Why Screwing Up in Your Business is Your Best Asset

May 21, 2019

EP 90: Why Screwing Up in Your Business is Your Best Asset with Ian Thompson

In this episode I talk with entrepreneur, Ian Thompson, about the more subtle aspects of running a business. Less tactical + slightly more esoteric, we talk about how to grow a business around depth, meaning + the needs of your community instead of the bottom line. We talk about some of the most important, down-to-earth + least sexy sides of running a successful business: screwing up, speedy problem-solving and fast recovery times when shit hits the fan emotionally.

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We talk about:
  • How he left a high-paying job in Hong Kong + left to start a business with his wife
  • What to do if you want to start a business (one of two ways)
  • Why Asians are better at business than we are
  • The concept of ‘listening to their hearts’ instead of listening to what they say
  • The downside of North Americans being so rigid + fixed - how to be more spacious in parenting
  • Old model vs. new model of business
  • How he grew a highly successful business with no employees (but a growing team)
  • Growing a customer-centric business
  • Why the first five years of your business should be full of mistakes + screw up’s
  • How the longevity of a business relies on your ability to jump back up quickly
  • How to accomplish more in one hour than in 8 hours
  • Basing your life around purpose + meaning
  • Biggest challenges of running a business
More about Ian:

Ian Thompson is a former advertising and marketing executive from the UK and Hong Kong. He has worked with clients like British Airways, Dr. Scholl’s and Hong Kong Telecom. He set up his own advertising firm in 1995 in Vancouver until he decided to leave his downtown office and join his wife Jini in her health business – when her readers demanded an online health store in 2002. Ian has since expanded that one health store to the UK, Australia and Canada, selling over 350 products into 80 different countries worldwide. Ian – aka Coach Tommo… aka the Cheeky Brit – loves to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs to become the full business! His passion is football (aka soccer) – coaching, playing, watching and training.


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    Explore his websites: The Full Business + Listen to your Freedom + Listen To Your Gut


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