought was really meaningful? So it is working through these fears of missing, missing out or missing something and really embracing the dismantling, you know, embracing the dismantling of whatever those situations are so that you can rebuild from a new place.

    If we talk about where it's like grasping attachment, fixation, like these are all things, clinging, these are all sort of like words that don't really feel good to us but you can imagine, you know, even somebody like takes your favorite coffee cup in the morning, right? And breaks it, let's say. You feel this like . Or like your favorite shirt or your favorite pillow case, right? We all experience this type of like fixation, grasping, clinging to something that gives us comfort.

    And so you can imagine that in love, love is such a huge concept, and comfort and money, love and money, the dismantling of what we are attached to, what gives us comfort, can rock our foundation. And so Radiance Orchid comes in to say, how can you turn toward that? How can you 100% accept life as it is without wanting to change things?

    Oftentimes when a stressful event happens, it's more this sense of either denial or not wanting to feel or not wanting to look, not wanting or not able to accept it 100% as is. And when we are finally able to have the incredible courage and bravery to turn toward it and accept it as is without any desire to change it. And then what happens is it changes us. We allow the situation to directly and deeply impact and shift things around on our inside. We grow, we mature, we develop wisdom and ultimately freedom, because think about how much energy we invest into protecting, denying, sweeping under the rug, not wanting to look if there's some little irritant and we just wanna pretend it's not there.

    There is a tremendous amount of energy that goes into avoidance or denial or glossing, smoothing over. So you may feel this month like there's something that is, has been bothering you, but you sort of behave like everything's fine and everything's normal. I mean, I know me personally, I live in such a pink bubble. I go from home to the office, from home to the office, from home to the office, and every now and then I'll step out into the real world as it is, and be sort of shocked that we're still in kind of this interesting situation that we're in. It always kind of hits me like a shock.

    And so you may find that there are things that have been sort of swept under the rug that actually you come to terms with and say, "Actually, no, this is really, really disturbing me." You know, it's like, you think it's something small, but small things have great impact. Think about a mosquito. A mosquito in your bedroom at night when you're trying to sleep. It's tiny, but it's very impactful. Just like a tiny, teeny little piece of dust when it's in your eye, on your eyeball, has a great impact.

    So this is the month where we turn toward those things and fully accept the way that we feel about something. It's not necessarily, oh, I have to accept this terrible situation, or I have to accept this and it goes against my morals, or I have to accept, you know, it's not actually about the situation per se. It's more about, I want to fully accept the reality of my response to it, of how I feel around it without hiding from my own feelings, without padding and protecting myself from my own experience of my own feelings.

    So the question for this week:

    Is there anything in the background that is bothering you about love, money, or that's just irritating you that you haven't really wanted to look at?

    Do you experience any fears of loss around any of the areas around money or love or is there something that actually it really is bugging you, but you've been sort of glossing over it?


    Teaching 3 - Feeling at Home in Your Body

    Aside from radical acceptance of life as it is, Radiance Orchid is also about radical self-acceptance. And so part of that is looking at your body, your body image.

    Are you in shape?
    Are you where you want to be?
    Are you comfortable in your own body?
    Do you feel at home in your own body regardless of how you see yourself?

    So that's another thing that may come up is just in general, like:

    How do you feel?
    Do you feel like, in shape or like, out of shape or do you feel comfy or not comfy?
    How do you feel in your wardrobe in terms of the clothes that you wear?
    And do you feel a sense of total self acceptance of all parts of your body? And if not, that's also another great area to work on.

    If I speak from personal experience I know for a long time there, I was exercising every day, running, doing all kinds of things and in the last month I kind of fell off the wagon and my health has separated in a couple of different ways and threw my back out. And so you may be in a similar position.

    How's 2020 going for you?
    How does your body feel?
    Is there some other types of support that you need to offer yourself or nourishment?
    And do you feel at home in your body?
    Do you feel comfortable in your own body and if not what needs to take place for you to feel comfortable?

    Maybe you're like binging on tons of sugar and wheat and dairy, and then suddenly you feel funky and inflamed and not at home in your own body. So those are some other examples.

    The question for this week is:

    Do you feel at home and comfortable and accepting inside your body?