Everyone wants more love, right?

As humans, we have a deep desire for love and affection. Our understanding of an ‘ideal love’ life is highly influenced by today’s media. Movies often portray the perfect romance: girl meets boy; love at first sight. They get married and ride away into a magical paradise, living happily ever after.

The social media accounts we follow also tend to only share the bright & happy moments of life, setting unrealistic expectations in our minds of what romantic relationships are truly like.

Love is found in so many different forms.

Romance doesn't, and shouldn't, be the central point of love. Love resides between parents, children, grandparents, friends, siblings and even pets.

But no matter how much love we receive from outside forces, the most important form of love is the love we give ourselves. Loving and accepting yourself, just as you are, is challenging for most people.

Increasing our capacity to love ourselves is powerful, because ultimately, how we treat ourselves is how we treat others. This may sound cliche, but it's true - how much we're able to love others is directly related to how much we're able to love ourselves. We must learn to deeply love and cherish who we are, as we are.

In order to do so, the first step is to soften and heal our heart. If we harbor resentment and anger towards a person or situation, our mental and physical health will see the effects. Internalizing these emotions will take root and trickle throughout our whole body - and can cause guilt, stress, sadness and other feelings that limit our capacity to love.

Forgiveness is key in the world of love. When we forgive ourselves and others for wrongdoing, we become more light-hearted, compassionate and free. The clarity and sense of lightness that is available when we unpack the baggage we’ve been carrying around - directly enhances our ability to love and be loved.

Featured in this flower-guide are the flowers we’ve found to be the most effective at inducing ALL forms of love.

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