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Angelica is one of the most magical-looking plants in Iceland. In a country where the majority of botanicals are washes of green moss across mountainsides, Angelica towers up against the landscapes with huge, whimsical puff-ball flowers. Angelica helps us recognize divine support, and gain more awareness of angelic and benevolent unseen forces. It dissolves habitual patterns of superficiality, staying on the surface, or when things feel ‘flat’ or shallow. Angelica encourages us to tap into the deeper meaning of everything and connect to the rich purposefulness of life. Read more here!





Angelica Tablet Wallpaper LOTUSWEI flower essences





By being intentional when taking our flower essences, we remind ourselves, our guides and the universe what it is we want to embody. Choose one of the phrases below that most resonates, or make up your own! Every time you take your elixir, close your eyes and set your intention:

I am divinely supported.
I ask for divine help anytime I need it.
Magic is all around me.
I look for the deeper meaning in everything.
The deeper meaning reveals itself to me constantly.
I trust life and its unfolding.

To take it one step further, as you take your elixir and set your intention, visualize everyone else in this program, all around the world, discovering the magic within. By connecting with others in our group, we exponentially multiply the benefit + ripple effect!

Angelica Flower Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Click here for the Angelica Collection recording transcript

Click here for the Angelica + Unseen Support recording transcript

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When do I engage in superficiality?

When do I experience apathy or sense of ‘flat’ in daily life?

What practices do I have that connect me with an experience of the divine?

Which current situation in my life could benefit from my trusting the way life is unfolding?


Prefer to have a printed sheet with questions, practices + a calendar to track your month?

Download the Angelica Support Guide here.

Angelica flower Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Next time you spend time with a friend, ask them about them - don't make the conversation about you at all.
Reserve that time 100% for supporting them.

See the magic and synchronicity around you.

Notice what happens when you reflect on how lucky you are.

Ask for a sign from Mother Nature. Go for a walk. Be aware. Recognize it.

Practice: in all your conversations and experiences, look for the deeper meaning.

Angelica flower Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences








Angelica flower Iceland LOTUSWEI flower essences



Angelica Collection

We collected the Angelica flower elixir in Iceland. As you may know, Iceland is just one of the most crazy places in terms of really getting a sense of the magic of the earth with all its steam vents and boiling mud pots and hot springs. And waterfalls, there are a ton of waterfalls in Iceland. And I noticed that there was a particular flower at the base of almost every waterfall in the country. That was Angelica - these big beautiful white starbursts - across the green, mossy landscapes. They just look so friendly. Really beautiful and friendly.

It's interesting because Iceland doesn't really have too very many trees. It's really a landscape of all these little tiny things. So Angelica really towers above most of the plant life there. There's all this interesting folklore about it, in terms of it releasing people from spells and like, an angel, an Archangel, coming to a monk in a dream and telling him that Angelica was the cure for the plague.

There has to be something to all of these different folkloric stories that have commonalities. What I think of, is that typically waterfalls are places where there are water protectors. In the East, they would be called nagas which are not necessarily mythical beings. They're actually, in the east, they're actually considered real beings that just were not able to see with their eyes. Like in the spirit realm. You would think of them as water protectors or auspicious beings that hang around magical places like waterfalls.

I think it's interesting that Angelica grows in all of these places with waterfalls as well. And how every plant has a sort of signature feel to it: when you look at a plant, you immediately get a feel, like a read on the plant. Angelica's a really soft plant. It's really soft, really gentle. In terms of bringing us into the deeper meaning of things in our everyday life, or recognizing that we have all this unseen support around us, it's a really soft flower essence. It has a really gentle way of showing us things. So this month should be good. :D


Angelica + Unseen Support

One really magical aspect of the Angelica flower is that it helps us really tune in and get a sense of unseen support. And we can see that in terms of, say people who are in our lives who support us, that we may fail to recognize. Or we may take it for granted, or it just doesn't really appear on our radar. Angelica helps us really deeply appreciate those people that are there supporting us in the wings, either seen or unseen. Or people may pop out of the woodwork randomly and instead of just saying, "Oh, that's a coincidence," when you're working with Angelica, you'll typically really deeply feel appreciation for this level of support.

And Angelica can also be helpful for helping us recognize support that is in unseen realms. In the Eastern traditions, it's generally said that when we're born, we're assigned a protector. In other cultures, they're called guardian angels. Whatever you happen to call it, it's really, really amazing to think that there is a being that you can't see that is accompanying you throughout your entire life, looking after you. And I think often times we more-so get a of sense of this when say we just avoided an accident on the freeway by a hair. Or we somehow avoided an accident or we were in a sticky situation and somehow we got out of it. And it feels like the sense of relief and luck, like luckiness and fortunate and also like, wow. In some cases like, "Wow. I had help there."

I don't know if other people feel this, but I definitely feel like there are certain instances where I get this really strong sense of the protectors. I'm making them work really hard by some sort of action that I've taken. And in that moment, I get this incredible sense of gratitude for this protector looking out for me. So how wonderful is it to just be a little more conscious of that, to appreciate this being that looks after us? And how lovely is that? We always tend to think that we're so alone or we’re lonely; and perhaps there's this protector being that is at our aid at any point in time.

This week, I thought it would be just a nice little ritual to take a moment to reflect on that and to really give deep thanks and gratitude to our protectors and any beings really in the unseen realms that we can't see with our naked eye, but that are there looking after us and helping to make certain opportunities clearer to us. Helping to make things smoother and more effortless for us and to protect us from harm and to connect us with the right people. And to help us, in general, have right timing. So just taking a moment to deeply appreciate those beings in the unseen realms that are helping you.

I think it's a really nice practice to do every now and then as a reminder just to have more awareness and consciousness around all the different kinds of support that we have; whether it's angelic forces or human beings that are looking after us that we may not always take note of.

So the question for today or this week is:

Who is really, really supporting you? Who is there to support you on the deepest levels? Who are those beings that have always come through for you in the most loving and faithful and reliable and human way? And are you fully conscious of or seeing or able to appreciate their support? And if there's any part of us that's taking it for granted, what could we do to show, or to express, our appreciation?


Deeper Meaning, the Opposite of 'Figure it Out'

Sometimes, trying to find the deeper meaning in things results in thinking too much. I know at least when I think about deeper meaning I think about reflection and introspection and a deeper understanding of why things occur the way that they do.

So today I just wanted to talk a little bit about the absolute total opposite of that. Which is: When something challenging is happening and you, you can't see the deeper meaning. You don't know the end of the story yet. It doesn't make any sense. And our tendency is to just bang our heads against the wall and just keep going over it, and over it, and over it and trying to figure it out.

We do that. We do that when we're suffering, or when we're challenged, or when we're confused, and we don't understand other people's behavior, or a particular situation. I mean the fact is ... the fact that we have any understanding at all is pretty amazing, considering all the different factors that play into our behaviors and patterns and relationships from this life, and if you believe in previous lifetimes, previous lifetimes that we have no access or memories of.

And so, sometimes, understanding a deeper meaning doesn't necessarily mean that you have it figured out. It doesn't mean that you logically understand why it's happening, what the result is, or what the cause is. We may not know the cause, we may not know the future result or the outcome, but one thing is important. And that is: understanding meaning, a richness of experience, the fearlessness to be vulnerable, to sit in it, to look at it, to not run away from the pain or suffering or stress or tension around it, to let go of resistance to it, to sink into the acceptance of not having the answers and to just living with the questions.

Sometimes that's really the understanding. When I say understanding, like deeper understanding. It's almost like a richness of experience that allows a challenging experience to be transformative for us on the deepest levels that don't necessarily incorporate intellectual understanding.

Not to say that we can't have it, we could understand it. We could gain insights from it, or wisdom, or maybe it takes us 10 years to realize why some particular painful experience occurred in our life. Or why some particularly joyful and positive experience happened in our life.

Just curious about some of the translation or the expression of that deeper understanding, where it's that ... It's like the difference of when you go on a trip for example, let's say you go on a trip to Italy, or Iceland, or Nigeria, or Montana or wherever, people can ask you about your trip, they can ask you if you enjoyed it, you can tell them stories, but nobody really, really, really understands unless they've been there. You don't really understand Mongolia until you've been to Mongolia. You can see photos, but it's not the same as being there.

This idea of having a so-called deeper understanding of life, or things that occur in our life essentially has nothing to do with the figure it out capacity of our mental brain. It's more about the capacity of a lived experience to transform us and to being fully up for that, fully open to that. Fully open arms to that, even if it's uncomfortable, or painful or confusing or like banging your head against the wall.

The question for this week is: In what way can you open up even more? In what way can you dissolve resistance to that deeper understanding, that richer lived experience even if it's painful?

In what ways can you apply self-compassion to the extent that you can open up even more to the experiences that are in your life, whether they are painful or joyful? Whatever they are. How can we open more to the experiences of life? That's what creates that "deeper understanding."

And again, you can also ask your guides, and the protectors, and the angelic forces, to help give you signs to help you understand, if that's a route you want to take as well.