Soothe your heart and surrender into self-love & acceptance.

Hope. Resilience. Transmutation.


Sacred Heart

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Shiri Redensky
Delicious smelling

Sacred Heart really holds the vibrational essence of the flowers it contains. It’s totally apparent when I use the spray and/or the tincture. It feels like an act of self love when I spray it on myself.. my crown chakra and my heart. Thanks and Blessings…

Got me through a very uncertain & difficult time.

I had a big health scare right before my Sacred Heart kit arrived. Divine timing or what - I took this everyday without fail and found myself reaching for it so intuitively. I have never felt so supported by a flower essence as much as this one. Right when the going got tough, this blend brought me into a state of calm, of acceptance - with a 'fighter' mentality. I waited 2 long weeks for a health scan and the agony of waiting was far less overwhelming because of Sacred Heart. Thankfully, I had positive results from this scan and all is okay. Sacred Heart has gifted me with far more resilience and grit than I never thought I ever would have.

Please do yourself a favor and try this!


Have really enjoyed using the mist. It's so refreshing and the scent is great! Makes me feel good and am glad that I purchased it!

Dawn Engler
Heart Healing

I'm not sure what I expected from this beauty, but my heart had a big hurting last year so I thought, go for it. Let me just say that I believe that it has helped me into the final stage of my breakup of...forgiveness. I never thought I would get there, and yet, here I am. Ever since I started taking this, I feel less and less tied to the anger of the betrayal. AMAZING.
Peace, joy, forgiveness, and an all around sense of calm.
Love this blend.

Mary Gaughan
Very pleased

It has been a subtle change but I feel lighter, brighter and more positive after using the Sacred Heart spray mist.


Infused with 9 flower remedies to soothe your heart & surrender into self-love & acceptance during times of transition.