Limitless Living

May 30, 2018

EP 33: Limitless Living with Tiffany Soi

What you'll hear in this episode:
  • Cultivating self-awareness + self-compassion
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone: and ignoring the negative voice in the back of your mind
  • Breaking through barriers: when you feel (or have been told) you cannot succeed - you can!
  • Deflecting negative energy: Trusting in yourself + your abilities
  • The joy of eating: using food as another source of self-care
  • Slowing down for self preservation: the importance of taking time to ‘play’

More about Tiffany:

Tiffany Soi is a proponent of Limitless [Multidimensional] Living. An [unintentional] boundary-breaker, Tiffany is an Astrophysicist & STEM careerist turned Wellness [& Personal Growth] Advisor. She is also an advanced competitive and outdoor rock climber, a yoga teacher, performance artist and creator of ClimbFlow Movement: the dynamic yoga + fitness method, created for climbers and anyone who wants to elevate in body & mind.

Also an insatiable travel fiend, she uses the term "Astro-Physical-ist": someone who believes in the power of our cosmic, beyond-physical magic, being manifested through our experiences as brilliant physical beings. She encourages everyone to embrace their AstroPhysicalist to cultivate their own version of a brilliant, fulfilling life.

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