Inspired Action Mist

Enhanced intuition. Out-of-the-box thinking & innovation. Zero overwhelm. I got this. Check, check, check. Used every hour, you're unstoppable.
Flower Essences Inside

Fire Star Orchid

Red Bird of Paradise

Chandelier Succulent


White Yarrow

Pink Lotus

Have you been procrastinating on your to-do list? Do you have a hard time trusting your intuition? Move through creative blocks, be more decisive & finish what you start. Mist yourself with Inspired Action for a boost of fearless creativity.

MAGNIFIES: Motivation, productivity & follow through; inspiration, creativity & innovation; decisiveness

DISSOLVES: Creative blocks & lack of motivation; procrastination, distraction, lack of focus; indecision

Smells Like
Riding a bike around a tropical island with rays of sunshine, peppery spices and a hint of Coca Cola.

Lime, Cardamom, Lemon, Pink Pepper, Bay Rum + Allspice
How to Use
Mist around your crown & heart 5 times a day, everyday.
Purified water (Aqua), Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Oil, Schinus molle (Pink Pepper) Oil, Pimenta racemosa (Bay Rum) Oil, Pimenta dioica (Allspice) Oil, Epidendrum radicans (Fire Star Orchid) flower essence, Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Red Bird of Paradise) flower essence, Kalanchoe tubiflora (Chandelier Succulent) flower essence, Euphrasia nemorosa (Euphrasia) flower essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) flower essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) flower essence and Fluorite gem essence.

Customer Reviews

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ABSOLUTE game changer

Let me just say, this is absolutely life-changing. I went from having no energy and even applying for disability (because I couldn't bring myself to work or do anything) to feeling motivated and even excited about life. Today, I cleaned my room, ate three meals, finished my homework, and even pampered myself—all things I struggle with. As someone with chronic fatigue and severe ADHD, with little to no motivation, this is a game-changer for me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such amazing feedback! We are thrilled to hear that Inspired Action has had such a positive impact on your life! WOW!

It is truly heartwarming to know that it has helped you overcome challenges and feel motivated. Keep thriving and stay inspired!

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Ferguson Seith
Shipping takes so long

Love but shipping takes so long. It takes a full week and a half to receive not including whatever issues go on at the post office.

Hey Ferguson! I'm sorry to hear this. Processing takes up to 4 business days before dispatch takes place, and shipping times depend on where you are based :) Our fulfillment team process as quick as they can! We let folks know what to expect in our order confirmation email that we send out. xoxo


My FAV!!! Totally tell a difference when I use this product. Try it!!

This is magical

I spray myself just before working and i am so productive and i have so much more energy! I can focus more and i accomplish things very quickly. Every task seams easy and i don't procrastinate anymore!
I also sprayed my collegues and they were all amazed to see that it works every single time!
i love this product so so much
I will rebuy it for sure 😌

Barbara Penn
Lightness of Being

I have had health issues in the past three years, and I take several vitamin type supplements recommended by a naturopathic doctor. I am doing hyperbaric oxygen treatments that are bringing back focus, clarity and organization from a concussion. I give myself a light spraying of Inspired Action Mist after my morning supplements and it gives me courage, freedom and lightness. I believe that Inspired Action mist, together with Fierce Compassion has helped me to open to creativity--I am making small drawings during my oxygen treatments, as a practice, and Fierce Compassion has opened my support and love for others.