Luscious Embodiment Serum

  • Combination of flower essences + essential oils, infused in an organic Safflower oil base.

    MAGNIFIES: Feeling exotic, beautiful & exquisite; discovering beauty in being different; a sense of the profound in the silence; coming out of your shell; setting healthy boundaries; being your fullest and fiercest self; the ability to rest; a sense of freedom; a desire to let loose and embrace everyday magic; creativity & help birthing new ideas; free expression and a liberating energy; fertility and balance within female reproduction.

    DISSOLVES: Feeling ‘different’, unusual or not fitting in; aloofness; isolation or shyness; feelings that others are a drain/disturbance on you; worry and go-go-go tension; feeling closed off or hardened; resistance to life itself; self-limiting patterns regarding sensuality & sexuality; trauma from a past sexual abuse; feeling stagnant or shut down.

    AROMA: Spicy Floral

  • Apply to face and pulse points; massage your ears + the back of your neck 5 times daily for transformative results.

    GET CREATIVE: Rub onto the soles of your feet before bed + wake up in that mood. Add a few pumps into your bath for moisture + relaxation. Use as a body moisturizer or in abhyangha body oil applications. As oil to give or receive massage.

  • PRIDE OF MADEIRA: Feeling accepting of yourself, connected to everything around you, and in awe of the profoundly magical world we live in; helps you discover the beauty in being different.

    WILD DELPHINIUM: Being your full fierce self; coming out of your shell; voicing your needs, setting boundaries; capacity to receive others where they’re at.

    ICELANDIC VICIA: Ability to rest and be; sense of freedom and openness; desire to let loose + embrace magic.

    SQUASH BLOSSOM: Fertility, easeful labor + childbirth, women’s reproductive balance; healthy expression of sensuality and sexuality; prolific creative expression, birthing new ideas.

    PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding.

    SAPPHIRE GEM ESSENCE: Self-appreciation whilst magnifying creative and loving expression; encourages a sense of inner optimism and enhances one’s own unique intuition.

  • INGREDIENTS: Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) Oil, Vitamin E (from non-GMO soybeans), Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) Oil, Schinus molle (Pink Pepper) Oil, Citrus junos (Yuzu) Oil, Tanacetum annum (Blue Tansy) Oil, Bursera graveolens (Palo Santo) Oil,  Echuim fastuosum (Pride of Madeira Flower) Flower Essence, Delphinium carolinianum (Wild Delphinium) Flower Essence, Vicia cracca (Icelandic Vicia) Flower Essence, Cucurbita pepo (Squash Blossom) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Sapphire Gem Essence.
    *Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The good mood serum

I love using luscious embodiment serum at night on my feet. I wake up feeling relaxed, happy, sensual, beautiful. It’s a great way to wake in the morning, to appreciate yourself and the magic in the world.

Jill Jasen
Such a treat!

I am in love with this serum, the scent, the feel on my skin and how it makes me feel inside. I use it after I shower and just bought the anointing oil so I can keep using it throughout the day. It smells so good. Gentle and soothing but so luxurious. I don't have many serums so maybe they are all this good. If you find yourself drawn to it take it as a hint.

amazing <3

This is probably my favorite item from Lotus Wei right now! I love to put it on my feet at night, but it's great to apply anywhere. I use it often instead of the anointing oil because I tend to really like the lighter scents of the serums :) Using it before sleep gives me insightful, vivid, creative, sexy, beautiful, enjoyable dreams~ I can't even express how awesome my whole experience is with this serum! It's been amazing as I navigate self-healing. Truly, the flowers in Luscious Embodiment really speak to me me, and to what I need. I am so thankful to Katie for formulating this incredible blend! I'll always have all of the Luscious Embodiment products on hand <3

Juicy and affectionate

I've been using this serum at least 5x a day for the last three weeks, and I've noticed such a fascinating shift in my relationship with my boyfriend... Usually I'm stuck in work mode and have a hard time dropping into a more soft, affectionate headspace when I'm with him. Since using this serum, I've noticed a real shift in our relationship. I feel so much more soft, juicy, and feminine around him, and he's really noticed the difference too!

Jessica C
Quick Results, Incredibly effective

I ordered the Luscious Embodiment serum because I recently realized just how disconnected from my body I am. Specifically concerning to me was my disconnect from physical pleasure. That's not me but I figured it was an unfortunate side effect of being a full time mom and having a tiny human attached me to all the time. I wanted to create a ritual that helped ground me back in me but in a way that helped me connect back to my sensuality. The serum seemed like the obvious choice since it would add the element of physical touch. I've been using the serum for about a week and a half 3-5 times a day. I'll apply to my face, neck, shoulders & even sometimes to my underams after a shower. At first I felt some friction come up. Can't put my finger on what, just knew something was unwinding. Then, a couple of days ago, I felt this breakthrough. I feel more embodied and connected to me. My husband is noticing a difference and when we had a moment to sneak off for some alone time fun, I didn't shy away are come up with some lame excuse about laundry. I jumped & we had an incredible experience. I'm not a different person or anything, just more me. Less stiff, uptight, dissatisfied. I'm in love! This is the first serum I've ordered and I have to say I love the formulation. It is light enough for me to use in my hair (it's fine and just about everything weighs it down) and my skin loves how quickly it absorbs.