Sacred Body

The subtle body is a gateway to your vitality.

Auric revitalization. Bioenergetic purification. Ethereal alignment.

Sacred Body Flower Elixir Supplement
Flower Elixir Blend with Silver to support the body’s natural detoxification and self-healing processes.

Sacred Body Wei Qi Facial Mist
Flower Elixir Mist with Silver + Jasmine essential oil sprayed directly on the face.



Infused with 9 flower remedies for rapid detox, self-healing & vitality.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Wong
Deep Connections

I was skeptical about this product but I had tried Bach flower remedies years ago and remembered their positive effects. I was taken back by the
price of Sacred Body, but somehow guided to buy through my intuition. I
ordered my first bottle of Sacred Body, and when I ran out, I ordered a second bottle, and added the Sacred Body mist! Why? I found that it is an excellent product that actually raised my connection to nature in a soft peaceful veil that has given me SO MUCH INSIGHT into the human/nature symbiotic existence on our planet. Since beginning the second bottle, I have been blessed with frequent visits of a juvenille grey/silver fox. A beautiful creature! I am thrilled with my heartfelt connection to this amazing creature!! I am newly opened to nature and the lessons, insights and wisdom it provides! Life is a journey, and I blessed to have Sacred Body as my travelling companion ❤

Truly zaps headaches and sore throats ASAP

Sacred body has become a trusty toolkit when I am feelin run down. Headaches that would often have me turning to Advil, have let up or disappears with a few rounds of Sacred Body elixir every 10 minutes for a half hour). As for the mist, if you like Jasmine you will LOVE the mist. It is like walking Thru a Jasmine field. I can’t help but feel a little zing of revitalization when I spray it ✨

Grounded and protected

I have been using the elixir and mist together for a couple of weeks now. I’ve noticed a real slowing down, and centeredness within my body. I am literally taking more time with what might be considered mundane, everyday physical self care and honoring this body that houses my energy. I’ve also noticed a feeling of more auric “ cushioning” , which allows me to feel more comfortable around other energies. As if that isn’t enough, the aroma of the mist is intoxicating. My husband now requests to stand near me when I use it. Lovely! Thank you !

Love it

I love sacred body it’s my favorite so far.


The sacred body elixir has helped me so much. I had a mini healing crisis for a few days and then began to feel much better.
I felt more aware of what my body needed - more rest, more water, and feel more energized as a result of taking it too. My body began to detox
right away, and it felt really good to have that release. I intend to purchase it again and highly recommend it!