August 15, 2019

EP 104: Living a Sustainable Life with BOB ZIMMERMAN

In this episode I share an interview from several years ago when I had an in-depth conversation with Bob Zimmerman in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was there collecting lilac flower essence when we got a chance to sit down together.

We talk about his travels & work all over the world in the hospitality industry. From Hong Kong to Bali, Hawaii to Machu Picchu, he talks about his path in sustainability & spirituality. He’s a great storyteller and I think you’ll enjoy this interview.

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We talk about:

  • Past lives, sustainability + spirituality
  • How bullets flying during the revolution led him to becoming a hotelier
  • Working for yourself + creating sacred places that give back to the land
  • The superpower of Wild Lilac flower essence 
  • The importance of freedom + flexibility in relationships

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