Whole-being Happiness + Letting Go of Negativity

August 29, 2018

EP 46: Whole-being Happiness + Letting Go of Negativity with Megan McDonough

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What you'll hear in this episode:
    • Wholeheartedly accepting who you are + how it leads to huge growth
    • Defining mindfulness and how to practice it
    • Surviving the human experience by staying open
    • The unique balance in radical receptivity
    • Training your mind to let go of negativity bias
    • Building empathy, resilience, and positive emotions
    • The fundamentals of ‘Wholebeing Happiness’

More about Megan:

Megan McDonough is co-founder and CEO of Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization focusing on the science of whole-person wellbeing. She uses divergent thinking and creative perspectives to lead, harnessing the best in people for the greatest good. With a degree in nuclear medicine, senior leadership experience in health care, two decades as a yoga practitioner and teacher, and experience directing numerous online-learning start-ups, Megan focuses on how to get from point A to point B through whole-person engagement. She’s an award-winning author of three books on mindfulness. 

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