November 30, 2019


Intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier is back for another episode of the MOONSHINE series on the #FlowerloungePodcast. We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!



  • Mercury moves from Scorpio into Sagitarrius, and then into Capricorn 

  • Venus will enter Capricorn toward the end of December 

  • Jupiter moves into Capricorn for ONE YEAR

  • First eclipse of our eclipse season happens


Jupiter moves into Capricorn. It's been partying in Sagittarius for the last year. Now we’ll get some ground. It’s not a super strong happy placement for Jupiter, because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (restrict, hold back, less is more).

So there will be a slow and steady growth if you’re ready to do the work you need to do. Responsibility, integrity. 

In 2019, we were dreaming a lot, overpromising + underdelivering. Loosen the belt, eat some more, million dreams and they’ll all come true. 

2020 is a time for underpromising + over delivering.

What’s realistic? Don’t make too many promises. Responsibility can feel restrictive. 

Jupiter in Capricorn can feel restrictive and that can be confusing. Tightening things up, creating boundaries. Reducing things. 

Look at Capricorn in your chart to make the most of 2020. What planets are in Capricorn? Cancer? Libra? Aries?

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7: Mercury exits Retrograde shadow.

    Mercury exits its retrograde shadow, which will help with communication (shadow lasts about 2 weeks - going back over the stuff it has been over).

    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8: Jupiter Squares Chiron

    Jupiter squares Chiron - you might feel a bit tender. Holiday season. Take time out if you need to. Work on creative projects or meditation.

      MONDAY, DECEMBER 9: Mercury makes moves

      Mercury moves into Sagittarius until Dec 28th - technically Mercury is in detriment. Mercury is more about the details and Sagittarius is more about expansive thinking. Especially after being so inward, it will feel like things are really lightening up in your communication. It will not be as intense - it will be more like broad strokes. Can be loud-mouthed and hot-headed.

      Mercury trine to Chiron near the Full Moon - it helps us speak up and find solutions, rather than be stuck in wounded place.


        Sun and Moon are squared in Neptune - can bring some confusion or murkiness. It can bring a lot of ideas and inspiration and creative thinking. Being that it’s the holidays, It all sounds fun

        Venus makes a conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn earlier in the month - this happens only once/year. 

        July 2019 - Venus was opposing Capricorn. Now you’re encountering. You noticed you were facing (relationships, finances). Dealing with the responsibility of the choices you made. When this happened it was in Cancer. 

        This is a great time to look at everything you have on your plate and only move forward with what you absolutely can do. If you can’t do it wholly (and financially with comfort), cut it loose. 

        Check your finances. Only buy it if it’s long-term, practical. 

        After this full moon, we’re in eclipse season.

        THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12: Chiron stations direct

        Acknowledging what you’ve healed, where you’ve gained wisdom.

          FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13: Look for the gold.

          Venus makes a conjunction with Pluto - catharsis in relational dynamics 

          Pluto can make openings that can be upheavals - if you’re encountering a pattern or tendency, you can look back to July to see what was happening. 

          You may not feel super awesome, so look for the gold. If the earth opens up there are riches. What’s the treasure of letting go of relationships or spending patterns that are not serving you? 

          Neptune brings some emotional healing this weekend.

          SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14: Jupiter Capricorn with Taurus - won't happen until 2028

          Shake up some routines, try something new, reflect about 2020. Start it and commit to it. 

          Clear away and let go of what’s not important helps us reconnect and re-devote to what’s most important to us.

            THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18: Mercury sextile

            Encourage you to take strategic action. But also might feel a bit confusing or you’re around folks who are super chatty. 

            Keep it practical and don’t believe everything you think.

            FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19: Venus changes into Aquarius

            Independent and emotionally cool. Desire for freedom. Collective thinking. Big picture humanity. Out of the box desires.

              SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20: Solstice - shortest day of the year

              Wherever the sun moves in your chart, it’s an opportunity to clear out that part of your life. 

              What do I realistically think I can make happen? Only three things. Re-valuing things.

              Venus makes a connection to Chiron. Hey don’t beat yourself up for what hasn't happened here. What did you learn from your mistakes or misfortunes? Finding the wisdom and growth from those times. Seeing how you can try again in a different way.

              SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21: Venus square to Uranus

              Rebellion, independence, sense of not being boxed in. Make sure you have space for yourself so that you have enough energy.

              MONDAY, DECEMBER 23: Sun squares Chiron

              You may experience imposter syndrome.

                TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24: Trine to Uranus in Taurus

                If you celebrate Xmas Eve, do something unexpected. Maybe you’ll connect with someone you didn't’ expect. Or make a new tradition. Enjoy the energy. Enjoy the surprises.


                Partial solar eclipse that’s not visible for most of the world.

                It’s activating a new layer of activity from July of 2019, b/c this is the same part of your chart that the Capricorn/Cancer eclipses hit. It’s a South Node eclipse - letting go of what doesn’t work. 

                Jupiter is conjunct the Moon, so it feels different

                There is an element of hope. If something is not important to you - if you can't commit to it, let it go. 

                Part 2 of the eclipse will be on Full Moon in Capricorn, January 10th. Some of you it will impact A LOT. Some of you it won’t even affect you at all. 

                FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27: Sun makes a conjunction with Jupiter

                You might feel optimistic and streamlined. 

                Mercury will be in Capricorn - Cazimi - very good for practical thinking and coming down to earth. Make some decisions. It will tone down the energy after the hot air. Bringing more structure to the vision.

                  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29: Mercury squares Chron

                  Fear of the future or fear of change might arise. Don’t stay stuck in wallowing. Make a change.

                  MONDAY, DECEMBER 30: Mercury makes a trine

                  Opens up new ideas. 

                  Last days of the decade.

                  Pisces Capricorn sextile - sweet connection between your goals and dreams 

                  Moon in dreamy place; Sun is in your goals place. What are you grateful for?

                    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31: Moon conduct Pisces in Neptune

                    Makes you feel transcendent. Or can make you want to distract or detach from pain. YOU might feel nostalgic. Other folks might be drinking and morose, so be careful on the road if you’re driving.


                    To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:

                    Full Bloom Collection: Full Bloom is for when you want to take a big leap + sky-rocket to the next level of your growth. It dissolves self-limiting patterns and false beliefs downloaded from family lineage, cultural messaging or past experiences that register 'messages' in the cells that affect our view of reality and what's possible. It wakes up the power of fearlessness, openness + perseverance and makes us feel like like anything is possible

                    Emerald Crab Elixir in the Flowerevolution ProgramCrab elixir helps us ‘come out of our shell’ so that we may bring our gifts into the world and assume our place. With observation, stillness + gentle awareness, we can support this within ourselves and others. Rather than hiding or clinging to expectations of how things ‘should be,’ we embody a regal presence. 

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