Boundless Wisdom Mist

Look beyond the obvious & perceive the preciousness of every moment. Catalyze mindful awareness & be here now.

Experiencing a big transition in life? Support yourself through major life changes with Boundless Wisdom Mist. Embrace discomfort as a key to awakening & experience powerful healing of old traumas.

MAGNIFIES: Compassion; soothing calm; spiritual awareness; flexibility, non-attachment & ability to embrace change

DISSOLVES: Fears around death or change; disconnection; chronic effects of traumatic stress; attachment

Smells Like
A soothing green rose garden with cool wet underbrush, sipping on cardamom-spiced lemonade & sweet dewdrops.

Cardamom, Frankincense, Amyris, Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Monarda, Palmarosa, Davana, Rosewood & Laurel
How to Use
Mist around your crown & heart 5 times a day, everyday.
Purified water (Aqua), Santalum spicatum (Sandalwood) Oil, Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) Oil, Amyris balsamifera (Amyris) Oil, Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) Oil, Rosa damascena (Rose) Oil, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) Oil, Jasminum officinale (Jasmine) Absolute, Monarda fistulosa (Monarda) Oil, Cymbopogon martinii (Palmarosa) Oil, Artemisa pallens (Davana) Oil, Aniba rosaedora (Rosewood) Oil, Laurus nobilis (Laurel) OilSyringa vulgaris (Lilac) flower essence, Ficus religiosa (Bodhi Tree) essence, Magnolia grandiflora (White Magnolia) flower essence, Monarda punctata (Spotted Bee Balm) flower essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) flower essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) flower essence and Amethyst gem essence.

Customer Reviews

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Boundless Wisdom

I am a self-admitted essential oil, floral essence and herbal snob. I did not expect this to be a very impactful product, but wanted to give it a try based on others reviews and ratings. I was so wrong. This brand is so unique and has done an amazing job at creating a quality product. I really love this scent, but also how I can feel it transforming my energy. I spray it on my face and throat and chest. I inhale deeply, and a sense of peace and calm and determination comes over me. I am excited to try more blends.

Hey Christy!
Thank you so, so much for your wonderful feedback. So glad you are feeling the transformative qualities! We have awesome bonus additions you can explore whilst working with Boundless Wisdom that'll amplify your experience. I'll leave the link below!

Most needed

I need this essence for myself and my sweet pup Lily. It is the best thing for both of us.

Didn't think I needed this but wow!

I got this as part of the flower evolution program, I wouldn't necessarily have bought it at the time, because I'm generally really connected and tapped in spiritually, surrendered, spend a lot of time in refective space etc., but I'm so glad I got to try it, it suprised me!
I'm doing a lot of healing work and this helped open my vision even more to see things better, also when I work with others, helped to reveal things more clearly... plus helped feeling more at ease in general, so I also use it when I need that, or when I feel the need to let of something, it's been wonderful support!

A moment in nature

Boundless Love, along with Infinite Love, is my absolute favorite. Somehow it makes me very connected to nature, which also feels like love and groundedness. I do think that when we are grounded and connected to nature and to our true self, we have access to the wisdom and intuition that is always there but that we forget how to connect with or listen to.

Cuts through the confusion

This mist is great when you are need of clarity of understanding what you are going through especially through self healing. It also helps you just be at peace and centered through the a crisis