Fierce Compassion: feeling alone or left behind
Infinite love: self love + forgiveness
Inner Peace: calm + comfort
Expansive Presence: feeling left out or left behind; fear of being cast out or alienated


Fierce Compassion: fear of loss or change
Wild Abundance: scarcity mindset; strong emotions around physical appearance
Infinite Love: dependent on external love; unable to forgive
Quiet Mind: perfectionism; unable to delegate
Boundless Wisdom: things being a certain way; fear of death
Open Heart: fear of loss


Wild Abundance: of opportunities available
Full Bloom: awareness of everyday actions + how they relate to greater goals
Quiet Mind: of mental activity
Boundless Wisdom - of the divine in every moment
Inner Peace: of emotional currents
Truthteller: where your fears hold you back; truths you’ve been avoiding
Expansive Presence: fuller realization of who we are as divine beings
Open Heart: of authenticity, intimacy and perfect timing 


Joy Juice: confusion/uncertainty of life’s path; hesitation
Inspired Action: fearlessness; decisive action
Full Bloom: clarity around purpose or vision
Quiet Mind: stillness, awareness; quiet the mind
Boundless Wisdom: insight into inner landscape
Expansive Presence: confusion around how to make your vision a reality 


Infinite Love: self-expression; being seen + heard
Inspired Action: creative abilities + ideas; trusting intuition
Full Bloom: dissolve insecurities
Inner Peace: inner strength; comfort being oneself
Truthteller: certitude
Expansive Presence: leadership from within; fearless independence; freedom of expression 
Open Heart: ability to ‘be with’ intense and complex emotional states 
Luscious Embodiment: self-acceptance, spacious embodied freedom


Luscious Embodiment: release tension, feel free


Inspired Action: creative expression; innovation
Full Bloom: taking huge steps towards your full potential
Inner Peace: fully being oneself; moving through change/transitions
Gamechanger: think outside the box; rapid growth
Truthteller: speaking up; asking for what you want
Expansive Presence: more ease being in the spotlight; ability to take greater risks 
Open Heart: effortless turning toward vulnerability and what’s scary  


Infinite Love: full expression of self
Inspired Action: inspiration; think outside the box
Full Bloom: uncovering hidden potential; collaboration 
Truthteller: authentic expression; singing voice, public speaking 
Expansive Presence: forward thinking; feed your vision; expansion 


Inspired Action: determination; decisiveness; focus
Quiet Mind: focused mind; clarity
Full Bloom: perseverance, tenacity + determination
Gamechanger: middle path vs. going to extremes
Open Heart: ability to address the present without rushing or getting stuck 


Inspired Action: decisiveness; productivity 
Quiet Mind: mental clarity; focus 
Truthteller: effortless communication 
Gamechanger: effortless action 
Expansive Presence: see your priorities clearly + focus action on them; attract & receive support 
Open Heart: cutting right to the chase; addressing the elephant in the room  


Luscious Embodiment: pleasure, spacious freedom


Radiant Energy: vitality; cleansing
Inspired Action: inspiration; motivation 
Full Bloom: endurance, strength + stamina 


Luscious Embodiment: free to be yourself
Truthteller: speaking your mind, conviction


Infinite Love: not taking enough time for self/giving all energy to others 
Radiant Energy: recharge from travel, others’ energy + EMF exposure 
Quiet Mind: take rejuvenating breaks; deep sleep
Gamechanger: feeling like there isn’t enough time 
Open Heart: dissolves apathy, boredom and the doldrums  


Fierce Compassion: betrayal, being taken advantage of or being unlovable
Inspired Action: others’ opinions, esp. towards creative ideas
Quiet Mind: overthinking, “what-if scenarios”
Full Bloom: self-limiting beliefs + negative patterning 
Boundless Wisdom: death, change, losing control, feeling unsafe
Inner Peace: general worries; nervousness; feeling unstable
Truthteller: fear of retribution for using your voice/speaking up; paranoia + phobias 
Expansive Presence: fear of the unknown, failure or things not working out
Open Heart: fear that what’s inside us is scary/ugly; fear of intimacy 


Joy Juice: playfulness; joy; laughter 
Gamechanger: light-heartedness 


Wild Abundance: gratitude, prosperity, abundance 
Joy Juice: celebration of life
Infinite Love: self + others
Open Heart: intimacy, warmth, connection 


Fierce Compassion: heartbreak or loss
Infinite Love: take care of self; heartache (past or present)
Boundless Wisdom: trauma, loss, disconnect from emotions + spirituality 
Inner Peace: acceptance of emotions; coping with change
Open Heart: fear of time running out, fear of losing our loved ones 


Fierce Compassion: disappointment, unreciprocated love 
Infinite Love: forgiveness; feeling whole; self-love
Joy Juice: old emotional wounds
Inner Peace: feeling unstable/insecure 
Open Heart: sense of surrender and operating from our heart  


Wild Abundance: enhanced sensory perception
Inspired Action: listen to & trust your inner voice
Quiet Mind: dissolve mental chatter; follow your heart 
Boundless Wisdom: spiritual awareness
Open Heart: perceiving interconnectedness with loved ones  


Infinite Love: needing love or affection
Wild Abundance: scarcity mentality
Expansive Presence: magnify ability to receive support instead of depletion 


Luscious Embodiment: sensuality & warmth
Radiant Energy: sensuality, playfulness & warmth


Wild Abundance: gratitude, magnetism, attraction
Fierce Compassion: tenderness, nurturing, motherly love
Infinite Love: self-love, magnetism, self-care
Boundless Wisdom: boundless love + compassion
Full Bloom: discerns whether there is compatibility
Truthteller: self-compassion; advocacy + speaking the truth
Open Heart: intimacy, connection, fearless empathy and presencing 


Infinite Love: self care; not giving all energy to others 
Inspired Action: focus; inspiration
Full Bloom: follow-through + determination 
Truthteller: conviction in what you want 


Wild Abundance: self-acceptance and self-love; overflowing abundance and sensory pleasure 
Expansive Presence: ability to receive support, dissolve the pattern that depletion is the only way to accomplish a great vision 


Luscious Embodiment: fear of pregnancy, labor, childbirth
Radiant Energy: balances reproductive system


Fierce Compassion: loss, betrayal + bitterness
Infinite Love: forgiveness + self-love
Inner Peace: emotional strength + confidence
Open Heart: ability to keep our hearts open despite rejection 


Fierce Compassion: loss or rejection
Joy Juice: letting go of old emotional wounds
Infinite Love: forgiveness
Boundless Wisdom: intense emotional experiences
Open Heart: ability to open to complex and intense emotional states 


Wild Abundance: feel uninhibited + divinely beautiful
Infinite Love: self-love; feeling beautiful; magnetism
Radiant Energy: warmth; radiance; vitality
Expansive Presence: unapologetic beauty; stepping into your (inner) power 
Open Heart: intimacy, connection, empathy, presencing 

Sexual Abuse:

Luscious Embodiment: healing past abuse


Inner Peace: emotional strength; new perspective; moving through changes
Boundless Wisdom: traumatic experiences
Open Heart: ability to see what we perceive as scary or ugly 


Wild Abundance: feeling beautiful, graceful + uninhibited 
Radiant Energy: sharing your true self; radiance + vitality 
Full Bloom: self-worth + confidence in abilities
Inner Peace: self confidence; emotional stability
Truthteller: speaking up for oneself + advocating for others 
Luscious Embodiment: confidence, let loose, be your full self


Quiet Mind: fall + stay asleep more easily, quiet the mind; dissolve physical tension 


Fierce Compassion: self-sufficient + self-fulfilled
Radiant Energy: vitality; balance of physical systems, especially hormones 
Inner Peace: steadiness; self-confidence
Open Heart: strength in vulnerability and authenticity 


Joy Juice: over-serious
Infinite Love: lack of self-care
Quiet Mind: mental stress/thinking too much; physical tension
Inner Peace: emotional stress/a lot going on
Open Heart: ability to open to complex and intense emotional states 


Fierce Compassion: confidence in love and relationships 
Infinite Love: trust within relationships with others 
Radiant Energy: ability to connect with others
Inspired Action: trusting self; listening to inner voice 
Full Bloom: relying on self + trust in one’s own abilities 
Quiet Mind: delegation; trust in others’ abilities
Boundless Wisdom: inner wisdom 
Truthteller: communication with self + others 


Joy Juice: over-serious; unable to laugh (esp. at oneself)
Quiet Mind: overthinking; unable to let go
Boundless Wisdom: change, loss, things not going your way
Inner Peace: emotional unrest 
Truthteller: fears, paranoias, what others will think
Gamechanger: overwhelm + running out of time