Inner Knowing Elixir

  • Delicious honey elixir infused with flower essences + Silver Hydrosol. 5 drops, 5 times a day, under the tongue.

    MAGNIFIES: Internal resourcing; trusting your inner vision; step-by-step unfolding; Wayfinding; inner knowing; self-trust; ‘Seeing’ into believing: see beyond, see the future, make it real; liberation of creative energy; embodiment of vision; Wild expansion; strength to break through limitations; “I can achieve whatever I want” messaging; fearless action regardless of what others think.

    DISSOLVES: Fear of the unknown; Feeling like we need external help; Getting either bogged down or overstimulated; Feeling lost or off track; doubts; fear; Being meek, timid, closed down, hidden within self; scarcity model/mind-set; bending to the weight of the world; Prickly attitude, irritation of holding/being held back; sense of limitation; “You can’t do that” messaging; fear of persecution.

  • USE: Enjoy 5 drops sublingually 5 times each day regularly until bottle is finished; or put a dropperful in your water bottle each morning and drink throughout the day.

    GET CREATIVE: Morning coffee, party punch, restaurants, water bottle, child’s water or juice, pet’s water, cocktails.

    FEEL A DIFFERENCE: Most people feel a dramatic difference in their everyday state of mind within 2-3 days, with a cumulative effect over time. If used regularly, bottle lasts 3-4 weeks, enough time to experience a significant shift in mood and everyday life. Safe (& excellent) for children over 12 months of age.

  • EAGLE FERN: Internal resourcing; trusting your inner vision; step-by-step unfolding.

    Make it real; liberation of creative energy; embodiment of vision.

    INDIAN PAINTBRUSH: Wayfinding; inner knowing; self-trust.

    ROSE OF VENEZUELA: Wild expansion; strength to break through limitations; fearless action regardless of what others think.

    PINK LOTUS: Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding.

    GREEN MOONSTONE GEM ESSENCE: Amplify your intuition, heighten your sixth sense perception, connect strongly with Mother Earth and feminine energy, and balance the yin and yang energies in both men and women.

  • INGREDIENTS: Purified water (Aqua), Ethically-Sourced Honey, Silver Hydrosol, *Vitis vinifera (Grape) Alcohol, Pteridium aquilinum (Eagle Fern) Flower Essence, Alpinia zerumbet (Shell Ginger) Essence, Castilleja chromosa (Indian Paintbrush) Flower Essence, Brownea grandiceps (Rose of Venezuela) Flower Essence, Cedrus deodara (Himalayan Cedar) Oil, Citrus junos (Yuzu) Oil, Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress) Oil, Ocimum santum (Holy Basil) Oil, Foin coupe (Hay) Absolute, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Green Moosntone Gem Essence.

    *Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kelsey Green

I can’t believe the difference I have noticed in just a few weeks. Truly amazing

Melanie F
Heightened Intuition

The Inner Knowing Elixir has increased my intuitive abilities very quickly. My mother told me the other day that I had “read her mind”!
I’m also feeling things very deeply and feel much more in tune. This flower elixir is amazing!

Subtle waves of peace

I really enjoyed this elixir. I felt like it turned a lot of beliefs I had upside down, and brought in subtle waves of peace. Beautiful.

Took a step into the unknown with peace

I've been using the elixir and the mist every time I walk past the bottles and not realizing how powerful they are until now. I made a significant career change that shocked everyone around me but me. Peace, confidence, and a strong inner knowing that this was the right choice for me never wavered despite many well intent opinions. I don't know what the future holds but I remain calm and open to new miracles. I strongly believe this essence gave me the strength to listen to myself with confidence.

Michael Fraser
Helped my friend manifest a new life!

I had used this essence myself and found it to be so powerful and helpful that I bought it for a friend. She credits it with helping her find her center and inner guiding wisdom that inspired her to make choices to create a whole new life for herself. She really is blown away by the confidence and trust in her intuition that happened after taking the essence.