Crystal Clear Lip Balm

  • A one-of-a-kind lip balm infused with flower remedies to help you speak with crystal clear clarity.

    MAGNIFIES: Powerful + energetic expression, fearless speech; addressing priorities head on; expression that enhances engaging with others; effortless communication even during difficult conversations

    DISSOLVES:Fears around speaking your truth; introversion, meekness + timidity; avoidance, hesitancy or tentativeness; isolation or withdrawal; resistance around being seen + heard

    AROMA: Spicy + Sensuous Rose

  • Apply to your lips throughout the day ~ 5 times daily for transformative results.

  • TRUMPET VINE: Fearlessness, effortless speech and more ease around communication.

    GREVILLEA: Speak your mind without fear of hurting someone's feelings. Come out of your shell and speak up freely.

    ROYAL POINCIANA: Ask for what you want without hesitation. Take on challenges with “whatever it takes” conviction.

    CALIFORNIA GLORY: Bigger voice and bigger presence. Be unabashedly yourself and bare all. Helpful for public speaking, singing or vocal arts.

    SILKY FRINGE: Say-it-like-it-is without hesitation. Address issues head on. 

    AQUAMARINE GEMSTONE:Courage, self-expression, responsibility for oneself.

  • INGREDIENTS: *Safflower Oil, *Beeswax, *Coconut Oil, *Vitamin E, *Alkanet Root, Cardamom Essential Oil, Rosemary Extract, Calendula Extract, Trumpet Vine Flower Essence, Grevillea Flower Essence, Royal Poinciana Flower Essence, California Glory Flower Essence, Silky Fringe Flower Essence, Pink Lotus Flower Essence, Yarrow Flower Essence and Aquamarine Gem Essence.

Customer Reviews

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I love love love this lip balm but will not be purchasing more as I am moving away from seed oil products

Thank you so much for your feedback - we understand :)


Love it

A magical lipstick!

I got my lipstick this morning and I love it! The scent is very delicate and to my liking. It is moisturizing but not greasy. After a little while that I had it on, my jaw started making weird moves that felt like a release of tension and I still feel energy moving in my throat chakra. It is so beautiful to have a healing lipstick like this! I thought that it would be as beautiful to also have a hand cream infused with your lovely blends. I wash my hands so many times a day and all meridians have their points in the hands, so wouldn’t that be a great combo? Katie, I am just throwing this idea to you ;)

It helps

It smells lovely, moisturizes and heals. I love this lip balm.

Danita Jackson
Words shot out of my mouth

I just got it today and I was eager to try it! Shortly after applying it, while driving, I felt a compulsion to say whatever I was feeling without inhibition. There was this cocky boldness that came out of no where. It was noticeable, as I normally would think things in my mind or think before speaking. My first thought was, "is it the lip balm?! What is it supposed to release? Crystal Clear...Am I supposed to be calm and have clear thoughts?" I had forgotten what the set intention was and continued speaking uninhibitedly. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the intention of this balm. Yep. Sure enough. After reading the description, it all made sense. Probably taking Game Changer (oil and elixir), Radiant Energy (spray), and Expansive Presence for the past 5 days only made it easier to express myself. Thanks, LOTUSWEI Team. This is fun! :)